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Chapter 1: The First Day...

"Veh~! Fratello, aren't you nervous about tomorrow?" Feliciano asked his elder twin.

"No, I don't give a damn about it. It's just school, don't be such a cry-baby about it. After all, it's our last year of high school," said Romano from the kitchen whilst standing infront of a giant pot of boiling water. They may have been twins but they were polar opposites. Romano was the more angrier and aggresive twin while Feliciano was the more carefree and wimpier one. The only physical differences they had were the curls on the sides of their heads. Feliciano's was on the left and Romano's was on the right.

"Veh~! We're gonna to be the new guys! Doesn't it make you a little nervous?"

Romano sighed and stopped what he was doing in the kitchen to go over and sit by his brother. "I know you are afraid of being accepted but your personality makes easy for people to like you so, stop being fucking afraid. Okay?"

Feliciano looked at his brother, he rarely make any nice comments or be nice so he felt fortunate for being one of the few who could watch him showing his real self. "Thanks, Romano. That's very nice of you! Now, let me help you with dinner!"

Romano's face was tinted with a light blush as he said, "I'm not being nice to you idiot, I just said the truth..."

Romano followed Feliciano into the kitchen where they started to finish their cooking. When they were nearly done, they heard the front door of their massive house open. "I'm home," a voice sounded from the corridor.

"Veh~! Grandpa Arsenius! Welcome home!" Feliciano fled from the kitchen to go and run up to his grandpa to hug him.

For his age, Arsenius was a man who was hot, tall, a brunette, manly, strong, and incredibly good looking. Aside from that, he was a open-hearted man who took care of his two cute grandsons. Calling them cute made Feliciano happy but made Romano some what annoyed. The three men lived in a fancy old house which was restored by Arsenius who was into architecture. It was their grandpa's decision to leave Italy so the boys could get to know a little more about the world. But he still yearned for his homeland so decided to decorate the whole house Italian style. It made Arsenius feel at home rather than being so distant from Italy.

"Thanks, Feliciano," thanked the elder man who was momentary taken out of breath. "Are you guys ready for tomorrow?" These words took the cheerfulness away from the boy. Arsenius noticed this and said with a warm smile that made Feliciano feel more calm, "You don't need to worry, little man. You'll see, everything's gonna be just fine."

"Dinner's ready!" Yelled Romano from the kitchen, interupting the moment.

"Won't you greet your grandpa too, Romano?" Asked Arsenius. Romano just groaned, trudged towards Arsenius and gave him a kiss on the cheek like all Italians do. The three sat at their rather large dining table that had been set up by Romano. "I'm so hungry! This look delicious! Thank you, kids," said Arsenius who sat at the head of the table as they began to eat.


The next day, the Vargas' grandfather dropped them off at their new school. "Okay, guys! Have fun! I'll pick you later today, alright?" Then, Arsenius left, leaving the twins at the entrance of the academy.

They were late - not just because of them but because their grandpa also had this bad habit - so it would be harder for them to find where their first class was. Romano took his brother by the hand and lead him inside. Once they got to the principal's office, a kind man offered himself to take the to their classes. "You must be the new students. I'm Toris Laurinaitis, your tutor. If you need anything you can find me next to the principal's office." The man was a average height brunette with bright, ambitious, green eyes.

The brothers thanked him and introduced themselves. "Uh, I'm Feliciano Vargas and this is my brother Romano. We're late for class and we don't know where our classrooms are. Could you, maybe, help us out please?"

"Of course, kids. I understand this is your first day, but don't let it happen again. Unfortunately, your classes aren't together. But, I guess you'll meet more new people that way, right?" Romano just shrugged but Feliciano just got more anxious. "Okay, here's your classroom Romano. You have alternative language class with Mr. Fernández."

They came to a stop at a door which would happen to be Romano's classroom. Romano entered his classroom, waving goodbye to his younger brother and the older man. Before the door was closed, Feliciano could see that the teacher was a very young and good looking man. He was a tall brunette with slightly tanned skin and had a tomato on his desk. He wasn't like any teacher he had seen before. He thought about how lucky his brother was. He would have had alternative language class but he chose art instead of alternative language class. But, he didn't regret it because he wanted to study art at college.

Feliciano and Toris walked through the halls until they arrived at their destination. "Well, Feliciano. Looks like I leave you here. You've got Literature with Tino Väinämöinen. Most people call him by his first name seeing as his last name is a bit difficult to pronounce."

"Um, okay. Thanks for the help." Toris walked then walked away and left Feliciano by himself. He took a deep breath and opened the door. As Feliciano walked through the door, everybody turned to look at him, making him even more nervous.

"Hello there. You are the new student, right? I'm Tino. If you may, please introduce yourself before we begin class," began the teacher. He was a young blonde man with bright, energetic, violet eyes.

"Why me?" thought Feliciano before he said, "Um, hi. I'm Feliciano Vargas and I come from Italy." Being a foreign student raised the attention on him, there were more foreign students on the school but none Italian.

"Welcome, Feliciano. Have a seat at that empty space in the back," said Tino.

"Okay, thanks," said Feliciano as he made his way through the crowd of desks. "Please stop staring at me..." thought Feliciano as all the students eyes gazed at him. Even he liked it or not, Feliciano was attractive. Girls were always attracted to his features and accent.

He turned to his left to see a boy about his age with short, black hair. He looked somewhat Asian. Feliciano guessed Japanese. He like the type not to bombard him with questions so he decided to start up a little conversation. "Veh~! What's your name?"

The Japanese boy turned to him and said, "Hello, I'm Kiku Honda. Mice to meet you." Feliciano got a better look at his face when he turned to him. He looked a little serious but very calm.

"Hi, Kiku. I'm sorry to be a bother but, could you show me around the school? I'm a little lost and in the need of a friend."

A light pink colour spread across Kiku's cheeks. "Sure, Feliciano. What do you have after this?"

"Biology, Gym, Art and Math," Feliciano read off his schedule.

"It looks like most of our classes are the same," replied Kiku.

"Really?" Said the Italian with a shine in his eyes, "That's great Kiku! I'll get to see you often!" Kiku was taken aback by the cheerfulness of his classmate but still he find him agreeable.


After Literature and Biology the boys had a break so they head to the cafeteria. "I'm hungry! Veh~! I'm so glad there were leftovers from last's night dinner!"

"You'd better not eat too much Feliciano. We have gym next period," said Kiku as they sat down at a table.

"Eh? But why? I love pasta!" Feliciano was nearly crying at his new friend's statement.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you upset!" Exclaimed Kiku, "It's just that Mr. Beilschmidt has reputation of being harsh on the freshmen."

"Who's 'Mr. Beilschmidt'? And why would he do that? Is he scary? I already hate gym for adding an evil gym teacher to it!" Kiku wasn't a fan of exersice either but he tried to calm down his friend.

"Well, he isn't that bad. He's German and good at sports. The only problem is that he likes to show off so he enjoys putting weak guys through trouble whenever he can," explained Kiku in an attempt to calm Feliciano down but it was a failure.

"Ah! No! I'm one of those weak guys! I've never been good at sports! Kiku, what am I going to do?" Cried Feliciano, "Maybe we should hide! Yeah! We could hide! Then we couldn't attend!" Once Feliciano stopped babbling about ways to not do Gym class, Kiku practically dragged him to Gym class.


After the students got changed into their sport uniforms, a man with red eyes and platnium blonde hair that looked white from afar greeted them. "Morning, kids! It's always nice to see new faces. I'm Gilbert Beilschimdt and if you don't like gym class, you'll leave this place hating it!" Exclaimed Mr. Beilschmidt. He then gave some sort of sound that went along the lines of 'kesesesese'. Mr. Beilschmidt was a tall, thin yet muscular man. He seemed very energetic and some what childish.

Feliciano was trembling and Kiku trying to calm him but was a bit scared himself. "Now, New Guy. Introduce yourself before we begin," said Mr. Beilschmidt as his red eyes glared into Feliciano's amber ones.

"How many times today must I go through such torture? Somebody save me please! Maybe I can still run away while the other people introduce themselves!" Feliciano's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a loud whistle.

"Hey, you, pretty boy. Come here and present yourself now," ordered Mr. Beilschmidt as he dropped the black whistle that hung from his neck. It seemed as if he didn't have any time for time-wasters.

"Pretty..." he thought, "I hate to be described that way. It's embarrassing!" Feliano walked to the front of the class and stuttered, "I-I'm Feliciano Vargas..."

He couldn't finish his sentence because Mr. Beilschmidt had cut him off, "We have a little Italian in the crew! How awesome! Welcome, buddy! Now, go and pick a partner to start the warm-ups and stretches with." Feliciano immediately ran to Kiku, who glad to have Feliciano as a partner due to his limited social skills.


After Gym class, fourth period finally arrived. Feliciano was expectionally excited for this class for this wasn't any other class, this was THE CLASS. The one class that made it worth waking up so early in the morning for five days a week. Art class, that is. "You seem very excited Feliciano," said Kiku with a slight smile. He liked this side of his friend.

"Veh~! I love art, Kiku! It's my favourite class! When I graduate, I want to study art and become famous!" Exclaimed Feliciano who had one of the biggest grins on his happy little face.

"I'm sure you will achieve your goal if you put effort into it," encouraged Kiku with a warm yet small smile on his face.

When they arrived to the classroom, they saw that the tables were arranged in groups of four. "Look! There's a free space there Kiku!" Feliciano took his friend by the hand and dragged him to the table where they sat down. Feliciano noticed that Kiku was a little nervous. Then he saw another student getting up from his position on the table. It had appeared that he had been napping. "Oh, sorry. We didn't see you there," apologised Feliciano.

The boy looked towards the two with a very calm, sleepy expression and introduced himself, "Oh, hey there. You're the new guy, huh? I'm Heracles Karpusi. I was just taking a nap."

"Veh~! Hello there, Heracles! I'm Feliciano Vargas, it's a pleasure to meet you!" Said Feliciano.

"Italian?" Asked Heracles as Feliciano just nodded, "I'm Greek."

"Veh~! Is that so?" Replied Feliciano.

A shade of pink tinted Kiku's face as he mustered up some courage to greet Heracles, "H-hi, Heracles san."

The sleepy boy turned to Kiku and said, "Hello, Kiku. I thought you were taking music class instead art?"

Kiku blushed even more and replied, "W-well I-I changed my mind at the last minute."

Feliciano found it really difficult to hide his grin at the fact that his friend clearly had something for this guy. "Well, I'm glad," Is what the Greek managed to say before falling asleep again. Kiku was partially grateful because his ever-growing blush was sure to be some-what noticeable. Kiku looked back at Feliciano who winked and gave him a smile.


"Amazing! You're very talented!" Came a voice from behind Feliciano. He turned around to see a beautiful girl with big green eyes and long brown hair. "Hi, I'm Elizabeta."

"Veh~! Hello, I'm Feliciano Vargas! That's Kiku Honda and that's Heracles Karpusi," replied Feliciano as he pointed towards the Greek and the Japanese.

"It's nice to meet the three of you! Do you mind if I join you? I'm alone at that table and not inspired enough in my project..." asked Elizbeta, her big green eyes gleaming with sadness.

"Sure! Have a seat!" The Italian motioned towards the free seat next to him.

"Thanks," she said as she sat down next to him, "I'm really impressed by your work, Feliciano."

"Thank you but, I'm still just an amateur," replied Feliciano.

"I agree with Elizabeta. Your paint is beautiful," added Kiku who was glancing over a his work with a paintbrush in hand. Heracles, who was miraculously awake, nodded in agreement. Feliciano was smiling widely at this. There was nothing better than being recognized in something you actually like doing.

"Any of you got maths after this?" Asked Elizabeta as she stuffed her schedule into her pocket.

"Yes. Feliciano and I have class with Mr. Beilschmidt," replied Kiku as both Elizabeta and Feliciano jumped from their seats.

"Not again! I don't I could handle seeing him twice a day!" Said the Italian with tears forming in his eyes.

Elizabeta added, "Don't tell me that idiot can give a Math class?"

"Not really," replied Kiku with a calm expression on his face, "It's because Mr. Beilschmidt has a younger brother who is now working in the school. He just recently."

"Oh, I see. I really hope he's not an ass like his stupid brother," sighed Elizbeta, her rage for the idiot Gym teacher was clearly showing.

"Why you hate him so much?" Asked the greek boy, which kind of scared her because he'd been quiet for so long.

"Not any particular reason. I just hate muscle-heads like him," was Elizabeta's answer.

"I hope he's not like his brother, he's scary," said Feliciano, wincing at the thought of the fearful Gym teacher.

"I talked to Mr. Laurinaitis earlier today about him and he highly recommended the younger Mr. Beilschmidt as a Maths teacher because he's not like his brother at all," explained Kiku.

A little more calmed Elizbeta said, "You're very well informed Kiku."

"Veh~! That's right! Thanks to Kiku, I've been able to survive my first day here!"

Heracles looked straight into the Japanese man's eyes and said, "He is a very good friend." Kiku froze in an instant and turned as red as a beetroot. Elizabeta and Feliciano shared glances and thought the same thing. 'This was going to be an interesting year.'