The Line of Power

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers I just own the plot and the characters that don't exist.

Summary: The original Rangers are called back to duty, and must face the ultimate challenge that will decide the fate of the world and save the legacy of future Ranger line.

Chapter 1: Runners at Hand

(Madrid, Spain)

The streets of Madrid were busy during the nights due to the nightly clubbing scene. Unknown to the club goers in and out on the streets and the night city, a young teenage boy roughly around eighteen years old was fleeing inside one of Madrid's clubs. The boy then sprinting like there was no tomorrow as he found himself fleeing from his pursuers closing in.

"Who are these guys?" The young teenager wondered. He finds himself caught in a dead end alleyway and looks for an escape route until he spots an emergency fire exit. The boy decides to climb the ladder of the emergency fire exit up to the roof as his pursuers close in.

The boy makes it to the rooftop of the building looking for a way to escape, but he ends up being cut off by one of his pursuers. The hooded cloak figure holds the young eighteen year old at bay as two other hooded cloak figures makes his way up the roof with two objects in his hand.

"NO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!" The boy yelled struggling to get free from his pursuers.

However it was too late when one of the hooded cloak figures with the two objects in his hand combines them together and forms a staff. He ends up pointing the end of the staff with a mysterious gem at the tip to the chest of the eighteen year old. A weird sensation overcomes him and a mysterious orb floats above his limp, unconscious body after the hooded figures snatch the orb that materialized over him.

"It's about power," one of the hooded cloak figures said coldly, holding the orb in his hand.

On top of a nearby rooftop, another figure makes his way towards the rooftop of the unconscious eighteen year old teenager once his pursuers disappeared. The young man, the former Blue Ranger Billy Cranston checks for a pulse and takes out a scanner to examine him. The man's communicator goes off after finishing his examination.

"Yeah it's me," Billy sighed, with defeat, "They got to him already. There's a faint life signature reading but it's just like the others. I'm ready for extraction. Get him to the lab with the others and see if there is a way to stabilize his condition along with the others."

"Get in contact with NASADA and Lightspeed," Billy sighed, staring down at the unconscious teenage boy, "I need to find if there is any information or records of him. There has to be a link to these attacks and the victims. I'll let you know when he'll be able to be shifted off to the medical facilities on KO-35. For now whoever wants these people dead they can't track them if they're not on Earth. I'm on standby waiting for further orders.

(Westbury, England)

At an upscale boarding school in the countryside of Westbury, England, Jason Scott and his wife Katherine Hilliard-Scott roam the campus grounds. It was the late afternoon and the students were busy walking to classes as the two former rangers were walking by groups of students decked in prep school uniforms. Their eyes were drawn to one particular student wearing headphones walking the hall singing Billy Idol's Mony Mony blissfully.

"Are you sure that's her?" Jason asked as Kat looked at the mysterious object in her bag. "This is the only artifact of the Moirae we got. I'm not really keen on the whole mystical or magic stuff but are you sure it's reacting to her?"

"The mirror of Lachesis saw this girl Penelope Winslow. There is something about her that is causing the mirror to react." Kat added as they watch the young prep school student. "I'm really sorry babe that our vacation to England included a stop to research my family's history and all. I promise I will make it up to you when we get this all settled."

"I know and I'm not doubting you Kat. Still, I'm worried about all of this. It just scares me if something happens to you after everything we seen and witness."

"Sometimes it scares me too Jason. This is the part of my family's history I never in my wildest dreams wanted to discover. However, you can't run from destiny and fate as they say."

The young prep school student, Penelope Winslow was sitting in the courtyard of the school reading one of her textbooks. She felt a little bit on the edge carefully scanned the courtyard for anything suspicious. Jason and Kat watched from across the courtyard of Penny looking at her surroundings as she went back to her business. The two decided to make their presence known to the young seventeen year old when the girl stood up in a defensive stance instantly.

"You work for those weird looking druid type blokes do you?" the young girl said defensive with a strong British accent. "Who are you? Whatever my father did please it's not his fault?"

"Excuse me do you think we're trying to hurt you?" Jason asked, questionably. "Look you got it all wrong...wait a second did you say something about druid looking guys?"

"Apparently I'm starting to believe that you two don't wear cloaks or carrying strange looking Harry Potter type staffs do you?"

"I'm guessing you're Penelope Winslow am I correct?" Kat replied. "My name is Katherine and this is my husband Jason. I'm guessing you come from money don't you?"

"A bit of an understatement but yes I am Penelope Winslow, but Penny for short. Believe me if I didn't come from money then why wouldn't my father spend over five thousand pounds a year to send me to a boarding school in the middle of the English countryside?" The two of them found a slight humor at the young girl's talkative nature complaining about being dumped every year at boarding school and living a high life born into wealth. "It's reasonable to know that since my father works as a high powered politician in Parliament why couldn't he send me to school in London instead? I mean granted he doesn't visit me much because of work. He was really lucky not to hear about the weird druid creepy looking fellows who were walking about in the dead of night and..."

"Okay hold up for a second, Penny?" Jason said stopping her rambling. "Before you say anything, we need to know about the weird looking druid guys you saw recently. Did something happen?"

"My senses are telling me...something weird is going on here is there?" Penny said, looking concern. "So I'm understanding you're not going to hurt me or anything are you?"

"I think we have a lot to talk about Penny and some of it you may not believe or think is unreal." Kat replied, look at Jason and Penny seriously. "If you tell us what we want to know then we'll find a way to keep you safe."

(Reefside, California)

"It's not about right, not about wrong. It's about power. Who's got it? Who knows how to use it? Power is something that takes flight on the wings of fate..." The voice replied in his mind.

Tommy jolted awake after falling asleep in his living room. There was something weird about these dreams were troubling him. "It's about power." That was the main hint he kept getting from dream but why were they bothering him. Life has been quiet since the defeat of Mesogog and the end of his Ranger days after the Dino Rangers lost their powers and that his former students have moved on with their lives.

"Life hasn't been the same in the last sixteen years." Tommy thought to himself. He ventured down to his lab in the basement. After it was destroyed by Mesogog during the final battle Tommy and Hayley repaired the lab in case of emergencies. "Some things don't ever change don't they?"

However, for the first time since the end of the Dino Rangers Tommy heard the familiar alarm go off indicating impending danger. "What the hell?" To his surprise the equipment was still functional and indicated that there was trouble nearby. Turning on the main viewing screen he saw a bunch of weird looking figures wearing cloaked robes chasing a sixteen year old girl through the woods near his house. However, there was something about this teenage girl that caught his attention and a need to help her.

"Powers or not someone is in trouble." In a quick instant Tommy headed out the door towards the forest.

Meanwhile, Kimberly Hart was driving down a secluded neighborhood in Reefside. She heard from Jason that Tommy is living in Reefside and something inside of her told her to seek out her former boyfriend. There was a lot of history between them and a lot of trauma and turmoil that left their relationship in tatters, in particular the infamous letter. It was the one thing in her life she lived to regret for sixteen years.

"If only I could take back what I did all those years ago," she thought driving down to the address that Jason provided for her. "I wish I could have told him in the first place why I wrote that letter."

Suddenly, she slammed the brakes on her car as it came to a screeching halt. Kim noticed a young teenage girl about sixteen years of age coming out the surrounding forest. The girl, who had brown eyes and hair, was wearing a pair of blue jeans, sneakers and a black hoodie sweater. She instantly saw Kimberly and started banging on her window.

"They're not following me are they?" The girl replied, breathing hard. "Who would have thought that they gave up after chasing me through eight state lines?"

"Excuse me are you alright kid?" Kimberly asked the panting teen as she got out of the car. "Do you need help or something? Do you have a name or something?"

"My name is Rosaline Bennett. Who are you?"

"I'm Kimberly Hart. Do you mind telling me who you are running away from?"

"From them! Look out!" In an instant Rosaline shoved Kimberly down on the ground as two hooded cloaked figures emerged out from the forest towards them. "I thought I shook these guys off from the bus terminal!"

"Who the heck are these jokers?" Kimberly replied getting into fighting stance. "I'm guessing they're not friends of yours?"

"If you include them stalking and tailing me through eight state lines in the last two months then yeah." She hissed.

Kimberly quickly pulled out a tire iron from her truck as she pushed Rosaline behind her. "Trust me I'm use to seeing weird things like these cult wannabes. Whatever happens stay behind me okay?"

"Do you think you could take these guys on?" Rosaline asked, looking concerned for her. "There is something strange about them. They'll keep on coming back for me! Don't do anything stupid."

Without any thought Kimberly headed towards the first hooded figure and hit him in the head with a strong swift kick. There was no question that she made up her mind. The instincts inside of Kimberly told her that this girl who she barely knows needed protection. "Well that's a risk I'm going to take!"

Tommy was scanning the woods for any signs of the girl he saw on the screen or the weird looking cloaked robes chasing her. He then heard noises that led to the main road and saw a fierce battle going on. Tommy spotted the young girl who was being approached by one of the strange cloaked figures who was holding a weird staff in his hands. He also noticed another figure, a woman trying to fight off the others, but taking a pretty bad beating.

"ROSALINE LOOK OUT!" Tommy recognized that voice as he witness one of the attackers deliver a hard blow to the woman trying to defend the teen girl.

"KIMBERLY!" He shouted as he quickly ran hoping he wasn't too late.

In an instant Tommy ran towards the battle as he kicked one of the attackers who was about to harm Rosaline and grabbed the tire iron that laid next to Kimberly and picked it up. He nailed one of the hooded men hard forcing it to retreat. The two other figures then turned their attention to Tommy who fought them off while protecting Rosaline.

"Anyone else wanna try me?" He ordered as the trio suddenly disappeared.

"Thank you," Rosaline replied coming towards Tommy. "Can I ask who you are?"

"My name is Tommy and I'm guessing your name is Rosaline?" He said.

Tommy ran over to Kimberly and turned her onto her back. "Kimberly, Kimberly, can you hear me?" He asked. He placed his hands on her face and checked for a pulse. He found one and picked her up. "Hang on, Kimberly," he murmured. He and Rosaline got into her and drove her to the emergency room.

"I ran into her and she tried to fight off those cloaked hooded bastards that been chasing me through eight state lines," Rosaline added, "They were powerful but they can do strange things. Have you seen them before?"

"I'm not so sure but I think I may need to ask you some questions," Tommy replied, "First thing we need to do is get Kimberly some help. Those guys did a number on her."

"Will she be alright?" She asked looking at the unconscious Kimberly in the back seat. "I mean she put up a hell of fight than I could imagine. Do you by any chance know her?"

"She's an old friend of mine," He confessed. "Someoneā€¦that I truly care about and still need in my life."