Chapter 54: Epilogue

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(NASADA: Two months later)

Tommy and Kimberly pushed Gabriel in the stroller as they followed Billy and the others through the grounds of the newly rebuilt NASADA space station. After the destruction of the original station it was an anonymous decision to appoint Billy as the Head Director of NASADA and also of the Power Ranger Initiative program. The search for the future line of the Power Ranger legacy continued on and it became their mission to find the ones that are destined to be chosen and train them. They still got help from their allies and comrades around the world and let loose their proteges the original team trained a little over a year ago to help continue the good fight. The ten original Rangers stared at a large vault as Billy finished entering the last encrypted codes to lock up the mysterious vault.

"Alright the combination is set and vault 815 is officially secured," Billy smiled as they all stepped out from the vault. "And the final encrypted combo is entered."

"What's the password then to get down to this restricted area?" Jason asked jokingly.

"It's pretty simple: just enter the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 on this cryptex device and this will unlock the fail safe plan for the Power Ranger Initiative Program." Billy added as his friends gave him a quizzical and confused looks. "Yes, the six infamous numbers of Lost, our future line's favorite television show and the cryptex yes I got from The Da Vinci Code although it was a very intriguing device back in its day. So you all understand the concept of this vault right?"

"Only when their time comes," Tommy simply replied. "They know their destinies but the ones we're going to bestow this power upon their time will come soon. All we got to do is be ready and guide them."

"Right now we're going to give these teens the chance to live their lives normally as possible," Kimberly smiled, "They deserve it after we all been through."

"There are so many of them out there now that we've changed their fates and destinies," Kat added, "How will we know which ones are going to be the team called back here when it comes time to reopen this vault?"

"We'll know who they are...that's all that matters," Tommy said, " the honors and lock up vault 815 for the time being."

Once Billy finished locking up the vault the ten original Rangers headed back and walked around observing the training exercises as they all sat in Billy's office observing everything in sight. There is not doubt that over the years they all matured from a bunch of regular teenagers many years ago to young adults living out their lives. The others noticed all the pictures in Billy's office of themselves over the years during their high school days to their adult years in various events. They were also surprised to find some pictures of their time at the boarding house training the potentials and that of the regular life stuff. They were more than just best friends, they were a family. Tommy and Kimberly found the photos very touching as they too also had various photos similar to Billy's all around the house.

"This sure does bring back memories don't it bro?" Tommy replied staring at photo of the team ninja doubles final match, "Back then you and I had a problem with teamwork didn't we?"

"We did come a very long way since that first team ninjas doubles match," Jason replied, "It seems like yesterday we were all in high school and one day we suddenly became superheroes saving the world."

"Time is a funny thing isn't it?" Kimberly asked, "Look at us now. Some of us are married and having children, careers and we all decided to come back to the place we call home. Still in spite of it all, somehow there is always going to be that part of us that has that need to protect the world from the forces of evil. We're still fighting the good fight after all these years aren't we? Is it bad to say it makes us feel old sometime?"

"You could say that again Beautiful," Tommy said wrapping his arm around Kim. "Two weeks from now we're going to see our daughter off to college. Can't believe soon she'll be in New York City attending her dream school Julliard just like she wanted. Just yesterday she walked back into our lives after you put her up for adoption. I never imagine finding myself being a father to four children, two of which we legally adopted. I thought we missed out on the first sixteen years of Rosaline's life but we got our second chance to raise our daughter and we were there for the biggest highlight of our daughter's adolescence life, graduating high school. She's not a little girl anymore is she?"

"Not anymore, but she'll always be our little girl, our first born daughter," Kimberly smiled, "We finally did right by her. She was sixteen years old when she showed up back in our lives and now she's almost eighteen years old in September and embarking on college life. Don't worry Handsome she still has a lot of growing up to do."

"Kim's right Tommy despite missing out on the first sixteen years of Rosaline's life, the last two years you spent with her counts for it," Adam assured his friend, "Besides, you and Kim did well for yourselves. If it wasn't for this little adventure of fighting the Source of Evil you two wouldn't have gotten back together and now raising the family you dreamed about."

"And with friends like us we're going to make sure you two are going to be there and not miss a moment in your children's lives," Trini replied looking at Gabriel, "And this little guy here in my best friend's arms isn't going to grow up without his mommy and daddy by his side."

"We love you guys and yes we did come a really long way since high school," Kimberly smiled holding Gabriel staring at the pictures, "You see that Gabe? That's mommy and daddy when we were your big sister Rosie's age. Those after all these years there are still some things that haven't changed like Uncle Rocky's appetite and Uncle Jason's overprotective nature. I'll level with you buddy don't think about ever hooking up with Uncle Jason and Auntie Kat's daughters knowing that Aaron is going to grow up being the overprotective big bro like his daddy."

"Oh come on am I that overprotective and overbearing?" Jason slightly teased.

"I don't want to imagine what it's going to be like when our daughters start dating," Kat giggled, "But I should also worry about Aaron growing up into a hormone ranging teenager."

"Alright I admit I do have a large appetite Gabe but it's in my nature," Rocky smiled jokingly staring at Gabriel, "Well buddy you better not grow up having swiss cheese memory like your daddy there you tends to be very forgetful and tardy. Our fearless leader ran on something we like to call Tommy time."

"Hey but you guys have to admit my memory did improve over time wouldn't you say?" Tommy asked as the others rolled their eyes jokingly laughing. They were all sitting down staring at all of the old photos Billy had in his office recalling the best and worst times over the years. "Well I suppose there are some things that don't change wouldn't you say?"

"Yeah like our friends coming over later on for dinner as usual," Kimberly replied checking her phone, "Babe, Rosaline called her and the twins are back from Laguna Beach over an hour ago."

(The Boarding House)

A little while later, Tommy and Kimberly arrived back home to find Rosaline, Elena and Hayden home from their weekend trip to Laguna Beach with the veteran potentials. The two of them were extremely busy the entire summer taking family trips after one another before Rosaline headed off to college. This was also their time to spend together as one happy family and it was all they could ask for. Rosaline was in her bedroom looking around at all the boxes she was preparing to pack up to take with her to Julliard in New York. It still scared her how life drastically changed for her a little over two years ago. She stared at the pictures of the potential Rangers she met along the way that she now calls her friends for life. She looked at the picture of her adopted parents with her and the twins and the other picture with her birth parents and her family the day Gabriel was born. Regardless of how she was brought up at the end of the day they were still her family.

It was strange still being in the boarding house with only her family occupying it instead of coming home to a house full of a bunch of various Power Ranger teams and teenagers. She phoned her parents to let her know that they were home already as she looked at the recent pictures from her graduation to her various summer adventures with her friends and family. After much consideration at last minute Rosaline decided not to withdraw her application to attend Julliard in the fall and finally achieving her dream of attending her dream school. The only downside she was facing was traveling halfway across the country and being away from the people she love.

"Wow I never realized how big your bedroom was," Aidan said coming into the bedroom with Penny, Desmond and Virgil, "Looks like you're getting ready for the whole college bound move to NYC."

"Pretty much well Virgil here is heading to UCLA in a few days," Rosaline replied, "Summer is coming to an end isn't it? By this time next week we'll all be back doing the double life thing. Penn and Des will head back to London, Aidan is going back to Johannesburg, Virgil will be at UCLA, Bianca is heading back to Rome, and Shi-Ann and Chan are heading back to Beijing. You guys are like my best friends and in a few weeks I'm spending my eighteenth birthday in NYC."

"Blimey there is no way you're spending your birthday alone because even if it goes against our constitution not to abuse teleporting I will personally teleport myself to New York just to spend the day with one of my best friends," Penny said smiling, "Besides I've only been to New York a few times and there's a lot of shops. Also, reading all those Gossip Girl novels I like to see the Upper Eastside and also experience the Big Apple and all..."

"Woman gosh put a gab on for a second," the others said laughing, "Can't stop the Brit for running her mouth can't we?"

"You know in between all this training and running those facilities and looking for other potentials like us out there I could say that this summer," Rosaline said straighten up her bedroom, "Has been one fun filled peachy adventure after another."

Meanwhile, Tommy and Kimberly arrived home with Gabriel and found the twins watching television in the living room with Shi-Ann, Chan and Bianca. They figured that the other veteran potentials must have flown in from their respective places to meet up with Virgil and Rosaline in Laguna Beach. Shi-Ann, Chan and Bianca went to join Rosaline and their other friends moments later upstairs once everyone arrived. The others arrived shortly after the couple arrived home for dinner as it has become a now tradition at the Oliver house to have weekly dinners with the original team. Kat and Jason brought their children along with them and the rest of their friends helped cook. It's been awhile since Tommy and Kimberly had at least a full house besides their family. However, it did bring back some good memories of having their friends and the future legacy of the Power Rangers under the same roof.

"Hey kids what are you watching?" Kimberly asked the little kids watching television in the living room.

"We're watching the Disney Channel mom," Elena replied watching with Claire, "We're watching this show called Shake It Up. It's about these two best friends who end up on this dancing show in Chicago."

"And where are Aaron and Hayden?" Tommy asked.

"They're trying to ease drop on the older kids conversations in Rosaline's bedroom," Claire replied looking at her parents' best friends, "I swear boys are really noisy don't you think Uncle Tommy?"

"Wait till Rosie blows the lid on Hayden," Elena giggled, "If she notices Hayden lurking outside her bedroom something ends up flying out of her door. Usually one of her angry bird dolls. Dad, you should give Hayden the heads up if an angry bird comes flying at his face."

"Hey this is for big kids only guys! Hayden don't make me launch Red bird flying towards your head!" they heard Rosaline yelling from upstairs, "Lurk outside my door again I'll introduce you to big Yellow angry big bird Aaron!"

"I think the boys got the message," Tommy and Kimberly laughed.

"Wow never seen angry bird dolls fly that far across the hallway," Bianca said as Rosaline and the other veteran potentials came downstairs in the living room. Aaron and Hayden were already downstairs hoping to hide from the wrath of the eldest Oliver child after be noisy little boys. "We're just curious to know what you big kids do all the time," Hayden argued, "Besides it was Aaron's idea to suggest spying on you."

"Little brother, dear Hayden you know what happens when you come ten feet near my bedroom when I have my alone time with my friends don't you?" Rosaline said staring at her little brother. "But you know something despite how annoying you can be sometimes I'm going to miss your little attempts on trying to ease drop on my phone calls, my Skype conversations, or my meetings when I'm away at college."

"Don't worry Rosie I'll make sure Hayden stays out of your bedroom while you're gone," Elena said.

"Always typical of you to suck up to our big sister," Hayden teased, "But you know she can always come back anytime she wants all she had to do is touch her special watch to magically appear back home right dad?"

"You could say that...and you can bet buddy that the rest of your sister's friends will always pop in for a visit," Tommy smiled ruffling his adopted son's hair.

"Uh oh...looks like my baby brother here is crying," Rosaline replied hearing Gabriel crying in Kimberly's arms, "Mom looks like you got one hungry baby in need of food."

"Looks like Gabe has come up with a good suggestion." Kim smiled holding her son, "Oh don't worry little guy mommy and daddy will feed you dinner. Come on guys, let's go get some food to eat before Rocky beats us to dinner."

(Later On)

Later on after dinner, Rosaline and the other veteran potentials requested to pay a visit to the abandon field they now referred to as the Elysian Memorial Fields. It has become a monument as the final resting place for the legacy of the Power Rangers to remember their fallen allies and friends who died in battle. Not only did the ordeal with the Source change the potentials, but it drastically changed Tommy, Kimberly and the original rangers. They all stood there for a little while remembering their friends that fought alongside them on their adventures. However, they wanted for the sanctity of the memories of their fallen allies and friends to still keep this area disclosed and not made knowledge to the public about the significance of the Elysian Memorial Fields. The cover up they provided was that it was a closed off cemetery to the public to protect the identities of the future legacy.

Billy and the others stayed behind for a bit with the other potentials to keep them company while Kat and Jason headed back to the house with the little kids. A little later, Tommy and Kimberly soon headed back to the boarding house and surprisingly found Rosaline outside at the backyard staring at the lakeside view sitting on the bench. Their daughter was deep in thought watching the lake and didn't notice her parents taking a seat next to her.

"Your deep in thought's one of those usual family traits whether you're a Hart or Oliver," Tommy smiled staring at his daughter.

"Pretty much when life passes by everyday," Rosaline said staring out at the lake, "In about two weeks from now I'll be in New York going to my dream school, Julliard."

"It's okay to be scared and nervous," Kimberly added, "Heck when I first gave up my powers and left for Florida I was nervous and scared. The possibility of leaving everyone I love behind just to follow my dreams and being away from them. However, you have to understand that sometimes there are sacrifices that have to be made in order to follow your dreams. No matter what happens we just want you to know that we'll love you regardless."

"I never imagined how much can change in a little over two years. Just yesterday I first showed up in Reefside as this orphaned 16 year old girl being chased by these weird cloak guys. I get thrown in this whirlwind adventure that impacts my life personally and destiny wise. In the span of two years I learned where I come from and the legacy I'm apart of. After that battle at the seal and becoming a Power Ranger I still wonder whether or not which one of us will be called forth to take up the mantle. Is it possible to still be a normal person and also be a superhero when the time comes?"

"You can still have the best of both worlds Rosaline but in the end it comes down to a matter of choice. It's you who decides your destiny and fate...we were just the ones who basically reintroduced that idea and revolutionized it. Anyone of you could have simply walked out but you didn't because in the end you all managed to embrace your destinies and fates. We won't know when the time comes when which one of you will be chosen to fulfill the mantle. For now, what you can do is just continue on living even though it's the hardest thing about being in the world, to live in it."

"He's right you know," Kimberly smiled, "Life may have changed for you in the past two years but you also must remember all the good that has come out of it."

"Yeah all the good times...because ironically if it wasn't for this crazy little adventure I wouldn't have been reunited with my parents. However, in time if it wasn't for this whole world in peril you two wouldn't have gotten together and finally lived out the future you two envisioned. As they say sometimes bad things have to happen for good things to come in the end. You two have been through hell and back and I never imagine just how strong the testament of your love and devotion for each other can overcome anything that gets thrown at you. It's always been fated and destiny that you two are meant to be together and I see it like how the others see it. Maybe one day, I'll find someone that could love me the way you two do."

"We usually hear that everyday, especially from Jason," Tommy slightly laughed, "So the question is what happens now?"

"I do the living thing which includes you guys dropping me off in two weeks at the airport to board a plane to New York City. Then there is the part where I get the weekly calls with you checking up on me, making sure I'm not getting into any trouble and making the promise of coming home on every important holiday and special events. I'm also going to get calls from Amanda back in Beaufort giving me salutations from my Bennett relatives back home and at least get care packages sent once a month to my dorm at Julliard. Don't worry you're not missing out on the important parts of my life. Boy, I'm really going to miss the pacific days out on the west coast and really miss coming home and hearing the twins running a muck or Gabe's late night cries. I'm going to miss the unexpected late night visits from my friends and I'm really going to miss you two especially. However, I made a promise to my parents...I'm going to be their little Mozart in the making and when I say parents, I mean my parents, both sets."

"You still keep on growing as we speak," Kimberly smiled as the two gave their daughter a hug, "Our little girl, although she's not much of a little girl anymore."

"I'm not getting any younger mom but I'll always still be your kid regardless," Rosaline said as she headed inside the house, "Hey regardless of all of this played out somehow I still find a way back into your lives. It looks like you two need a moment alone to yourselves." Once Rosaline headed back inside, Tommy and Kimberly sat down on the bench staring out at the lakeside view that faced their backyard in silence for a moment. As it started getting dark Tommy gently wrapped his arm around his wife as she leaned her head on her husband's shoulder.

"You know we have a pretty amazing daughter Beautiful," Tommy smiled staring at her. "What are you thinking about?"

"She's right about something you much things could change in a little over two years. We been through hell and back haven't we?" she asked sincerely, "There comes a point where a parent's job isn't complete yet? Also our job of being mentors to the legacy and future line of the Power Rangers? We're like them, our daughter and her friends still living the double life. We've paid our dues fighting for the greater good and soon it will be their turn to take up the mantle. Do you think our job is done?"

"I can honestly say we're not done by a long shot," he replied, "However, despite it all we finally made it to where we should have been a long time ago. I had this vision of what I wanted my life to be like since the first day I met you after that expo all those years ago. I knew you were the one, the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. But like most fairytales there were always some challenges that got thrown our way. Regardless of how the outcome turned out or the road we took to get to where we are...fate and destiny led us to each other. If there is one thing I am certain about in my life it's you Kimberly Oliver and our family. We've done right by them and everything we fought for and what we desired in our hearts. We stayed true to the path after all these years and there is no doubt that I love you more than anything in this world."

"You're the one thing in my life I've always been certain of and for that Tommy Oliver," Kimberly smiled as they kissed, "Even at that time when I thought I almost lost you after we put everything on the line I knew somehow you'll find your way back to me. I know that fighting spirit inside of you was strong because for one second when I thought I'd lose you forever you came back. We're not done by a long shot you and me. There is still so much life has to offer for us and to see. You're my family, my everything, my white falcon and white knight. It's still hard to believe waking up every morning seeing your face, and living the life we fought and desired so dear in our hearts. We survived it all and no matter what hell comes next know that you're not alone and I will always be by your side ready to fight alongside you shoulder to shoulder Handsome."

"This really makes me love you even more." He smiled kissing her back.

"And I love you more than anything in this world. Hey Handsome did you ever imagine in at least two years this is where we are right now?"

"I thought it was nothing more than just a dream, but it's something much more better. I got a loving wife, four amazing children who are going to grow up into wonderful people with our guidance, the good group of best friends we could ask for and a future legacy and line of Power Rangers waiting to take up their mantle to fight the good fight. We beat the odds once again and for now we have a time of peace and normalcy until the next intergalatic threat throws the world in peril once again."

"We know that we have to step down but it doesn't mean we're going to be out of commission. Look what we did...we turn fate and destiny upside down and redefine the legacy of the Power Rangers didn't we? We pretty much lived up to our namesake as the destined Wings of Fate. Now thanks to the powers that be upstairs we're now reaping in the fruit of our rewards for the greater good. However, knowing that these potentials and our friends and family have the chance at a normal life someday they too will be part of this legacy that has transcended over the years."

"Only until when the time comes they'll be ready," she simply replied. "All we can do is wait."

"Hey lovebirds!" they suddenly heard Jason calling out from the entrance of the backyard, "If you haven't noticed you still have some house guests in need of entertainment by their hosts. Bro, you still owe me twenty from that last game of pool."

"I guess duty calls doesn't it?" Tommy slightly joked looking at Kimberly, "Do you remember what I said to you that day during the battle at the seal?"

"That the hardest thing about being in this living in it," she replied taking a hold of Tommy's hand, "It still is hard but we're living for each other and everything we care about aren't we?"

"So let's do that for now, just keep on living," he said giving her a quick kiss, "Come on let's head back inside or else Jason is going to keep on crying over losing another twenty bucks."

"I love you Handsome," Kimberly said as she kissed him back.

"I love you too, Beautiful," he replied as he returned the kiss.

"Good that's all I need to know, because you're stuck with me forever," she said with a laugh.

"Forever, huh?" he replied.

"Yeah, why? Do you have a problem with that?" she asked jokingly.

"Yeah, I do," he replied as Kim's eyes grew wide as the two of them walked back inside, "Forever just isn't long enough for me. Come on let's get back to do the living thing."

Once they returned inside to rejoin their friends, Tommy and Kimberly spent the rest of the night doing what they love the most: spending time with the people that matter to them. Regardless of what the future held, there was that feeling they knew that whatever comes their way they'll be ready. For everything they bring through alongside their friends and family at the end of the day it was worth it. The two of them were going to focus on their family and raising their children. They were going to continue looking out for the future line of the Power Ranger legacy until their time would come to fight. However, for now the two of them was going to live life normally as possible until the day came when they would be called once again to take up the mantle. For the time being after all their adventures these last few years they were going to enjoy the reward of peace for now until the next adventure would begin.

(The End)