Let's Play Normal by DD Agent

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They were having a barbecue around someone's, it didn't matter who. Someone on the Grid. They were probably getting ice or more lettuce. It didn't matter because it was Zaf and Adam who were cooking the meat, having commandeered it from whatever poor soul's space they were occupying.

"You know, you can never change who you are. Most evident at a barbecue," Zaf sprouted. Adam and Jo exchanged looks, wondering what he was talking about. Of course, he had had three beers by this point and they weren't sure he was the best person to be taking wisdom from.

"How so, mate?" Adam asked, gingerly taking away the tongs and motioning for Jo to get him a chair. Was the first good day of weather and he was already sloshed.

"Well, Ros is standing by the ice. Malcolm is standing next to her but checking the speakers every ten minutes. We're standing by the barbecue." Jo gave him another inquisitive look. "We're hot pieces of meat!"

Jo shook her head and dived into her handbag for her phone. "Think I should book a taxi now?"

"Nah, just put him in the cupboard with a blanket and he'll be fine."

Jo looked around, nodding to Ros who was putting more ice in her drink. She caught sight of the conservatory at the end, filled with flowers and old books. "What about Ruth and Harry?"

Zaf stumbled to his feet and peered at the two of them, laughing and drinking and acting as if there weren't the entire anti-terrorism section of MI5 in a back garden having a barbecue. Just them in the whole wide world.

"Old marrieds."

Later on, once Zaf was asleep next to someone's sofa and the ice had melted [and coincidentally, Ros had been having an actual conversation with Malcolm for over an hour], Adam turned to the conservatory at the end of the house. Candle lit, it was a beautiful place to be on a date. It looked like they were too, still couldn't stop staring at each other.

"You know, Jo, Zaf may be right."

Jo reached over and took Adam's beer bottle away and went to talk to someone from the section. "I didn't hear you say that, Adam!"

He looked back to the conservatory and found the pair of them sneaking out the garden gate, Harry propping the door open for Ruth. They could be any old married couple in this entire street. As Adam poked the last embers of the barbecue, he hoped they would get a chance to play those roles for real. They certainly deserved it.