Short Business by DD Agent

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She sees a man at the bar. Blond hair, bright eyes, a cocky grin. But despite his brashness, there is a sensibleness that reminds her of someone so hard her eyes begin to water. She puts down her drink, and looks to the other side, not wanting to stare at the man. It doesn't matter, he has already seen her.

"Hi, can I buy you a drink?"

Smiles exchanged, clothes fumbled away. White bed sheets hold all manner of sins, but for once it's just the two of them. Their guns left at the door.

Her eyes turn sharply to the young man who thought he had it all. There is a white band on his finger, and she can see the slight bulge in his left pocket where he had put it to keep it safe.

"Sorry. I don't date married men."

No talk about former partners, Fiona. They really don't even talk about work. Just travel, when it doesn't overlap with work. Just friends, when it doesn't overlap with work.

"Maybe I was widowed, you ever think of that?"

She eyes him, and her stare makes him leave for easier prey. No use trying to pick her up, she wasn't here for his games. She had a job to do as it was, the silencer cap sticking out of her own pocket. She sticks a five pound note on the bar and heads out for her prey.

Sometimes they just sit with a drink outside and talk about work. All the hideous things they have to do, all the awful things they see. They try and lie to themselves, but this is a work relationship more than anything else.

Security Alert over, world saved for another day. Blond man walks out with another blonde, and she ignores them, heads back to the bar. She would never see him again; never find anyone quite like him. And maybe that was okay.

Memories were really all you had in this business anyway.