Long time, no see, eh? Yes, I'm back with a new fanfic after months of hiatus! And this one's going to be both a darkfic and a multi-chapter fic (if and when I get the ideas and motivation to move the plot along...).

So yeah, this is only the prologue. Enjoy!


It was a dark, rainy, miserable night as Fred the fish walked down the road after a long, hard day at work, followed by a couple of hours at a bar. It wasn't actually a long walk to his house – just walk down the main road, turn left, and then he would be at his house. But the strong winds and pounding rain made his journey home more difficult than usual.

To be honest, Fred didn't want to go home at all. He knew his wife would throw a fit when he'd step through his front door, with the scent of alcohol on his breath. For all he knew, he could have stayed out all night, but the weather would have proved impossible to survive in. And the weather was the reason he was here now, slowly and reluctantly walking home, to the breaking relationship he was stuck in.

Fred was wearing a long, brown coat, which matched his brown skin and gills, along with a brown hat. He was doing his best to avoid letting the hat be blown away by the wind. Despite the clothing, he still had goosebumps on his arms and legs from the sheer, bitter cold. Fred cursed the horrid weather, knowing it was the reason he had to go home.

After a while, the darkened buildings of Bikini Bottom slowly turned into coral trees. 'The trees look threatening,' the brown fish thought to himself. He was right too; the trees would have looked dangerous to anyone who wasn't familiar with the area, especially that night, with the wind making the branches fly wildly in the air, like something out of an old-fashioned ghost story. But Fred had seen those trees hundreds, maybe even thousands of times. He knew the area like the back of his hand.

He started to focus less on the drama awaiting him when he got home, to the sounds his footsteps were making on the pavement. He found that they took his mind off the weather slightly.

One step. Two steps. Three steps.

He started to forget about his depressing life, as he started thinking about the life he could have had. 'I could have been someone,' he thought angrily. 'I could have changed the world if I could. But no. I'm stuck here in this hick town, with a crappy job and a nag for a wife.' He started to curse the world around him, blaming everyone else he knew for his problems.

Step. Step. Step.


Fred suddenly jumped out of his thoughts, as he heard a loud footstep behind him. He turned around to see no-one there. He was pretty sure he was the only person on the pavement and he didn't think any animal could have made that noise. Creepy, he thought. Then he started walking again.

The noise reminded Fred about all the horror stories he had read as a child. He used to love being scared in his bedroom as a kid. Besides, that footstep he heard was only in his imagination! He laughed it off and continued walking.

Step. Step. Step.

There! 'Back to familiar sounds,' he thought. He knew he was the only person around. He would have known if someone was behind him. He knew that-


There was that noise again. Fred felt his pulse quicken. That wasn't his imagination playing tricks on him. He heard it as clear as a bell. A footstep landing hard on the pavement, he heard it.

Fred scanned the area, but all he could see was the trees. The darkness and the rain made it much more difficult to see. There could have been a monster behind one of those trees. Maybe even more! Maybe ten... or a hun-.

'Oh come on, man! That's stupid!' he thought. 'You know monsters don't exist!' But he was worried that someone was truly following him.

Fred decided to test if there was someone there. He raised a leg in the air and-


His leg froze in the air. That was definitely the sound of another person, all right. It was obviously too loud to be an animal. The sound was too sharp.


The sound was closer this time. Fred wanted to run, to get away from this slowly-forming nightmare. But he couldn't run. He was paralysed to the spot.

Step. Step. Step.

The footsteps were coming towards him!

Fred slowly turned his head around, expecting the worst. Had he been right about the monster? Was it going to eat him? Or worse?

The dreaded footsteps stopped and Fred could make out a very small figure.

He spoke to the figure; "Um, hello?" he questioned.

The figure didn't reply. Then Fred saw a glint in the figure's pocket. The brown fish's eyes widened. That's it. He was going to-


Fred cried out "MY LEG!" as he stumbled to the ground. He could feel the blood on his hand from his wound, despite the darkness. The figure walked to his face. Fred could see that the figure was extremely tiny. How he could wield that gun, he didn't know.

The figure spoke to him; "It's best if you don't scream," he spoke calmly, as if he just didn't shoot a random passer-by.

Fred didn't take his advice and tried to scream. His attacker had no choice but to finish the job.


Blood poured out of Fred's head, where the gunshot wound was. His eyes were still open. All the figure did was smile.

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