Edited and reposted: November 8

Emily groaned and her forehead creased as she slowly came back into consciousness. She was lying on her side, on a hard ground with loose rocks pressing against her uncomfortably under her body weight. Her clothes were still on, so that was something at least. She had no idea where she was; well, she had a theory but hoped with all her might that she was wrong. She gently reached around to soothe the dull sting in the side of her neck. She didn't even have to open her eyes to know that she wasn't where she last remembered herself being. The drugs made it hard to focus her mind and remember what had happened. Hotch had sent her to check out a possible lead on a follow up to the case they'd just closed and she had driven to a house way out of town that looked completely abandoned and her instinct had told her something wasn't quite right but she had to check it out because she'd gotten invested in this case, she drew her gun as she got out of the car when she felt a sharp pain in her neck. Her grip on the gun loosened and she heard it hit the ground, and everything quickly blurring into darkness before she even felt herself falling. Slowly, she opened her eyes, but the ground tilted and her head pounded with whatever it was she had been injected with as nausea churned through her stomach. She took slow, unsteady breaths, and waited for it to pass; throwing up wasn't going to do her any good.

Eventually her head cleared enough for her to slowly sit up and take in the room. It was bad. There was only one door, no windows, and it was empty. There was nothing she could use as a weapon when the time came. The wall farthest from the door and, to her worry, the ceiling were adorned with thick metal rings and heavy metal shackles, bolted into the cement. She carefully walked to the door and was unsurprised to find it locked. Adding to her apprehension, she realized that the door opened out from the room she was in. She knew that her best bet for getting out of here on her own was to overpower the first person that came in alone. But, in order to do that she needed to be able to take them by surprise, and the door opening out instead of in took away her best option of hiding behind it.

She circled and crossed the dim concrete cell a few times to get a feel for how much room she'd have to maneuver in a fight. There was no doubt in her mind as to where she was, as much as she was terrified to accept it.

The last case that the team had worked had involved a cult in the rural area of DC that had just recently become public knowledge. The unsub had been follower of this religious cult, they called themselves The Sons of Malkira, and had been killing single mothers with sons in the name of cult leader and his message. Through the course of the investigation, Emily had met Levi, the leader of the cult, who thought that he was a descendant of the archangels and the messenger of God. He expected to get what he wanted and when he couldn't have it, he'd take it. A person's life meant very little, if anything at all to him. Emily had gone with Morgan and Reid to talk to him about the possibility of one of his members being the unsub. When Emily would ask a question he wouldn't answer, but he'd stare at her with rage and vicious want burning in his eyes. Emily refused to back down and Morgan got alpha-male on him. A man like him, a lying, power-abusing, violent, unstable man, did not get to ignore her authority and belittle her for being a woman. She knew that she would find a way to take this guy down.

Armed with her gun and with two of her teammates backing her up, she could stand up to Levi with no fear of what he could do to her, but here, like this, Emily knew she was in trouble. And right now there was nothing for her to do but wait, wait for the team to find her, for Him to come through the door, wait for something to happen. Picking a vantage point where she could jump someone when they came into the room, she lowered herself to sit against the wall. She knew that unless the opportunity to escape presented itself her only option was to hold Him off and stay alive until her team could get her out of there.

Her body was tense with the readiness to pounce, unable to relax, even as the first rush of adrenaline wore off and she felt the weariness of the case and the stress of this dangerous predicament taking hold. They had to have realized that she was missing by now. She didn't know how long she'd been gone, but surely the team knew something was wrong. Emily couldn't let these people catch her off guard and take control from her even further; she could not stand the possibility of Levi forcing his power over her. She could hear people on the other side of the door, but now they were getting closer. Emily stood, ready to fight. The lock clicked back. She was prepared to strike first, fast and hard.

The door opened, swinging back hard. And Emily knew it was Levi, his narcissism needed that attention grabbing entrance. He wore khaki pants, a black silk shirt, and a crimson robe. He was pale and tall, and thin but she could see a muscular build. He was an average looking man, not ugly and not strikingly attractive. The door closed behind him. He looked for his prisoner before him.

Emily struck out as he turned towards her, delivering a powerful punch to his face. As he stumbled she kicked his legs from under him. She dove on top of him and they struggled. Levi threw her off with an elbow to the face. It knocked her onto her back and left them both scrambling to their feet. She got behind him and locked an arm around his neck. Levi struggled to breathe. He drove his elbow into her ribs and her grip loosened enough for him to get a breath and he cried out as she choked him again.

She was grabbed and pried off of him, and thrown against the wall. Before she was on her feet again a hand wrapped into her hair and slammed her head into the cement. She was thrown to the ground. She cried out, curling into herself as a heavy boot landed a kick in her side.

"Enough," Levi ordered. The two men that had overpowered her stepped back and she gasped, and her body rebelled in pain to rising to her knees. "Do you know who I am?" he asked her, wiping blood from his nose.

"Yeah," she hissed. "You're a psychopath with egomaniac tendencies," she used the wall as support and struggled to her feet. "And a following of fanatics."

He smirked and moved to stand before her. "I am Levi, and you will address and greet me with the respect that I deserve from you," he ordered. She continued to glare at him and didn't move. "Bow to me."

"Excuse me," she scoffed.

"Bow before me," he repeated.

"No." Logically she knew that it was a bad idea to defy this kind of delusional unsub and that taking this course of action she probably wouldn't get out of here unscathed, but challenging him, making him prove his dominance could buy her team more time to find her.

Levi motioned toward her and the two other men advanced on her. She fought them tooth and nail as they pulled her away from the wall. They eventually got a hold of her, each of them grasping tightly onto one of her arms. She felt a hand on the back of her neck trying to guide her into a bow. Emily resisted and the hand pushed harder, until the hand was clutching the back of her neck painfully, and she was shaking with the effort to resist the pressure. Without warning a knee connected with her abdomen, knocking the air out of her, dropping her to her knees, and bending her over in pain and shock.

"On second thought," he thought out loud, as he stalked the few steps between them, she was sickeningly aware of where eye-level was to her. He continued around to stand behind her and the sole of his boot contacted between her shoulder blades and pushed her forward. She barely caught herself on her hands. "I like you better like this." She struggled against his foot holding her there and when it lifted she made to stand up. "This will go much easier if you don't fight me." The next kick landed just above her hip. "Do you know why you're here?" he asked. She coughed and struggled to breathe despite her desire to insult Levi again. "A prophecy has been made of a child which you will bear to me."

"So, basically, I'm here because you've got the hots for me?" Emily spat out the words as she stood up.

He back handed her hard across the face, splitting her lip, knocking her still precarious balance off and sending her falling into the wall behind her. "You can accept your destiny now or fight it." She spat blood in his face. "Leave us," he ordered. The door closed with an ominous sound behind them. "Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss," he paced in front of her. "You think that you know me? You have no idea what I am capable of." He grabbed her by the jaw and hair, and held her face close to his own. "One way or another you will submit to me." Levi forced his lips upon hers and Emily bit his lip and fought him hard and got in a few good shots until he slammed her into the wall. Emily's head connected with the concrete with a horrible crack and her vision swam. "You will pay for that," He hissed in her ear. He ripped her shirt down the front, sending buttons flying, and roughly pushed it off her shoulders. He pushed her to the ground and popped the button off her pants and pushed them down. He pulled off her shoes, socks, and pants in one violent motion, which tore the black fabric.

She laid there, stilled dazed from the blow to the head, as he stepped away from her. Emily did her best to cover herself as he turned back to her. He climbed on top of her, holding a bundle of cotton fabric, straddling her abdomen, he pried her hands away from her chest and started to put them through a hole in the cotton. Then she realized that he was redressing her in a rough, cotton shift, that was held together up the back with strings that tied. "I can do it myself." she insisted, fighting to free her hands and buck him off of her.

"You lost that right," he told her. Her mind whirled, thinking through her options. She stopped fighting, but wasn't helping him with the task. He got her arms through the sleeves and her head in the hole. He started pulling the material down, his hands lingered on her sides, her stomach, her hips, her thighs. Her skin was crawling as he stood up. Emily was angry, furious at him.

He grabbed her by her arms and pulled her to her feet. She struggled to free herself, she wanted to hit him, to beat him to a pulp; but the harder she fought the tighter the grip on her arms became, and the closer she came to being pinned against the wall by his body. She stopped fighting to get away and started pushing him away. He raised her arms above her head, trapping her against the wall with his body as he worked to lock her hands into a set of cuffs.

She pulled against the metal, fighting to get free and escape as Levi walked over to the clothes he had torn from her body. He turned around with her blouse in his hand and used it to wipe the drying blood from her face and neck from her split lip and bloodied nose. "Now, that's not nearly enough," he said disappointedly. He brought his hands to her face, resting his thumbs on her lips. Without warning he pushed her split lip apart, tearing it open again. He continued to bleed the wound until he was satisfied with the blood stain on her blouse. "I thought your friends might like to know how you're doing."

Her eyes glistened with tears from his actions, but if looks could kill the daggers she was glaring would have imbedded in his skull. "You'll be fed regularly," he told her. "I want a bit of a fight out of you before you give up," he taunted her. "Or do you still think that you can fight me?"

She was breathing heavily, beaten up and bruised, but her voice was steady as Emily swore, "It takes a lot more than you to break me."

Levi turned away from her, walking towards the door with her destroyed clothes tucked under his arm. He grinned, "We'll see."