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A ringing cell phone stirred Emily from her sleep. JJ shifted next to her to reach for the offending object. Before her eyes could open fully JJ put a hand on her shoulder and said, "It's mine, go back to sleep." With a sigh, she drifted back into a light sleep. When JJ climbed back into bed with her, her eyes fluttered open and found those blue eyes looking right into her own. "Hey," JJ smiled at her.

Emily smiled back through her drowsy disarray, "Hey." She stretched the sleep out of her muscles and settled on her side facing JJ. "Who was that?" she asked as her hand closed around JJ's in the space between their bodies.

"Hotch," she told her. "The boys are going to check out a lead, he wants us at the station in an hour." Her fingers played across Emily's pale arm.

She hummed sleepily, "Alright." And they were silent again, connected at the hands, and holding each other's gaze. Emily brought JJ's hand to her lips and brushed a kiss against the knuckles. "I'm sorry about last night," she said after a few minutes of quiet. "Having you around is…" She struggled to find the right words. "You make me happy, you know that right?"

"Yeah, Emily," JJ sighed. "I know. But it hurts when you shut me out like that."

A pang of guilt hit Emily's heart as she saw the truth of her words, in the pain that flashed through JJ's eyes. She couldn't look at JJ. Soft fingers found her chin and tilted her face back up to look into JJ's beautiful eyes. JJ's thumb brushed against the back of her hand, still joined between them. "I am so sorry," she said trying to convey the honesty of her words through her eyes and their connected hands.

"I know," JJ told her. "It's ok." Her fingers trailed from Emily's chin and caressed her jaw, her thumb brushed against her lips. Emily was just watching her, her brown eyes wide with wonder. She brought their linked hands up to her lips, much in the same fashion that Emily had, and pressed a gentle kiss to their intertwined fingers before nuzzling the back of Emily's hand. Her free hand found Emily's hair and brushed it back from her face as she moved in, closing the space between them.

Emily felt her organs doing flip flops in her chest as JJ's nose nudged her jaw. She complied, tilting her head back so that JJ had access to whatever it was she wanted, and JJ's lips flitted down her jaw, up the side of her face, across her cheek bone, down the bridge of her nose where JJ grinned and placed a firm kiss on the tip, then JJ's lips hovered over her own. Emily's heart fluttered as JJ skimmed her nose against hers. They were both still, waiting for the other to move. "I never want to see you hurt," Emily repeated the words she had said to JJ two weeks earlier.

"I know," JJ whispered.

Her lips, finally, met Emily's in a soft kiss, it was so gentle it almost hurt. There was no battle for dominance. It was careful and deep, perfectly passionate and stalwartly supportive. It was everything. It surrounded the two of them in a warm sense of security that soothed both of their tense muscles and minds. The slow, loving attention they were each getting was addictive. Fingers stroked faces delicately, feet and legs tangled together, hands tangled into hair, arms wrapped around waists, and bodies moved together matching the dynamics of the kiss.

When they parted from the kiss, both of them were drawing in large gulps of oxygen but neither of them cared. They laid there, content to just be a tangled lace of arms and legs and to lose themselves in the other's gaze until their breathing returned to normal. Emily's eyes were still wide with emotion when she opened them again. Even as the rise and fall of her chest evened out, her heart was pounding as she took in the happy smile that graced JJ's lips, in awe. She sought out JJ's hand with her own and re-intertwined their fingers, loving that contact, and brought her free hand up to ghost the fingers across JJ's face. She leaned in and placed a closed lipped kiss to JJ's smile. They could both feel the other grinning. Emily pulled back after a few seconds and rested her forehead against JJ's.

For a minute JJ's free hand ran mindless patterns up and down Emily's side before she moved to stand up. Emily's strong arms snaked around her waist, pulling her back down so she was sitting on the edge of the bed. "We have to get ready, Em," she insisted half heartedly. She could her the smile in her voice and realized that her feeble attempt to keep her amusement from her voice had failed, as intended.

Emily pulled a little, leading JJ to lie back down with her, pulled firmly against her. She kept her arms around JJ's slim waist, and nuzzled her face into the back of her neck and the blonde hair. "We've got a few minutes," Emily quietly told her. She pressed a kiss to the back of JJ's neck.

At the station, the team stood with local police as they laid out at tactical plan to catch their suspect. "Now is the perfect time to go after our suspect," Hotch told the mass of law enforcement. "He tried to attack last night and his intended victim got away." Emily felt a surge of happiness for this unknown young woman. "That's great for her, but it's also good for us too. The profile tells us that he's going to be angry and he'll go hunting for a new victim today. He's desperate now and likely to make a mistake. We know where he hunts, we have his face, we have his profile. We can find him and take him off the streets today." Hotch looked around and his gaze settled on Emily for a moment longer than anyone else. "We're going to put female officers that fit the type he targets on the streets where he's likely to be today. No uniforms, everyone out there needs to look like every other person out on the streets." Emily's eyes flashed with excitement. "Report to your unit chiefs for your assignments," He dismissed the meeting.

As the locals filtered out of the room, the team gathered around their leader. "Alright," Reid started. "So, there are four places around town where he seems most comfortable." He pointed to them on the map as he listed them off. "The outdoor market, the park just off Main Street, Oakridge Street here along these apartments, and this store here." He motioned to the area between the points, "Based on the profile, his base is going to be somewhere in."

"Alright, we're going to split up between those four locations and have one of us with the team patrolling for the base," Hotch told them. "Rossi, I want you on Oakridge. Reid go to the park. Morgan and JJ take the market. I'm going to go with the patrol. Emily, you stay here and watch the surveillance videos."

"Hotch!" Emily started to argue immediately.

"No Prentiss, someone has to stay here and be our eyes," he used his authoritative tone of voice.

"I'd be more useful out there! What if something happens?" she pressed.

"You're still close enough to be available if we need back up. Let's move," he ordered as he walked away.

Emily stood there fuming as everyone walked by, they all gave her an apologetic look. "Take care of her," she told Morgan in a low voice that held a tone of warning. JJ caught her hand as she passed, Emily held it to stop her. "Be careful. I don't want you to get hurt out there. "

"I know," JJ assured her and gave Emily's hand a evanescent squeeze before heading with the rest of the team.

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