AN: Wedding stuff. And it's not angsty or dark. I'm going to try and do a case soon.

"Quit dragging your feet Prentiss," Garcia ordered as Emily took her time pouring coffee into her travel mug. "You're not going to be allowed to have that in the boutique anyway." Emily just glared at her. "You can look at me like that all you want it's not getting you out of this. The only reason we could even get appointments at this place was because you threw your mother's name around and if you two don't find your wedding dresses soon you might not be able to get them in time for the wedding. It's only eight months away. And JJ's mom drove down here to help her pick out her dress."

"I know, Garcia," Emily said. "Just let me have my coffee and I will happily try on wedding dresses and parade around for Morgan."

"Oh, come on Princess, don't you want to use this opportunity to make me tell you how pretty you are."

"Will you two please take this seriously," Garcia begged. "Aside from you and JJ being completely and entirely jealousy inducing in love with each other, the dresses are the biggest moments of your wedding. When you walk down the aisle everyone is going to be staring at you in that dress." Morgan and Emily shared a look. "If she doesn't come out today with a dress I am holding you responsible, Derek Morgan," she threatened.

"We're taking it seriously," Morgan promised as Emily busied herself with washing the coffee pot.

JJ hurried down the stairs, "Alright, Reid's all set with Rachel. You guys ready to go? We're running late."

Emily hung back and watched as JJ hurried Morgan and Garcia out the door. She absolutely glowed with excitement and the sheer happiness was radiating off of her making Emily smile absent-mindedly.

"Come on, Em, mom's probably going to beat us there," JJ said with the impatience of a child that had been promised a trip to get ice cream and was waiting for her parent to be ready to go.

"Coming," she answered and hurried to the door, handing JJ the travel mug she had prepared for her. She enclosed her hand around JJ's and entwined their fingers, feeling the ring on JJ's left hand against her middle and ring fingers.

The drive into the city went by a lot faster than Emily wanted. But they got to the bridal salon just as Sandy was getting out of her car, and the way JJ jumped out of passenger seat and ran to hug her pushed all of Emily's self-consciousness out of her mind for the time. Emily was immediately swept into a hug by Sandy when the rest of them caught up to JJ. "Look at you two," Sandy said as JJ encased Emily's hand in both of hers.

"Mom, you can't start crying yet," JJ said with a little laugh.

"Right, come on," she agreed and ushered Morgan and Garcia in front of her towards the door, with JJ and Emily following behind.

JJ tugged slightly on Emily's hand, bringing the two of them to a stop. She wrapped an arm around Emily to anchor her in place and kissed her.

Emily smiled and led them into the shop, right behind the rest of their group. They were immediately greeted with two consultants from the store greeting them. "Which one's my bride," the young, tall consultant with a dark brown pixie cut asked.

"Depends on which one you're looking for," Morgan told her.

"JJ," she told them.

"That's me," JJ stepped forward. "And this is my mom, Sandy, and my best friend and maid of honor, Garcia."

"Alright, I'm Danny," she said as she led the three of them to a small dressing area towards the back on one side of the store.

This left Morgan and Emily with a short, older woman, with greyed hair and the styled confidence of time. "That must make you Emily," she greeted. "I'm Dianna."

"Emily," she confirmed, "And this is Morgan, my man of honor."

"Ok, are you ready to get started?" Dianna asked.

Emily only nodded. Dianna led them to a dressing area at the back of the store, on the opposite side from where JJ and the others were.

"Alright, JJ, tell me a bit about the wedding and what kind of dress you're looking for," Danny requested.

"Well, the wedding is in May. It's going to be at a bed and breakfast in Oklahoma," JJ told her. "I want a dress that has a classic feel to it, but is a little modern too. I don't want to look like a cake topper."

"So," Danny flipped through a rack of dresses. "Nothing like this?" She held up a typical, spaghetti strap ball gown with a satin bodice and full tulle skirt.

"Exactly," JJ said. "I'm definitely thinking strapless but I don't know what kind of style I'm looking for. I don't want something loud or busy, you know, show stopping. And I'm not looking for a ball gown, but a fit and flare or A-line with a full skirt could be ok."

"Alright, I'm just going to go and pull a few dresses for you to try on and see if we can narrow down the dress you're looking for," she told her and motioned to the simple robe hanging on the chair in the corner. "I'll be right back."

JJ had just stripped off her pants and was reaching for the robe when there was a knock on her dressing room door and it started to open as she said, "Just a second." And she scrambled to get the robe to cover herself

"You have to try this one on." Garcia slipped in with a wedding dress. "I think you might like it and I want to see you in it."

"Alright," she took the dress and hung it up. "I'll try it on."

Garcia went back out and waited with Sandy to see JJ in the first dress. They didn't have to wait long. JJ walked out of the dressing room in a strapless A-line dress with a full tulle skirt and a satin cummerbund sash around the waist, and delicate lace floral overlays with subtle metallic thread along the bodice and skirt. Sandy gasped and Garcia let out a soft, "Oh," at the first sight of JJ in a wedding dress. JJ stepped onto the small platform in front of the mirrors and examined herself.

"Tell me what you're thinking," Danny said.

"It's pretty," JJ told them. "But I don't… It's not my dress."

Danny smirked and interjected, "You can say you don't like it."

"It's too young," JJ motioned to the bodice and the sash. "The top makes me think of a dress I'd wear to church or a homecoming dress."

"Alright, onto the next one," Danny said and held open the dressing room door for her.

The next dress was a stunning satin A-line gown with a fuller skirt than the last one, and gorgeous, romantic bead appliques along the bodice and skirt. JJ again stepped up onto the platform and considered herself in the dress. After a minute Garcia spoke up. "No," was all she said at first. "The dress is gorgeous. You look gorgeous in it. But that is not your dress."

"You're right," JJ agreed. "It's stunning, but I want something softer," she said still scanning her reflection in the mirror.

Garcia almost squealed in delight when JJ walked out of the dressing room in the dress that she had pulled. Danny stood next to the mirrors as JJ looked at herself in the dress. "This one is technically a ball gown, but the dropped waist doesn't allow for a really full skirt, even with the ruffles it sits more like and A-line. Is this more of the soft look that you're looking for?" she asked.

JJ examined the dress, the rouching on the bodice, the ruffles, the full skirt, with the dropped waist. "It is the softer look that I'm talking about but I'm just not liking the full skirts."

"Alright, let's try something else," Danny said. She put JJ in a tulle and beaded lace dress with a dropped waist that was something between and A-line and a trumpet shape, fitted just past her hips and then flowing out from there.

"We're getting closer," Sandy said when JJ walked out.

"Yes, we are," JJ agreed. "I don't like this fit-and-flare shape," she motioned to her hips.

"Awwww," Garcia whined. "But your butt looks fantastic in it." Sandy shook her head and JJ smirked and rolled her eyes a little. "What? I'm just saying, I'm sure Emily wouldn't have anything bad to say about it."

"I saw the way you two were when you came the shop," Danny said. "I'm pretty sure she won't have anything to say about whatever you wear."

JJ smiled, "I don't like the lace and beading, it's still too much."

Danny nodded, "I think we're almost there." She came back to JJ's dressing room with four more dresses. "Ok, all of these dresses are organza and they have that soft look that you like."

The first dress of the two had an empire waist, flowing skirt, and a rouched bodice with a deep sweetheart neckline. JJ walked out and both her mom and Garcia audibly gasped. "JJ, that's beautiful," Sandy said.

"It's so graceful," Garcia added.

"I love it," JJ responded. "But the shape doesn't do anything for my body. It almost feels like I'm all shoulders and neck."

Danny nodded, "Let's try another one." And she followed JJ into the dressing room, picking out the next dress from the three left of the four she'd brought in. She got JJ into the dress and stepped away, letting JJ see herself in the mirror.

The door to the dressing room opened and JJ stepped out, tears misting up her eyes, and a huge smile on her face. "Guys, I think this is it," she said. And when she stepped onto the platform she only fell more in love with this dress.

"You look angelic," Garcia said, dabbing at her eyes. "It's absolutely ethereal."

"It's perfect," Sandy added as they both stood up to hug her. "This is your dress."

This was her dress. This dress with a dropped waist, rouched bodice, and gentle flowing skirt, that was soft and beautiful was perfect. "This is my wedding dress."

Up next: Emily's dress.