Haku Yuki: A Queen of Ice


Haku x Naruto

Mentions of other pairings


Story Start


"Whatever happened Mister White Sr?" Mizore asked as she played with the son of Haku's pet rabbit. She and Haku were sitting at a lake, their feet resting in the cool water.

"He went off with Clucky. No one knows where they are now,'' the older woman responded. There was a kinship between the two ice users that wasn't easily replicated. ''How far are you along?" Haku asked, looking at the pudge that was developing on Mizore. Haku had just come back from an expedition from Rundas's world, seeing as she had a way with people er species, beings? Regardless it had been months since she last saw the woman.

"Three months.'' Mizore stated as she used her left hand to place it gently on the bump. This would be the second child she and Naruto would be bringing into the world. There other little girl would be turning six in a few weeks. "Where is your little one at Sempai?"

"He's currently with Akitsu-chan." she answered. "So I've been considering joining Naruto on his trip to this world which is set in the thirty-first century.''

"That sounds rather interesting. Have you heard of the new snow world that has been discovered? I've been considering going." she closed her eye and wistfully thanked about the landscape. "I wonder if there are snow bunnies there?"

"Indeed, hopefully you can bring back some souvenirs.'' Haku noted as she gently rubbed the ring on her finger. "Let us go. I believe that Shizune is making Cinnamon buns and I would like to have some before Hinata devours them all."

The two of them shared a giggle at that. Hinata's loves for Cinnamon buns were as infamous as Naruto's love for ramen. It was nice, having someone a lot like her to bond with. It made things, this situation, a bit easier. Love on its own was not always enough for some. But for Haku, for which this love also gave her a purpose, was enough for her.