It's funny that when people usually do something that will help the world it isn't because it's "the right thing to do" it's of some personal if not selfish reason. A memory or a grudge from long that they want to settle or someone you despirately wanted to find. They say they're doing it because it's the right thing to do but we know it's not.

But what if you had no memories?

You had no grudges

You only knew your name

You knew that you were far from home

You knew that you have forgotten many important things

You knew that you had to stop Chaos

Why did we have to fight Chaos? He didn't do anything to us. He didn't bring us to this world; he did not take away our memories.

Cosmos did

Is it wrong to find that extremely ironic?

I wanted to ask Cosmos why did she send us here? This was not our world and from what she told us nothing that he did would affect our worlds. We were like pieces on a chessboard and that made me very uneasy.

I never told anyone how I felt though.

Lightning thought the same thing (for some reason she looks so familiar). I envy her strength, she was not afraid to whatever to whomever. I'm always so hesitant to say what I really feel. Its' like a part of me wants to tell people how I feel but another saying that I would just be a bother.

Lockhart, it's fitting isn't it.

When I was talking about how people hide their selfish motives I was-I was (this is hard) talking about myself.

There I said it.

Every time I've had to do something I've done it for my own interests. I said I was doing it because it was the right thing to do but I was really doing it because I was looking for someone. Someone important but I can't remember who. All I wanted to do was find that person.

Does that make me a bad person?

It's strange. When I learned that the manikin army was going to kill Cosmos (and the warriors that Kain had hid) I rushed to help them just like everyone else. I wasn't thinking about that person at all. Only the words "I have to stop this" were running through my mind.

The next thing I know I'm fighting not for my life but for others. I've only fought this hard once and that was because it was a very special reason. It didn't make sense then but now as that I can think about it I figured out the reason why I fought so hard.

I wanted to protect them


I guess it was just that right thing to do.

Oh, before I got forget Kain you better stop doing that "lone wolf" thing because if you don't

I'll knock some sense into that thick skull of yours.