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Rise and Fall

She loves the sunrise; watching the sun start to peep above the horizon, seeing the colours begin to bleed into the clouds and infuse them with orange and pink, the sense of calm she feels when she's up early, watching the sky awaken.

She loves the feeling of possibility that sweeps through her when she watches the sun rising. It signals a new day, where anything can be achieved. A sky that is slowly and gently being filled with the colours of a new day holds so much promise and hope, she can't help but enjoy it. Even on days when she has more reasons to be sad than happy, she draws comfort from the rising of the sun, and from the knowledge that no matter how dark things seem, the sun will rise again and make everything seem just a little brighter.

She loves sunny days; she enjoys the warmth of the sun, the sight of its rays hitting a surface like water, its brightness shining down from its highest position. But it's the beginning that she loves the most; when the world is quiet, and the sky is dark, and the first faint signs of the sun start to appear, hinting at the brightness that is to come, and the many possibilities that this new day could bring.


He loves sunsets; watching the sun sink lower and lower in the sky, watching the clouds turn redder and redder, feeling the heat of the day disappear and the coolness of the night creeping in a little more.

It's like closing a book when you've read the final page, shutting your eyes when you're finally ready for sleep, saying goodbye to an old friend. Whatever has happened that day is over, and as the sun disappears below the horizon it takes the day, and all its events, with it. The good things can last until tomorrow, if you carry them with you, but the bad you can try to let go of, knowing that tomorrow will be another day where you can do things differently.

He likes the daytime, although that's usually dependent on the weather, and he likes the night, with its shadows and secrets and places to hide. But he likes being able to witness the night creeping in to steal the day, watching the moment when the sun vanishes and the darkness takes over, feeling the past disappear as easily as letting go of a balloon and watching it sail into the sky. It's not always this easy to let go, of course, but sometimes the setting sun is enough to make him believe it is. That mistakes can be washed away, regrets can be buried just a little deeper, and by the time the sun sets again tomorrow, the whole world could have changed.