Oh how his head was pounding, much like a morning after a night spent drinking and celebrating with his best friend and men, only he could remember celebrating anything. The sounds of servants filtered through the sound of rushing blood in his ears and he turned his head away from the sun that was streaming into his room. Oh not only did his head hurt, but his senses felt fuzzy.

He grumbled under his breath as the voices of the servant and their giggling became more clear, despite him trying to ignore them and his headache.

"Ah, Lady Kagome has odd relations with the strangest of people."

"True, but this new one is rather handsome, is he not?" a fit of giggles were the reply to the question, while Dastan furrowed his brows trying to remember what he did the day before. He groaned when it all came back, hitting him suddenly.

Wasn't Kagome the name of the woman that was, hopefully, helping him? He had really hoped it had been nothing more than a strange dream. Why couldn't it just have been a dream? Even one induced from spending a night drinking with his men, just as long as it was a dream.

"Now ladies, our Lady Kagome tasked us with taking care of her new, guest, let us not disappoint her." two voices grumbled under their breath, but agreed with the third one.

"Master Dastan, it is time to wake up. There is to be a meeting today before you leave for your home." now that got his attention.

Pushing up onto his elbows, he took in the room that he was in and the three women standing nearby. He was still unused to the amount of wood used instead of stone to make of the stone he had grown up with. The fact that the bed was rather low shocked him the night before, but he was far too tired to care when the thought of actually getting sleep became an actual awareness.

The women also wore rather rich colored fabrics, then again, he had taken notice when a man had enough money, they liked to show that their servants were the best and provided them with the best. The style they wore was long, hiding everything, their hands, feet... Their hair was also done in more elaborate styles.

If he didn't know better, and they were visiting his fathers empire, they would most likely have been mistaken for a rich merchants daughters, or coming from minor lords family.

"Me – meeting?" his throat felt hoarse, over used. Raising a hand, he tried to message his throat.

"Yes Master Dastan. But first, a bath and then we will lead you to where breakfast is being held."

In a few moments, and he wasn't sure how, the women dragged him from the warm bed and began leading him through the twisting hallways. Things were a little more compact than the wide openness of the palace back home. Though it was warmer, even without the open windows on constant sun of back home.

He was also shocked to see what the bathes actually were. Naturally heated springs. Along the walls were benches, sporting folded towels and clothes, and next to the spring was a small tray with assorted jars. The woman that had been the one to speak with him the entire time explained what everything was and how to use them.

"Over here are some robes, so once you've undressed, we'll quickly wash what you have with you and be sure to have them back by the end of your bath."

He stared at the woman, how long did they think he would spend to clean up? The woman giggled, obviously she saw what he was thinking.

"Do not worry, you'll be surprised to learn that things are not quite what they seem here."

In the next ten minutes, Dastan was in the steaming waters, wondering what she could have meant by her last words. He would admit though, he was enjoying his bath, and the hot waters were also proving to helping with his aches and pains. The steam was slowly easing his sore throat, and his headache was no longer bothering him.

Well, it was best to get ready, his empty stomach reminded him of the breakfast that was promised after his bath. So with that in mind, he began to process to actually washing up.

Else where, a young miko was waking up in a similar fashion, only she remembered the day before, and reacted a little more childishly. Screwing her eyes shut while pouting, Kagome turned onto her other side, hoping to evade the sun that had been let into her room.

At hearing a familiar laugh, Kagome groped about till her fingers quickly took hold of one of her pillows and threw it over her head, blocking out the reminder that morning had indeed come. She let out a muffled shriek when the blankets were suddenly ripped away from her.

Sitting up with her eyes still closed, she threw her pillow at her blanket thief, smiling when she heard a small yip. Yeah, it was not smart to mess with a miko early in the morning, especially when said miko didn't get enough sleep. So she added just the slightest amount of her ki into the pillow and she allowed herself to fall onto her last and only pillow left, curling in on herself to try and stay warm.

"Come now, tie to get up."

"Go. Away." it was far to early and she didn't have the amount of sleep for today.

"Tut, tut. Time to get up!" two hands started to pull her away from her heaven, though she managed to clutch her pillow to her.

"No!" she snuggled her face into her pillow, now curled up in Kin's lap. Crying out, she tried desperately to hold onto her pillow as Kin began to tug it away from her.

"Thief! First my blanket, now my pillow? You are just the cruelest!" she stared dejectedly at her pillow that was now back where it belonged, and sadly, away from her.

"Don't be like that. You need to wash up to get ready for breakfast, and then we're going to have a meeting about what to do with your guest."

Buh..." she yawned, finally admitting that she wouldn't be getting any more sleep. "But didn't we alread discuss that last night?"

"True, we went over some ideas. Though wouldn't it be best to discuss this while your guest is present? He is the reason we're having this meeting."

Kagome nodded her head and stumbled to her feet. Stretching as she moved to her closet, she pulled out a set of clothes and turned to Kin who was still sitting on the edge of her bed.

"M'kay. I'm gonna take that bath now." she picked up the pillow she had thrown earlier ad was about to toss it back onto her bed when Kin made a last comment.

"Don't fall asleep and drown!"

Kagome was snickering down the hall after hearing the second yelp. Seems Kin didn't learn the first time about not messing with a sleep deprived miko. Oh well, maybe now he will.

Kagome sighed as she entered the hot spring, hissing lightly at the slight stinging sensation. Oh how she loved her bathes, and she knew, once they set out to helping Dastan back home there would not be enough time to bath as often as she liked. With the situation as dire as it was, they would be go at it hard to get him where he needed to be.

After changing into another set of clothing, much similar to what she wore the day before. While she did love the traditional clothing of Japan, the though of being compared to Kikyo pushed her more towards Chinese styled clothing, while still maintaining a miko's colors. Today though, the silks were a dark pink that shined different shades from fuchsia to a deep purple.

Leaving the hot springs after placing her soiled sleep clothing to the side where servants would later pick up to wash, Kagome bumped into a freshly bathed Dastan. She was really hoping the thick paste they had taken the night before actually worked, cause if not then she suffered all night for nothing.

"Good morning." smiling brightly, she greeted him with the only thing that came to mind, it was better than nothing.


"Oh good! We can understand each other now!" he gave her a nod. Yeah, it was an awkward moment. "Come, it time for breakfast." she motioned him to follow.

The two started off in silence, making Kagome more and more uncomfortable. She kept glancing at him from the corner of her eye. What did one say to a person that was thousands of miles away from home, was in a strange land, and had to trust a complete stranger to help set things right?

"So, would you like to share how you came to be here?"

Dastan jumped at the sudden question. Should he really tell this strange woman about the dagger? While she had been nothing but kind and helpful, willing to go out of her way to help him, at least that's what he hoped she was doing.

"It would really help us if we knew exactly what to expect. And while I can understand now wanting to share something so important, if whatever caused you to appear in my home can cause problems to getting you back to yours, it would be best to share it now."

He understood what she was saying, but she was still a stranger, and he wasn't sure how she would react to anything that could have power over time. As if she could read his thoughts she spoke up once again, a sincere smile on her face.

"I don't care for your dagger, if that's what you're worried about. And before you ask, I can sense things that have power. Just not the exact type."

It was silent for a little while longer before he actually spoke up. Everything about the dagger would come up eventually, might as well get things done and over with right away.

"This dagger can rewind time if the hilt is filled with the proper sand." he didn't know how to continue after explaining that little bit of information. His stomach, he felt it twist suddenly, his body preparing to be ready to move in any way should she attempt to make a move of anyway shape or form for the dagger.

He saw how her brows furrowed and how her eyes rested momentarily on the dagger before she once again faced forward, and he could tell right away that she was deep in thought. It didn't sit well with him, knowing that her thoughts were in fact on the dagger.

She opened her mouth, as if to say something, before it closed. Seems she either didn't know what to say, or couldn't say what was on her mind about it all. Her brows furrowed once again before she let out a sigh. A hand rose up and fingers rubbed at her brow and he heard her mumble something under her breath, something about time being fickle. Now that raised a few questions.

"I... see. And I'm going to guess and say something involving the dagger brought you to..." her eyes shifted to land on him, her lips pursed and quickly tightened before she finished her own sentence. "... before you landed in my time. Is that correct?"

He nodded his head slowly, so she herself was one out of her own time? Perhaps she was indeed a witch, though she didn't look very pleased with the new information he had just given her in regards to the dagger. So, did that mean she had her own troubles with time? But he couldn't help but ask the one question that had been burning since her last question.

"Your own time? Do mean to say that this is not your own time?"

A strange sound made it's way from the back of her throat, a cross between a whimper and irritated groan, he could only raise a brow in question. It seems she really did have some sort of, disagreement, with time.

"Ah, yes. The place we... met," her lips twitched into a small grin. "...is where I'm from. Which happens to be around five hundred years in the future from now." she chuckled at his shocked expression.

"Give or take a few decades. Never really bothered to actually count." shrugging her shoulders, already used to the reactions she got every time someone learned the truth about her, even all the ranges they came in.

"Ah, looks like we're here." she smiled lightly when a servant passing by opened the door for them, which was somewhat uncommon for her.

Walking into the room, she smiled and greeted all those already in the room and seated at the low table.

"Kagome! How's my woman?" She quickly side stepped a familiar face making their way quickly to her, causing Kouga to skid into the servant behind Dastan and herself.

"Please ignore him. He's delusional." she guided Dastan to the table where he slowly followed her, though sitting Indian style rather than the traditional kneeling position. It wasn't until she saw him looking at the chopsticks in question did she perk up. Glancing behind her, she noticed that the servant that Kouga had run into was still picking themselves off the ground.

Calling them forward, she whispered what it was she wanted brought back from the kitchens. She watched as they quickly left. Kouga moved from his spot and made his way to her other free side, and immediately pulled her to his side. Her jaw clenched and her teeth ground against one another as he began to nuzzle into her neck.

"Kouga... stop." she pushed the wolf leader off of her and moved back to Dastan, trying to both ignore and Kouga while trying to remove his hands.

"A servant will return shortly so that you can also eat with us. I'm sure your not used how we eat." her eyes closed and her brows pinched together.

"KOUGA! ENOUGH!" she pushed him back, a slight amount of her spiritual abilities added to make sure he kept to himself. She heard him whimper as he rubbed at chest where she pushed him and Inuyasha snickering from across the table.

"One word Inuyasha, one word."

"Feh, it'll be worth it." he stuffed his hands into the sleeves of his haori as he became more comfortable at his own spot at the table.

Shaking her head, she turned and accepted the utensils she had asked for earlier and handed them to Dastan then proceeded to her own plate. Taking in what was spread out on the table before helping herself and loading her plate and motioning for Dastan to help himself as well.

She smiled softly and began to explain what was what and asked if he would rather something else to eat instead. She knew that most that came to Japan and not expecting their diet could be thrown off somewhat.

The others watched as Kagome did her thing, taking care of others regardless of who they were, where they come from, social status, everything. It was so like her, though it seemed he wasn't used to such treatment, at least on such a personal level.

"I think it would be best to proceed now that your guest can understand us, and us, him." all looked towards Kaitaro after a few minutes of silence which allowed them to be able to eat a little more fully after such an interesting events the day before.

"It's simple. She ain't going!" Inuyasha barked out, growling lowly at the ancient lord.

"Inuyasha... we spoke about this." Kagome let out a tired sigh as she let her head drop into her hands.

"Well, not alone at least!"

"Kami, give me patience!" Kagome was tired of his pushy attitude when it came to certain things he couldn't control. Like now for instance.

"Sadly, we can't spread ourselves to thin, not at this time." the others, save for Inuyasha, nodded in understanding. Dastan looked on in confusion as the mood in the room seemed to drop suddenly.

"Well, I say we start south and work our way from there. We can get all we need while we see... her." as much as she loved the lady, she could be a bit, hyper.

"And how will you get there?"

Kagome shrugged her shoulders, but glanced over towards the ancient lord. Said lord smirked in understanding, and gave a small nod in agreement. Their silent conversation lost on the others. There was no other way to travel across such distances more quickly and safely, than with a dragon. Glancing at Dastan, now to get him to agree was another thing altogether.

"May I ask, what it is you all are talking about?"

"How to get you home the quickest. We have a... friend on the main land, we can get what we need and get better prepared. Not only that, she will have better access to the quickest ways back home for you."

Dastan nodded his head in understanding. All he cared about at this moment was to get home in the quickest way possible, and if leaving the major decisions in their hands meant that, then he would allow them that. Well, only as far as he was willing to allow them. They were still strangers after all.

"I cannot thank you enough for all of this."

"It's no problem." Kagome smiled and gave a slight bow of her head towards Dastan.

"The hell it ain't!" Inuyasha all but snapped at Kagome.

Kagome dropped her head into her hands once again. After coming to her senses with Inuyasha, being able to admit that he would never actually see her for who she really was and that she only loved him nothing more than a best friend of brother, she felt like she was constantly babysitting him. Only, she wasn't getting paid to do such.

"The children won't take this well."

Great, Miroku had to open his mouth and remind her of the other two children that, although she loved to pieces, could also get rather hyper as well.

"I'm well aware of that. But there really is nothing I can do otherwise. Getting Dastan home right now is my top priority. After that...I will be helping in any way I can as soon as I get back home." running her hands through her hair, Kagome curled so she could lean better on the table while being able to pick at the food on her plate.

"When do we leave?" turning her head, Kagome gazed at Kaitaro, the change of topic once again becoming serious.

Dastan took the group in, truly taking in how they reacted with one another. The seriousness of the situations wasn't lost on him, but he had the distinct feeling that he was missing out on something as well.

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