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Blue's pov

(So today it's a normal day. Mom is in the kitchen dads of to work and me to school.)

Mom: blue… can you get the mail please.


(Checking mail)


Mom: what is it blue!

I got a scholarship to the highest school!

Mom: that wonderful! Now hurry or you will be late for school. (Goes to clean)

(There's something weird about this letter. the sign of the school. I will find out at school)

At school

End of pov

Blue: hey guys check this out.

Yellow: blue you got it too.

Crystal: we all got it. Me you yellow sapphire platinum.

Platinum: we will all go to the same school.

Sapphire: it says that they would be us up. Must be a fancy school.

Platinum: it is the richest school. AApokespe School/academy has different things to do.

Yellow: what does AA stand for?

Crystal: it stands for Aaron and aurora the head masters of the school, or the people that build and runs the whole school.

Blue: wow I wonder what will happen.

At home: Packing

Blue: mom have you seen my boots… never mind I found them. Coming down stairs

Mom: (crying) my little girl is going.

Blue: I will visit.

Yellow's house

Dad: yellow be careful. If you need anything just call

Yellow: okay I will be safe. Well goodbye dad. I will visit often.

Sapphire's house

Birch: remember what I told you.

Sapphire: yes father. Anyways I will go meet up with my friends. See ya.

Platinum's house

Father: are you sure I should not send bodyguards.

Father I will be alright don't worry.


After everyone was packed they met up at the location where the school's car was going to pick them up. When it came they were surprised.

Driver: are you the new students for AApokespe school/academy.

All: yes

Driver: may I see the letter.

All the girls show the letter.

Driver: alright then get in.

When the girls get in the car there is a TV connected to the side of the car. Then two faces pop up. A male and a female.

Hello we are the headmasters of AA pokespes school/academy. I am aurora and this is Aaron.

Aaron: we are happy that you students came here.

Aurora: you would be here in a few minutes. One of our students will tell you where and what is this academy/school.

Aaron: tomorrow you students will start school. Today you will learn the basics of the schools. We both wish you good luck this year.

Aurora: good luck and goodbye. (Flashes a smile)

… Screen goes black

Yellow: they seem nice.

Crystal: wonder who's going to show us around.

Blue: I wish it's a boy.

Sapphire: I just want to see the school.

(Car stops)

We have arrived at AApokespes academy/school. Please take your stuff when you leave.

Yellow: well I guess were here.

All exit the car then the car leaves. Someone comes to where they are.

Boy: hello I'm riley, I will teach you about the school. Come follow me.

They do so but then they see four boys running. Then the two of the boys go one way and the other two go the other way.

Boy1: come on hurry up were going to be late!

Boy2: well sorry if I was eating.

Boy1: you overslept then ate last… never mind just go.

Blue noticed that boy 1 had spiky brown hair and a pendant. While boy 2 had spiky black hair that stuck out from in front side of his cap and a pair glove.

Blue: riley are we allowed to wear hats.

Riley: no only when the school day is over.

Blue: then why are you wearing one.

Riley: well some students are allowed to wear hats.

Crystal: so like the "chosen" ones.

Riley: yes you could put it that way. Here we are the dorms. Platinum you are on the first floor, sapphire second floor, crystal third floor, yellow and blue the fourth or last floor. Here are your keys just unpack once your ready come here to the lobby.

Ten minutes later

Everyone is at the lobby after much of walking at the basics of the school. Now asking questions about the school.

Riley: we have clubs like fashion and battle and such.

Yellow: riley you look so much like headmaster Aaron.

Riley: (chuckles a bit) well I am his son that's why.

Crystal: what! I didn't know they had a son.

Riley: we don't talk about the family that much. If we do people will try to take advantage of me, asking me for favors.


Students start to run and talk.

Sapphire: schools over?

Riley: nope just lunch. Students like to meet up and go for lunch. Here you can go to restaurants around here or go to other towns and cities near the school.

Crystal: they allow that.

Riley: yes but you need to go to your next class after your lunch. Let's go eat.

After lunch

Riley leaves and the girls start to decorate their dorms.

Yellow's room

Well riley said to pick blue on the first day.


Riley: well I guess you guys should wear the blue uniform. Since this is your first day.

Crystal: why?

Riley: cause its like a shown of respect to the school.

(End of flashback)

Yellow: I hope blue remembers she wasn't really listening to riley

Blue's room

Blue: the good thing about this school is about everything. The bad thing about this school is the uniforms. Should I wear the blue one of the pale yellow? They both have black so it neither blue or yellow. I think blue. Better get ready for tomorrow.

Profile: Blue

Birthplace pallet town


Blastoise lv.80

Wigglytuff lv.67

Ditto lv.50

Clefabe lv.68

Nidoqueen lv.69

Granbull lv.23

Profle: yellow

Birthplace: viridian city


Pikachu lv.31

Raticate lv.25

Dodrio lv.33

Omastar lv.42

Golem lv.39

Butterfree lv.20

Profile: crystal

Birthplace: violet city

Meganium lv.40

Smoochum lv.29

Parasect lv.47

Arcanine lv.53

Xatu lv.44

Cubone lv.47

Hitmonchan lv.54

Profile: sapphire birch

Birthplace: littleroot town


Blaziken lv.59

Aggron lv.54

Donphan lv.58

Wailord lv.53

Tropius lv. 56

Relicanth lv.55

Profile: Platinum

Birthplace: sandgem town







School uniforms: the blue one

blue button shirt with a black tie. Plus a black belt and dark blue ruffle skirt. And black socks that reach up to the bottom of the knee. Shoes: any kind that match's the uniform

me: well this is a only an introduction. Next chapter the girls meet the boys for real.

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