Hey ya'll! This is a new story that I thought of a few days ago and since it just wouldn't leave me alone, I wrote the first chapter all down! =D This story takes place in TWO different Sonic Universes and I will be going back and forth between the Sonic worlds, but just not in this first chapter. This chapter will only focus on... lets call it Universe 14, which is the world I made up. The Universe we all know in love, (which we will call Universe 1) will appear in the next chapter and on as the story progresses. Enough of me talking, I'm going to list the character ages next and then read along! Enjoy!

Sonic - 20

Amy Rose - 19 (almost 20)

Shadow - (19-20) (He was never cryogenically frozen in U14)

Tails (Miles) - 14

Cream - 13

Knuckles - 22

Rouge - 23

Robotnik - (Ehh, use your imagination!)

Oh and before I forget! Universe 1 characters are TWO years younger than Universe 14. So just subtract 2 from the ages above!

Disclaimer: I OWN nothing except my ideas.

Another World

Thunder sparked and crackled in the dark grey skies above as powerful gusts of wind shook the lush trees that resides deep within the Mystic Ruins forest. Near one of the narrow streams, an orange two tailed male fox followed closely by a tan-ish cream colored female rabbit strode through the thick grassy plains. Over the years, the mystical ruins began to grow thicker grass beneath the earth soil, which made it a nuisance to walk through the quiet forest.

"Ugh! Tell me why we're going through this yucky forest again? When we could be at Rose's wedding?" Whined the irritated rabbit, her fur ruffling each time it made contact with a tree branch.

A slight sigh escaped the annoyed fox. The consistent moaning and whining coming from the usually perky rabbit was starting to get on his last nerves. He didn't invite her to come along in the first place. She insisted even when she knew that it wasn't going to be a pleasant trip.

"I already told you Cream!" The fox started, sternly. "I'm not going to a stupid wedding while this crazy scientist and hedgehog are on the loose plotting who knows what! I'm going to catch them before their next dirty move." He spat out, making sure to put strong bitterness on the word 'hedgehog' as it rolled off his tongue. "Besides, Amy is crazy for having a wedding today! Look at the damn sky and tell me it isn't going to pour rain sometime soon!"

The rabbit, now known as Cream, was inclined to agree to that. Rose is a sweet yet very stubborn hedgehog. Once she sets her mind on something, and in this case, planned it, she was determined to go through it no matter what. Even if a certain red and black hedgehog objected. Sure he wants to get married as soon as possible, but with how things are going, it isn't exactly the right time.

"You do remember that she planned this wedding several months ago right?" The rabbit pointed out as she almost tripped over a rather large branch which was lodged into the murky ground.

"Of course I do, but she needs to learn how to reschedule things." The fox replied as he shoved and cut stubborn tree branches that happened to be in the way with a medium thin sharp blade. "Did you see the look on Shadow's face when Rose just decided that they were going to get married? It was priceless!" He chuckled.

"Hey! He was just trying to keep his-"

"-'lovely pink rose happy!'" He cut off the rabbit with a high pitch yet sarcastic tone. He then chuckled once more before proceeding, "Makes me wonder who the male in the relationship really is…"

Even though the fox wasn't looking, he just knew the rabbit was giving him a rather bored expression, "Miles, you know that if you told that to his face, he would beat you."

Miles didn't respond back, since he knew that was true, which in turn caused the slightly flushed and irate rabbit to smirk.

The rest of the walk through the forest was done in silence if you omit the occasional sighs and moans coming from the rabbit which only further annoyed the twin tailed fox. Why did I bring her… the teenage fox berated himself, releasing a low grunt which thankfully the rabbit missed. However, he knew why he did. Even though he didn't want to admit it, he had taken a strong liking to the pushy rabbit. The thing was; he wasn't exactly sure why he did. She always nagged him to no end about stupid issues, usually hers, and never knew exactly when to pipe down. Maybe it was her cute pout when she didn't get her way. Maybe it was the slightly dazed look in her half lidded round eyes when she was in deep though. Or maybe just maybe it's those stupidly large yet soft bunny ears that hung loosely down the back of her head. There're times that he wanted to just grab those cuddly bunny ears and just stroke them until she fell asleep on his la – he abruptly put a stop to those thoughts before he finished them with a small slap to his face.

There I go again with those ridiculous thoughts! He chastened with a disgusted look.

Cream, who was finally side by side with the fox, noticed that he was slapping himself silly,

"Uhh, are you alright there Miles?"

As soon as the fox heard his secret crush speak, he stopped beating his face in as he blushed with embarrassment at being caught doing something stupid. "Ye-yeah! Just annoying insects were attacking me is all!"

The rabbit frowned. "If you would have listened to me before we left and put on some bug repellant like I did, you wouldn't be assaulting yourself."

Before the fox could respond, he noticed that they had arrived at their destination. Doctor Robotnik's secret hidden base…which was a rather large beat up shack. However, this didn't fool the intelligent fox. He had done his research before he came to the current location. Beneath that crappy looking shack was a large hidden base.

"Miles? Are you sure-"

"Shhhh!" the fox hissed at the rabbit as he quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her to a nearby bush which was a few feet from the old shack. The rabbit hissed when he bottom hit the ground. Shortly after, Cream gave the orange fox a rather nasty glare; she had decided to give him a piece of her mind until she saw just why the fox had pulled her down. A few highly advanced metallic robots had passed by them. The robots had a close resemblance to the E-101 Mark. II model, but were slightly smaller and a lot quieter than it ever was, which is why it almost caused the sneaking rabbit and fox to get caught.

Once they passed by, the two tailed fox felt a vibration from within his small yellow backpack. Miles swiftly slid the backpack off his back and opened it and pulled out a small circular looking device with a grid. Within the grid, six yellow dots were clustered together, blinking rapidly. He saw another blinking dot, but it was much further than the others.

"Crap!" The fox swore out.

"Now who's being loud," The tan rabbit muttered with a raised eyebrow, her hands on her hips.

But it appeared that the fox didn't hear the rabbit since he was still staring at the radar will a look that could only be described as fear.

"Miles? Is everything alright?"

"N-No it really isn't" The fox shuddered out as he held out the radar for the rabbit to see. "They have six of the Chaos Emerald, which means-" He didn't have to finish said sentence since the female rabbit understood clearly what it met. The Robotniks now had all except one, which currently rested within Shadow's grasp.

"Miles… we have to try to stop them…" The rabbit whispered quietly to the tensed fox as she too feared the worse.

Miles let a breath out, attempting to calm his nerves. He then refocused back to robots and saw them disappear through a secret entrance within the shack. "No. We HAVE to do it." The fox stated as the fear within his eyes turned into a look of pure determination.

Cream saw the changed and quickly stepped in front of him and grabbed his furry cheeks within her hands, causing his triangular ear to twitch wildly and his eyes to widen. As Cream forced Miles to look deeply within her eyes, his demeanor changed from surprised to… adoration? Unfortunately as soon as she saw it, it was gone and replaced with determination once more. Did I just see that?

Frowning at the sudden display of affection, he harshly shoved the rabbit's hands off his face and turned away before he did something stupid like kiss the cute rabbit on the lips.

"I know what you are going to say and no." He started. "I can't always depend on Shadow. Besides this is his and Amy's day…" Without another word, he began stealthily walking towards the cabin.

The tan rabbit sighed with defeat as she proceeded to follow the fox. She knew that this was crazy. That horrible hedgehog was a monster with a heart as cold as ice. He didn't care about anyone but himself and absolute power. If he got the last Chaos Emerald, unlike last time, it would truly be the end of them all… wouldn't it?

XXXXxxxxxxXXXX The Other ME XXXXxxxxxxXXXX

"So when are we going to get the last emerald doctor…" A smooth cocky voice echoed deep within the mad doctor's base.

"Soon my boy! We just need to do a little more planning and then we can-"

He was silenced as a blur rushed at him, grabbed his neck tightly and roughly slammed the mad scientist against a metal wall, the impact causing it to groan. Though the hedgehog was much shorter than the doctor, that immediately changed as he literally choked him until he was brought down to his level. The only thing that the doctor could see was the trench coat that touched the bottom of the incredibly fast hedgehog.

As he stared at him with his piercing emerald green eyes, his ears twitched as a light feminine gasp was heard within the distance. Fools… the hedgehog thought as he smirked wickedly. However instead of catching the foolish intruders, he decided to let them watch the show first as he still had his attention on the doctor.

" .Planning." The hedgehog spat out coldly as the doctor began to slowly lose consciousness. "I've waited enough." With that said, the hedgehog released the doctor before he passed out, letting him suck in precious air. The doctor coughed severely as he stroked his aching neck.

"B-But m-my boy we still-"

"ENOUGH!" The hedgehog shouted again, causing the two intruders and the doctor to flinch. "I am not your son Ivo…. refer to me as Sonic Robotnik!" The hedgehog stated as he finally stepped out of the dark shadows that he hid behind.

The doctor, now known as Ivo, slowly leaned heavily against the dented iron wall until his back straightened out. He then tried to sit up and fortunately succeeded. I'm getting too old for this.

Suddenly, the blue hedgehog began to chuckle. It wasn't that soft pleasant laughter that someone usually heard after an amusing joke, no, it was a disturbing one. It had a minor crackly to it.

"Or maybe just Robotnik since I will be the LAST one to carry that name in a second or so…" As soon as Sonic said that, a certain fox and rabbit's blood went cold.

"He wouldn't…" Cream, who was behind large metal machinery alongside Miles, muttered with pure dread.

Miles however, did not have a look of fear. He had the look of revulsion.

Ivo was a different story. He looked pale, trembling as he began to fear for his life. He raised the hedgehog like his own son, how could he-

His thoughts were silence once more as Sonic gave Ivo one of the most warped looks he had ever seen.

"Y-you don't mean-"

Sonic crackled once again, this time though, it sounded smoother as he slowly began walking towards the cornered doctor.

"Thanks… father for everything you teached me." As the blue hedgehog began closing in on the terrified doctor, the sound of him pop and snapping his own knuckles echoed throughout the whole lab. It was as if he wanted the intruders to hear what was sure to soon follow.

Within a blink of an eye, the blue hedgehog appeared right in front of Ivo's face, causing the doctor to stop breathing.

Seconds later, a bone crushing sound was heard as the hedgehog's fist met the doctor's face. Cream immediately shut her eyes tightly and jumped within the fox's chest. Miles caught her and held her tightly as he trembled at what he saw before him. The disgusting hedgehog was savagely punching the life out of the doctor. Every punch brought more blood to the surface and Miles couldn't help but gag at the gruesome scene playing out.

Even though the rabbit wasn't looking, her rather large ears made it quite difficult to block out each and every cracking sound that was made upon the hedgehog's fist making contact with the doctor's battered face. Miles just tightened his hold on the quivering rabbit as he could not remove his eyes off the brutal beating.

After what felt like hours, which was actually only minutes, the hedgehog stopped ramming his fist into Ivo's face. Sonic looked at his handy work with sick amusement as his knuckles dripped with blood. Ivo wasn't dead yet but he was having trouble breathing. Sonic jerked the doctor by his collar and wrapped his arm around his neck, applying pressure.

"Don't worry Ivo…" he whispered in his ear. "The world will be remade in our image, just like you've always wanted…"

Miles couldn't stomach to watch anymore. As soon as he turned away, he and the rabbit heard a sickening bone snapping sound that would most likely never be forgotten.

Sonic stared blankly at the doctor's motionless body. He then looked at his trench coat and noticed that it was soiled with Ivo's blood. He was going to need another trench coat.

"Oh Rose…Rose, Rose, Rose… Amy Rose" Sonic stated loudly with the ever twisted smirk across his lips. "You will be mine soon enough…"

Miles turned his face towards the disgusting blue hedgehog as soon as he heard him basically sing Rose's name. Amy, along with Shadow and Cream, were the closest thing to a family he had left. Amy was like the big sister he always wanted and it absolutely sickened him to hear that monster say her name with such lust evident in his voice. There were many reasons why he despised the twisted hedgehog. The biggest one would be the day that he murdered his parents, which he missed dearly. Another would be that he also was responsible for the murder of two other good friends of his. Now this twisted monster wanted to not only kill Shadow, who is basically his big brother figure, but also take his big sister for his own sick perverted reasons. Sonic has always been absolutely obsessed with Rose and was angry that she's with Shadow. So for many years he's been trying to get rid of the black hedgehog so he could finally take the pink hedgehog whether she liked it or not.

"This was a stupid idea…I'm so sorry I came and brought you along with me Cream… " Miles whispered softly with deep sorrow evident in his voice as he tightly held the tan rabbit, "I know I don't stand a god damn chance against that monster and I still let my stubbornness get the best of me…"

The rabbit pulled away slightly from the fox, enough to see his face, and caressed it with her small hands to gain his attention. When the fox looked at the rabbit, he felt even worse when he saw that her eyes were blotchy from all the crying she must had done while in his embrace.

"It was stupid… but don't beat yourself up for something that was already done. Besides, I insisted on coming along so don't blame it all on yourself." Cream responded, smiling weakly.

"Now let's get out of here while we still can. I don't think he knows we're here."

"Right." The fox returned the smile as he then stood up and helped the rabbit onto her feet.

Unfortunately, before they could take a step, a voice they knew all too well stopped them, freezing them in fear.

"Uh uh ahhhh…." The blue hedgehog sung as he walked within the entrance of the lab, fixing his new trench coat to his liking as he passed the doctor's lifeless body.

"Where do ya'll think you're going ehh?" He questioned cockily as he stepped within viewing distance of the fox and rabbit.

"Heh if you two weren't sobbing in the corner there, you both might have had a chance to escape while I got another coat."

Miles glared at the blue hedgehog with pure hatred while Cream had the look of absolute panic in her eyes.

"Bull!" Miles spat out. "You knew we were both here the whole time!"

The arrogant hedgehog smirked nastily, confirming that the fox's suspicion were indeed correct. "Heh, you know me all too well Tails" Sonic taunted. The blasted hedgehog knew very well that the fox hated being called 'Tails' since the only ones that ever did were his parents. He just loved pushing others buttons didn't he.

Face it, the moment that the blue hedgehog figured Miles and Cream were within the base, they were screwed because how can anyone escape the fastest thing alive?

Okay! That's the first chapter! I really hope ya'll enjoyed it.

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