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The Other Me (Part 2)(Finale)

An earth shaking bolt of lightning struck the torn streets between the two super powered hedgehogs, shooting blue sparks of electricity everywhere as they both heatedly glared at each other, daring one of them to make the first move. The small group not too far away from the two watched on anxiously, hoping that their friend had enough power to defeat his counterpart once and for all. Some of them believed that even with the added strength of the Super Emerald, it still wouldn't be enough since the crazed hedgehog had so much more power than the righteous one. With the Master Emerald, Chaos itself, and the Super Emeralds inside, he was pretty much invincible. However Sonic didn't believe that and he was going to give it all he's got to prove it, even if it kills him in the process.

As Shadow looked on, he couldn't help but feel that he should be at his new ally's side. It wasn't fear that was holding him back, it was just the fact that he didn't know how to tap into the power that the hedgehog tapped into since he had never seen such a transformation before. He already had too much Chaos energy within him as it is and he wasn't sure if using himself as a test dummy was a good idea. He scoffed himself for such thoughts, feeling like a complete cowered.

Knuckles, knowing that his job was done minimized the Master Emerald once more, pocketing it. From experience, he understood just how much will power you need to maintain the Hyper transformation, however when he did utilize it, he didn't last very long because it downright nearly killed him to remain in that form. Though he and Sonic were enemies and rivals at one point, those days were long gone since the hedgehog had surpassed him in strength years ago, which was the only thing he had over him seeing as how he could never match up to his speed. He smirked remembering the old days when he sent both the hedgehog and the fox down a waterfall, as at the time he had been tricked into believing that they were responsible for the disturbance in Angel Island. Come on buddy, show him the real power of Chaos…

Sweat dripped feverishly down the fox's forehead, touching his furry chest as he couldn't shake the bad thoughts out of his head. He always hated when Sonic selflessly put his life on the line but he has always been like that hasn't he? He couldn't remember one time where the blue hedgehog didn't throw caution out the window, him always using the motto act first then think later, which in his opinion was a very stupid outlook in life or death situations. But his selflessness is what made him so loveable and well Tails wouldn't have it any other way. Come on big brother! Kick his ass!

At moments like these, Cream couldn't help but think about the time the blue hedgehog had first shown his heroic ways by not only saving her from the now deceased doctor, but also her mother who now is currently away in another state visiting relatives. She had left her with her boyfriend and Sonic since the rabbit broke down in tears at the mere thought of being separated from the fox. Since then her bond with the hedgehog had increased ten folds, now seeing him just like the fox did, an older brother. She giggled mentally as she recalled that shortly after he rescued her mother, she had developed a huge crush on him for the next couple of years, but she got over it once she came to know the fox, ultimately dating him. She never did tell him that and she sure as hell was never going to tell Tails. He'd probably fear that I'd run off with him!

Though Rouge never was really close to Sonic, she learned to respect him when he saved the planet from the Space Colony Ark, which at the time had been rushing towards Earth to wipe out mankind. Through the echidna, she had grown to be his ally and then later his friend. Give him trouble Sonic!

Rose had grown up in a world where the name 'Sonic' meant 'Monster' in translation. When she first met him, she down right hated him for even looking like him! However, upon taking a closer look she realized that his appearance was actually different than the evil hedgehog what with his friendly demeanor and all. Once she got to know him, she immediately adored him, his kindness and heroic deeds melting her bad outlook of him. Heck it even went as far as almost kissing him! God, she was never gonna live it down! She blushed horrible just thinking about it and still felt extremely guilty every time she looked at her husband! Not one day married and I almost screwed it up with the one person I'd never expect to do it with. Ughh at least I stopped myself in time. The pink hedgehog was definitely going to take that incident to the grave. After all what he don't know won't hurt him! She thought cheekily.

Oh no Sonic the hedgehog! You better not die on me! Not after you finally made your move on me! Rose's counterpart hollered inwardly, nervousness slowly consuming her to the point of insanity. That was pretty much the only thought running through her at the moment as she watched Sonic icing his counterpart, who had been the one to steal their first kiss! She was never going to get that back and what's worse the asshole has now kissed her more times then she could remember! She made a mental note to have a full blown make out session with her hero after all of this, to completely erase the foul image of that twistedhedgehog's filthy hands all over her! Ewww! Murder him Sonic! Take him out for good…gosh maybe the time under his control has made me extra violent than usual…naaaa.

"Go." Alpha whispered.

Then they were gone, almost as if they were never there in the first place, surprising everyone altogether. However they weren't fooled since they could clearly hear all the clashing sounds way up in the sky, sending powerful shockwaves that blew the very clouds off course. The very ground rocked back and forth from the extreme power that the two hedgehogs were releasing, several buildings shattering and crumbling down each time one of them smashed the other right into them.

"Chaos Bolt!"

"Right back at cha!"

Alpha growled, strongly hating the hedgehog's new counter attack as he drove his right fist forward, aiming for his face but missed as his counterpart dipped to the side before delivering his own fist, which successfully connected, making him growl yet again. Sonic followed up with a sideways kick only to have the evil hedgehog use his arm as a shield, shoving him back before kneeing him in the stomach, doubling him over. Not wasting time he smashed his elbow down his spine, making him fall downwards at supersonic speed as he then blasted on after him. To his surprise, the sly multi-colored hedgehog was able to curve into a ball seconds before he hit the pavement, bouncing right back to him, slamming right into his chest, sending him cruising back to where he came from. The pure hedgehog smirked slightly as he used the Chaos Control technique to intercept him, doing a spin kick that catched him from behind, making him gasp in shock as his eyes nearly popped out of his skull. He continued his assault by wrapping his arm around his neck, flipping him over before instantly kicking him, sending him hurling higher into the air.

Sonic now feeling that he was in control rushed on after him, but to his dismay his malevolent opponent regained his composure and nailed him on the head, dazing him for a second, which is all the time he needed to deliver a powerful punch the caused him to lurch forward, sending the stunned hedgehog into a coughing fit. Alpha laughed as he began to repeatedly punch him, peppering his face with angry marks before grabbing his arm and hurling him straight through two building at such speed that when he hit land the whole city trembled. Not even a second passed before the Hyper hedgehog was up again, harshly ripping out of his created crater like it was paper, jetting to his angry evil counterpart above, who immediately acted by sending a double kick, using his weight to crush him through the cement, smiling nastily in satisfaction at the bone cracking sound that was heard upon contact. He somersaulted off of the grounded hedgehog as he then hammered a Chaos energy filled fist right on his still form, causing an earth quaking explosion that literally knocked the small group nearby off their feet.

"Sonic!" Amy cried out with panic as the other looked on with shock written on their faces, already expecting the worse.

Alpha, who was now on solid ground, laughed wickedly. "You never had a chance!"

"Chaos Warp!"

The defiled hedgehog gasped as he felt several punches hit his body, making his head bobble in every direction as a bewildered expression appeared on his face. He then felt a heavy blow to his right, almost breaking his arm in half before he was met with another blow, this time being his left kidney, making him cough and spittle blood. To finish this ghost like beating, he felt a hand grab his throat before he then found himself indented in the pavement.

Alpha gave a hacking throaty cough as his wide eyes focused on his enemy, who suddenly was standing before him in his all multi-colored glory, his aura brushing against the wind roughly.

"H-how did you do that?"

Sonic frowned, readying a punch. "Wouldn't you like to know!" he shouted as he smashed his fist over and over again until the hedgehog looked half conscious, however, right before the finally blow, the blackened hedgehog smirked, shocking the hero as he curled his knees inward before springing them against his astonished counterpart, who was sent across the dark sky.

Alpha's lips creased into a heavy frown as he shot on after the airborne hedgehog, imprinting two feet against his abdomen before he halted him by twisting behind him, thrusting his arms outwards with such force that it sent him skyrocketing to the ground, his foe's expression clearly showing the immense pain he was in. Shortly after he hit the ground so brutally that the whole area caved in, sending fissures in every direction.

The dark hedgehog then extended his hand, charging up an attack to finally put his counterpart to rest but to his shock, the hedgehog had exploded out of the caved in spot, his arm outstretched to his back as he gave him the most devastating punch yet, causing him to whiteout for a split second. A small delay passed as he was then launched so far high that he broke through the atmosphere, ultimately disappearing from view. The hero, slightly winded, landed on land as he took a couple of seconds to regain his composure.

"S-Sonic?" Tails asked worriedly, seeing his brother breathing harshly as he continued to face the night sky. With one last haggard breath, he gave the fox a smile, albeit a weary one as he activated his multi-colored aura again, a strange white ball forming into one of his fist before taking off once more at supersonic speed.

Shadow was dumbfounded at what he had just witness, though he didn't show it nor would he ever admit it, as he then closed his eyes thoughtfully before speaking. "He's tiring."

Amy's eyes widen. "W-what? But he just started not too long ago! Surely he-"

"No, Shadow's right. I should have known from the start that he was bluffing….he knew he never had a chance to begin with."

One after the other the blue hedgehog's allies, besides Shadow and Knuckles, cried out in disbelief, their eyes widening.

"However, don't count him out yet." The echidna continued, receiving questionable looks. "I'm sure there is a reason why he looked so confident in the beginning." He grinned.

That's when they heard thunderous ear shattering sounds that rattled the whole sky, silence followed moments after. Then a blurred figure crashed on the ground nastily, an awful snap, crack and crunching sound hissing right through the air. As the smoke withered away, a blue hedgehog was revealed, causing the entire small group's hope to deflate. However they were curious as to what that odd multi-colored light was that linger on the defeated hedgehog's left fist.

"And here we are, just as I predicted. You, utterly defeated while I still stand tall." Our hero's malicious twin cackled as he stepped into view, an arrogant look plastered on his lightly scuffed face. His enemies snarled with anger as he nonchalantly swaggered to his fallen adversary, knowing that his time in this world was over. After all, who can now stop him?

Alpha whirled his sights to the small group, locking his eyes on each and everyone one of them, making them tense before looking away. He made sure to narrow his eyes towards the bat, who found the gesture quite unusual.

"It was foolish to challenge me however I must say, I was surprise that you were able to put up such a fight. You are clearly more resilient than I thought you'd be." He gave an abrupt chuckle as a wicked thought crossed his mind. "As much pleasure that'd it be for me to be the one to deliver the finally blow, I think watching someone else do it for me would be even better." His red eyes shined fleetingly as he focused his sights on the bat, who froze at his piercing stare.

"Ha don't think I didn't notice that one of you still carries a small share of my power within them." Alpha's crimson eyes bore into her ruby ones, making her body pulse unwillingly. "Bat-girl, end him for me."

"No Rouge, don't do it!" A certain guardian shouted with panic as the others watched on with surprise, also fearing what was to come.

However, nothing happened…well a small snort was heard but that's not much is it? Another snort was heard not seconds after, followed by a tiny uncharacteristic giggle.

"H-hey, quit it! That actually tickles!" Rouge cupped her mouth, trying to suppress from exploding into a laughing fit.

Alpha, along with everyone else, minus Sonic of course went agape, not understanding what just had taken place.

"What is the meaning of this?! I command you to do as I say!" He tried to control her yet again but received the same results. He was seething in anger at the bat's giggling fit when he suddenly heard a groan from behind him followed by a familiar light chuckle.

"Heh…lo-looks like your losing your touch ehh there Alphee."

As soon as Alpha Sonic turned around, our blue hero threw the colorful orb of energy at him, hitting him right into the chest, causing him to freeze. The fatigued hedgehog smirked with triumphant but that look faltered when he saw his foe's eyes change from shock to confusion.

"I don't know what you just did but from the look of your face, which looks priceless might I add, it failed. Anyways if I can't get the bat to kill you then I will!"

Sonic's eyes widened with true fear as he saw the rampaging dark hedgehog rushing towards him, tearing through the pavement. Thinking quickly he transformed into Super Sonic, centering a small ball of Chaos energy within his right palm, pouring all the power he had left into this last attack. Time seemed to slowdown as he reverted back to normal, finding himself face to face with his maddening counterpart before releasing a eye blinding white light right into his face, making him roar with rage.

"Ugaaahhh you son of a bitch!" He bellowed out as he swerved about, clutching his eyes from the intense pain he was feeling.

Our blue hero, stunned that that actually worked hurriedly dashed to his group of friends, astounding everyone when he grabbed a certain bat by the hand, taking her along the ride.

"Sonic, just what the hell do you think you're doing!?"

"Relax! I'm just taking back what I let you borrow." He yelled out through the wind, doing just what he said as Rouge suddenly felt all her Chaos energy leave her, turning her back to normal, before the hedgehog came to a halt swinging the bat into the air. "Fly!"

"Hey that wasn't very nice!" the bat screamed out with a shaking fist as she did just that by flapping her wings back to the group.

Sonic, ignoring his friend's outburst used the newly acquired power by forcing yet another transformation, however to his horror he found out that it just was only enough to transform him into his semi-super form. No… I am more drained then I thought I was!

Making do with what he had, he ignited his golden aura, his piercing green orbs locking on the blackened hedgehog, who had just regained his composure.

The next thing Alpha knew, he was consumed in a fit of pure rage as he began punching and kicking the blue hedgehog with everything he had. "I will kill you brutally for what you have done to me, you fucking nuisance of a hedgehog youuuu!"

Sweat cascaded down Sonic's brow, as he tried to keep up with his evil clone but found himself having to either evade or block his attacks since he was pretty much drained at this point. However, he did find it strange that he was even able to keep up with him at all. Does that mean it's working?

Unfortunately it seems that his luck had ended when he felt a hard blow to his temple, successfully sending him twisting and spiraling down to an impact that would surely cause his end.

It didn't happen since a red blur came out of nowhere, catching the airborne hedgehog before landing safely on the ground, Sonic turning back to his original state.

"I gotcha hedgehog." Knuckles said, wearing a grin.

Sonic smiled halfheartedly as he was placed on the ground, where his group of friends quickly rushed to. That's when he noticed someone was missing.

"Where's Shadow?"

Rose merely looked behind him. To Sonic's surprise, he saw that the black and red hedgehog was going toe to toe with Alpha, who now seemed to be on land, clashing repeatedly.

"Whoa, Shadow is really giving it to him and look! Sonic has lost his weird black form and is now just in his Super form!" Cream pointed out in amazement.

Tails grinned. "Not for long."

True to his word, Alpha was currently trying to keep his power under control but was failing miserably as his fur continuously flickered between gold-yellow and cobalt.

"Chaos Assault!" The hero from another universe cried out, activating one of his special attacks as he vanished from sight shortly before reappearing behind the battered evil hedgehog, punching him in the back, the stomach, his left kidney, his right kidney, his forehead, and then finally finishing off with a bone crushing diagonal kick to the temple, sending him tumbling onto his back, rolling about.

Shadow landed briskly on the ground, his red eyes keeping focus on the motionless hedgehog, waiting for his next move.

A small gust of wind brushed on all those currently present as the group of heroes stared at the limp hedgehog incredulity, not being able to process the turn of events.

Sonic grinned. "Heh, well I'll be damned…it actually worked!"

"Sonic…what did you do?" Amy asked, the others nodding also wanting to know.

Sonic sighed before sitting up, flicking his now blue bang away from his eye. "Well I knew from the beginning that I never had a chance against him so I began to think. If I can't beat him with my fists why not try another tactic? That's when I thought what if I can purify him just like I did with Amy, Cream, and Rouge? However I completely understood that he was much more tainted compared to you three. So I threw in a gamble…a really stupid one that is. I simply just shot every ounce of positive Chaos energy within me into him!"

Rose gasped. "But wouldn't that leave you vulnerable to negative Chaos energy then?!"

Sonic grimaced, confirming her suspicions. "Yea…but don't worry, remember I'm pure positive so I should regain it back in no time! Besides, you saw what I did in your world right."

Rose said nothing, knowing that he was just trying to reassure everyone else. They both knew that at the time he had the pure good Chaos energy within him, so that made it easier for him to overcome the malicious energy that had tried to enter his body. Though he never ceases to amaze me… She thought with a smile.

"Bra-bravo my pestering friends…it seems like I have underestimated you all again…and it just continues happening." The fallen blue hedgehog coughed out, slowly standing onto his two feet. "But you see, I've never been one to give up! So you will have to kill me if you want to stop me! The question is, which one of you has the guts to do it?" He spat out blood as he focused his one good red eye on Shadow, knowing that he would take the bait.

The black hedgehog did, snorting before stepping closer to his arch-nemesis.

"I will, but we will do this with no Chaos Emeralds. Why do you always hide behind them? Are you not powerful enough to fight on your own?" He jeered.

"Fine… however, what's to stop me from using this one here?" Alpha laughed as he whipped out the cracked red emerald from his trench coat pocket.

"Lucky Ruby huh? Hmph, see your nothing but a coward! I say put that damned Emerald on the ground and fight me normally!" Shadow stomped his feet on the pavement, fed up with all this nonsense.

Alpha, not one to listen to anyone growled with annoyance. He then placed the jewel on the ground before softly punting it a few distance away. "Okay there Shaddy-Boy! But its winner takes all! If I win, I will get your precious Rose-" Said pink hedgehog stuck out her tongue to emphasize her disgust. "AND you will all get on your knees, begging me not to kill you…which probably wouldn't work in the end but hell it will be amusing seeing it happen."


Rose was furious! Not because she didn't have faith in her husband, but because he let him put her on the line like some kind of prize.

"Okay then, let the main event begin!" Alpha Sonic bellowed as he flapped the bottom of his white trench coat with his hands, making the wind brush it upwards stylishly.

The small gang looked on as the black and blue hedgehog rushed towards each other, clashing painfully, bouncing off one another before repeating the action over and over again, both of them trying to gain the upper hand. That bout ended rather quickly as the blue hedgehog threw a strong right hook, only to have the black hedgehog block it with his right arm, pushing it aside before delivering his own, successfully catching him under this chin, snapping his head upwards. Not letting this opportunity slip, the black one swayed to the left, sending a hard kick to the rib, making him cough harshly before ducking, punching him in the stomach then the side of his cheek, ultimately doing a spin kick that sent him rolling on the ground.

It didn't take long for the blue hero's counterpart to get back onto his feet, spitting out a mouth full of blood as he charged to his foe, catching him in the stomach with a bone crushing fist, making him double over before grabbing his head and used it as a springboard as he sent himself over the hunching hedgehog. Once behind him, he drove his fist against his spine, grabbed him around his waist and then twisted him over his shoulder, hurling him to a nearby tree, located in a local park. The black hedgehog gasped as his back made contact with the hard wood causing unimaginable pain to course through his body. Shadow was quick to his feet as he suddenly saw the blue hedgehog's foot coming towards him and rolled sideways, tossing a crocked punch to the unguarded hedgehog's back, making him fall face first into the hard tree bark. The black one punched him a few times on the back before grappling him around his neck, flipping him over his own shoulder and then slamming him on the ground, making him groan in agony. Shadow frowned as he pulled his left foot back and shot it forward, punting him across the concrete streets. Fortunately for Alpha, he was able to roll onto his feet on his way tumbling down, coming into a screeching halt by using his heels as brakes.

"Come on hubby, take him out!" Rose said, shouting like a mad woman, cheering her husband on.

Amy giggled as Sonic slapped his face in embarrassment, while the other looked at her briefly in amusement.

"That's you alright Ames." Sonic whispered, nudging his love interest.

Amy turned red. "Hey! I don't sound like that… right guys?" The others looked at her before turning back to the fight, obviously finding it more interesting. Besides, they didn't want to get yelled at. "Some friends you guys are…" she murmured with a pout.

Alpha, who had been crouching, stood up straight as an evil glint flashed from his eye. He smirked as he then broke into a wicked laugh, sending chills down everyone's spine. Once he relaxed he spoke.

"Okay Shadow, this is where the fun begins!" Alpha Sonic said as he did a dirty move by removing his trench coat and hurling it into his opponent's face, momentarily blinding him before dashing off to the far right, kicking the red emerald up into his hand and finally hollering a command.

"Chaos Bolt!" The mad hedgehog shouted, with an outstretched hand, releasing multiple Chaos energy waves that went hurling towards the unaware hedgehog. Shadow growled as he removed the discarded trench coat out of his view, tossing it to the side, and luckily was able to dodge the incoming energy blasts by leaping left to right, forward and backwards, not daring to pause for a second since that would surely cost his life.

Sweat rapidly fell from his forehead as Shadow cursed the blue fiend when he laughed and laughed while continuing to fire blind Chaos energy attacks over and over again.

"Wind Blade!" Hollered Alpha, letting loose his crescent shaped Sonic Wind attack, only to miss when the black hedgehog dove to safety. Alpha's laughter escalated to the point of insanity as he flung continuous waves of Wind Blades towards his foe, who fortunately seemed to always move out of the way in the nick of time.

"Enough of this! Chaos Reflect!"

With the yell of his new skill, he bounced back several of the crescent wind waves back to its owner, who was able to dodge them successfully.

"Grrruuahhhhhhhh! Damnnnn youuuu!"

With a fresh boost, Alpha darted with breakneck speed towards the black hedgehog, who mimicked him. Both their fist struck each other's cheeks simultaneously, a sickening bone against bone crunching sound exploding upon impact, causing them to recoil back. Once they regained their bearings, they pushed from one another and landed several feet away. The evil one then grinned.

"Sonic Boom!"

Suddenly the blue hedgehog's feet were set on fire, green Chaos energy encasing them as he blasted off with such amazing speed that a long green trail of fire was left behind, scorching the streets below. His outstretched hand smashed into the hedgehog's face as he passed by him, stopping on the other side.

The black hedgehog groaned while rubbing his sore cheek as the evil hedgehog gave him a fanged grin. "I knew you couldn't fight without the blasted Emerald."

"Hahahehehe there are no rules in this game! It's free for all!" Alpha cackled out as his shoes ignited again, blasting off towards the guarded hedgehog but to Shadow's dismay, the dirty hedgehog yet again pulled a cheap one by zig-zagging behind him, nailing him on the back before twisted away from the black hedgehog's incoming fist, rushing on off to the other side.

Alpha laughed as he 'Sonic Boomed' towards Shadow, feinting yet again in a zig-gag motion however this time instead of stopping on the other side, he pivoted back to him passing him once, twice, then thrice.

"Whoa… do you guys see what I'm seeing?" Knuckles said.

The others nodded. Apparently, each time Alpha passed by the black hedgehog, he left a trail of green flames behind him that didn't extinguish. Both the hedgehog's now stood in a 'Z' shaped fissured area, seeing as how the flames were so potent that the very pavement was beginning to cave in.

"Face it Shadow, there is no way you can win! I can keep this up all day!" the twisted hedgehog laughed out.

Shadow smirked, making Alpha quirk an eyebrow. "You really think you have this all won don't you. Let me let you on on something." His grin broadened. "There is a reason why I call that Emerald in your hand 'Luck Ruby!'"

Shadow crouched slightly before shooting on off towards the blue hedgehog, surprising him with the speed he was using, smashing his fist right in the middle of Alpha's face, making him wince as he then yelled out a command.

"Chaos Control!"

Shadow vanished out of view, appearing behind the mad hedgehog as he then sent a powerful elbow drop on top of his head, putting him into a dazed state before flipping over him and driving a fist into his right cheek which made his head snap to the left. Once the black hedgehog landed on his feet, he sprung back up, smashing his right knee into the hedgehog's jaw, which made him gurgle harshly. Grabbing Alpha's head tightly within his hands, he then used that same right knee to bounce his foe's face down on it over and over again before releasing him, sending him soaring into the sky upon the last knee slam. Shadow then prepared to deliver the final blow by jumping up above his airborne enemy and then threw his arm out in a swatting motion, hurling him right back to the ground.

"The hell with you! Full Power Chaos Spear!"

The angry black hedgehog fired his signature attack directly downwards, making the yellow spears rain down upon the battered and bloody blue hedgehog, causing a huge amount of smoke to explode around the surrounding area.

Shadow landed gracefully near the fallen hedgehog, breathing roughly since all the movements he just made had caused him to become winded.

Not too far in the side, Sonic the hedgehog grinned. "That was wicked Shadow! Nice going!" he said, giving him a thumbs up. Shadow just smirked in return as the rest of the group cheered in celebration.

Suddenly a wild screeching static noise was heard near where Alpha was as the evil hedgehog himself stood up, breathing heavily.

"You know what? Maybe you are right Shadow…maybe I can't beat you…" Sonic's devilish counterpart admitted as he began tossing the cracked red Emerald up and down in his hand. "But I guess I don't have to…maybe there is another way hahahahehehe!" He cackled out as he started to charge up a large quantity of Chaos energy in the very hand he held the Emerald in.

He then did the unthinkable. "A way that we can all perish together!"

He literally slammed the red Chaos Emerald on the pavement so hard, that the already wide crack on the jewel widened even further to the point that it split right down the middle, shattered right in half completely.

"Noooo the Emerald!" Sonic and Rose cried out, them being the only ones to know what the end result would be now that the jewel is broken.

Then between the two halves, a dark malicious vortex opened, tearing right through time and space.

Alpha laughed yet again. "Just as I suspected! A portal to another dimension opened! I highly doubt this one leads to anywhere pleasant! However…just to make sure, lets TEST IT OUT!"

The evil hedgehog simply vanished out of sight. The portal opened was creating such harsh unstable winds that the group of heroes were having a hard time staying on solid land. Seconds later, the wind currents stopped pushing them and instead began reeling them in.

"Guys the vortex is trying to suck us in now!" Tails hollered.

"Thanks for pointing out the obvious genius!" Cream cried out as she slowly began levitating towards the black hole. Tails heroically dived towards her, pinning her on the ground, using a nearby street pole to prevent them from being hurled right into the raging vortex.

Knuckles, who had his knuckles smashed into the ground in order to remain there, grunted as Rouge suddenly latched onto him. "Sonic! If we can somehow get the Emerald and go to a more safe location, I can put it together!"

Our blue hero, who had used his crystal ring to stand still by channeling Chaos energy to his feet, narrowed his eyes on his target. Rose, who was clinging on his back realized what he was about to do and paled. Though the Emerald seemed to not be affected by the pull of the vortex, it wasn't a good idea to get near it since it just could very well pull Sonic in despite his ability to remain floored.

"Ahhh help meeee!" Rose's counterpart screamed out as she was sent straight towards the portal, but fortunately her momentum was put to a stop as a certain black hedgehog grabbed her arm, swung them around using a nearby stop sign pole, before sliding down on it and landing smoothly on land, the pink hedgehog safely clinging on his back with one hand on the pole. Close one…

"Arrgggahhhhhh I'm taking you with meeee!"

A sudden roar of rage was heard as the next thing they knew, a blue blur smacked right into the black hedgehog's side causing him to not only lose his grip on the pole, but also lose contact with Amy, who luckily was able to retain her hold on the pole.

"Shadooowwww!" the pink hedgehog yelled out, her voice laced with dread.

Alpha and Shadow were now heading right towards the violent sucking vortex in an alarming rate, not knowing what was in store for them if they happened to go through it. That thought didn't bother the mad hedgehog though.

"You're insane; you'll end up killing us both!" The black hedgehog shouted as the blue one kept an iron grip on him, his arms and legs locked tightly around his waist, refusing to let go.

Alpha laughed like the loon he was. "I don't care! As long as you die with me I'll die happy!"

Shadow began to do the only thing he could and that was use one of his elbows to smash against his foe's stomach, hoping to make him relinquish his hold on him. Alpha coughed with each and every blow he received, however he refused to budge.

"It will all be over in a few more seconds!" He whispered wickedly.

Shadow and Alpha were literally inches away from their unknown fate before a sudden hand reached out, grasping the black hedgehog by his right arm, the abrupt jerking motion causing the evil hedgehog to briefly lose his hold. Luckily, he was able to instantly shoot out his left hand, catching his nemesis's foot as his eyes finally showed something besides insanity.

That something was fear, an emotion that the hedgehog wasn't familiar with.

The vortex's pull started to intensify as the weary black hedgehog focused his gaze forwards, coming face to face with his savior.

"Sonic?" he uttered with bewilderment, this being the first time he said the name without malice dripping from his voice.

Said hero flashed his ally a pursed grin, clearly trying to remain in control of his channeling Chaos energy, which continued to run down his glowing green shoes. Rose, who was still clutched to the blue hero's back, reached out, making sure to keep one arm locked around the blue one's neck. Her hand clamped onto her husband's free one, increasing his chances of survival. Sonic's counterpart looked on with crazed eyes, realizing that his kamikaze attempt was indeed backfiring as his latched hand began to slacken since it was starting to perspire from anxiety.

Sonic laughed victoriously as a wicked idea came to mind. "Heh hey Shadow, try thinking with your feet."

The black hedgehog gave the heroic hedgehog an weird look before comprehension registered on his face as he then returned his gaze back down to the wide eyed hedgehog, frowning spitefully before that frown twisted into a smirk.

He then simply aimed his free foot at Alpha, who instantly knew what was about to happen.

"Go! To! Hell!" Shadow boomed out as he ignited his jet shoes to life.

Time seemed to stop.

Then time resumed as Sonic 'Alpha' Robotnik released one final scream of rage before his screwed up face was set aflame, sending him spiraling right into the vortex, never to be seen again.

Shadow, Rose, and Sonic sighed with relief, glad that was over with however, they knew that if they didn't close that black hole, they would suffer the same fate as their foe. Both the pink and black hedgehog were completely clueless as to what to do next but Sonic wasn't. After all, he wasn't called the fastest thing alive for no reason right? Heh…I think as fast as I run, well sometimes anyways!

"Okay guys, I'm going to let go-"

"Are you mad?!" they both hollered.

Sonic growled in annoyance. "Will you both let me finish! Look as I said, I'm gonna let go of Shadow and Rose you let go of me…I'll take care of the rest."

Rose panicked, not liking the look the blue hedgehog was giving the both of them while Shadow just remained stoic.

"Trust me."

There it is again…trust me…

The pink hedgehog nodded with a smile, her emerald eyes proving that she did as she then tilted her head back to Shadow, who tilted his own head though he already knew what was going to happen. A chain of events then followed.

Shadow let go.

Rose let herself slip off.

"Chaos Warp!"

Sonic disappeared.

Sonic appeared under the vortex.

Sonic grabbed the two pieces of the Chaos Emerald, slamming them together.

That's when the raging storm stopped; everything stopped as the vortex vanished, leaving no trace of it behind.

"Holy chill-dogs that actually worked!" Sonic hooted out, giving a true smile, still keeping the two halves of the jewel together, not trusting that it'd be okay to let go just yet.

Rose, who landed roughly on her unfortunate husband's chest, making him grunt at the sudden weight, stepped off of him wearing a look of disbelief. "You mean you didn't know!?"

The blue hedgehog gave an uncharacteristic snort. "Heck no, but we would have been screwed either way right?"

"I guess so." Rose muttered as Shadow stood erect, dusting himself off.

The rest of the gang joined them shortly after, all of them incredibly happy that all of this hell has finally ended. The red guardian strode up to the blue hero, extended his hand to him, silently asking him to give him the split jewel while still keeping it pressed together. Once in his hands, the echidna chanted a few words before the fragmented ruby Emerald was melded together, becoming whole once again.

"There…" Knuckles said, giving a fanged grin before he tossed the Emerald to Shadow, who caught it absentmindedly, throwing it up and down a few times playfully.

"Hey look! The Master Emerald! It's back it its original color!" A certain yellow-orange fox pointed out.

Indeed it was. The large pure red jewel hovered elegantly on top of the skyscraper it had been placed on long before the battle had started. The seven Chaos Emeralds that were rotating around it seemed to be releasing some kind of positive form of energy, which in turn was being absorbed into the jewel, obviously purifying it.

"Heh I guess since the other me is gone, the evil taint was weaken enough for the Chaos Emeralds to get rid of the left overs." Sonic said with a lazy smile.

Once the seven Emeralds finished their job, they hovered high into the night sky, scattering shortly after as they always do once they are overused.

"Okay, so who's going to be the one to get that huge thing down here, cause I'm too freaking tired!" The blue hedgehog exclaimed, flopping right onto the ground. To his dismay, a certain pink hedgehog hopped in his arms, making him groan as his body exploded in pain. "Hey watch it Ames! I'm hurting! Sheesh! I thought you out grew this!"

Amy smiled sheepishly as she stared into his emerald orbs. Sonic smiled, dipping down into a kiss however it was cut short from the rather loud cough that echoed through their ears.

Both the hedgehog's exploded into a dark shade of red, making everyone roll their eyes at this ridiculously cliché scene; Shadow and Rose in particular since that's what they would have looked like when they reunited earlier on.

"So who's getting the jewel?"

Everyone looked at Knuckles.

"Oh come on!" The red echidna hollered but nevertheless did as he then stomped his way towards the very tall building, muttering non-sense the whole way there.

As the echidna began the long tedious climb to the top, the strong sharp winds reminding him of his wonderful experience aboard the Sky Deck, Rose's expression widened.

"Sonic! Remember we have to return the jewel before this world and ours falls apart!"

The others didn't like the sound of that and slightly began to panic. Sonic didn't. He seemed to be at complete peace.

The blue hedgehog waved his hand in dismissal. "Don't worry, we have the jewel right? The evil bunch did say that we would know when our time was up so let's wait."

After several minutes of socializing and getting to know each other better to kill time, the red echidna announced his arrival by mumbling,(or had he been doing that the whole way there and back?), with the red Master Emerald in hand, it now being in its shrunken form. Knuckles placed the jewel in the black hedgehog's left hand, telling him the words he needed to know and say to return the jewel back to its normal size.

"Shadow, since I'm not alive in your universe, you might want to find someone you can trust to care for it or maybe you can care for it yourself." The guardian said.

Shadow raised a brow at this. "But I don't know how to deal with all that guardian crap. That was always the echinda's job."

Knuckles snorted. "Well remember, Sonic's counterpart was able to learn a lot about it so you can too. Oh just do whatever the hell you want, it's not my problem." He said, getting fed up with it all. What? He had a short fuse.

Shadow rolled his eyes. "Hmph, I'm sure I'll find someone else to do it."

"Oh, before I forget, this Master Emerald is missing something and I think I know what it is…"

Sonic and Shadow immediately knew what he meant as they recalled what the hero's counterpart said. "Chaos…

The echidna smiled bittersweetly. "Yeah… but I think… I think it'd rather be dead than to live being a part of that hedgehog forever." He said, the others also agreeing with his conclusion.

Then without warning, the red Chaos Emerald within the right hand of Shadow began to quiver, pulsing ever few seconds before expelling a large burst of Chaos energy, surprising everyone as yet another vortex appear however this time it was calm.

"Anddd that's your trip home!" Sonic indicated.

Sonic's assumption was indeed correct since through the vortex, they all could see the crystalized church, which is exactly how both the pink and blue hedgehog last saw it.

"Looks different since I last saw it…" Shadow said.

Rose nodded. "I'll explain it all later."

Sonic walked to Amy's counterpart, a cheesy smile plastered across his face. "Heh, we had a blast huh Rose Amy?" he said, almost causing her to blush, but thankfully was able to conceal it by rolling her eyes instead before hugging him tightly.

Of course Amy and Shadow didn't like the display in front of them.

Rouge, Cream, Knuckles, and Tails also said their own goodbyes, the latter literally melting when Rose hugged him, which in turn caused a certain rabbit to narrow her eyes suspiciously.

After all was said and done, Rose turned towards her husband with a smile, reached a hand out, which he gladly accepted. The black hedgehog didn't return the smile, but his ruby eyes did gleam brightly, telling her all she needed to know.

As they both walked near the portal, Shadow suddenly eyed the blue hedgehog, a surprising smirk appearing across his lips.

Then he said something that froze the hedgehog on the spot, giving him chills.

"Nice meeting you…faker."

Then they were gone, the vortex vanishing right on after.

Sonic eyes softened, as a fleeting memory flickered to mind. "Heh…"

"What was that?" Amy asked as the group of friends began their long walk back home.

Sonic shrugged. "Beats me, I'm too tired to care. Hey Tails, did you bring your plane here?"

The fox nodded. "Yeah, but I parked it near the train station."

"Alright, so we'll head down there and you and Cream can ride it back home while me and Amy will catch up to you later." Sonic said, a genuine smile beaming at the pink hedgehog. She returned it, linking one of her hands with his.

"So Rose was nice and just as beautiful as me!" Amy exclaimed, conceitedly flipping her hair about.

"Yeah…she was really something…"

The pink hedgehog frowned, not liking how he said that. "You think she looks better than me don't you!"

The blue hedgehog furiously shook his head in denial. "No-no-no! That's not it, I just uhhh like her hair a lot is all!"

Amy responded by slapping him upside the head.

"Real smooth hedgehog." Knuckles teased, making Rouge chuckle in amusement. Sonic just glared at them both.

"So should I grow it out longer?" the pink hedgehog asked, self-consciously.

Sonic sighed as he grabbed her hand again. "Do what you want Ames, it's your hair. Forget what I said, I like you just the way you are!" He said, making the pink hedgehog's smile come back to life. Though it would be really hot if she did… he added as an afterthought.

"So Mr. Sonic-"

"I thought you dropped that long ago! And heck after today, I definitely never want to hear it again!"

"Eeeek! Sorry! Anyways I was gonna ask you, how was the future me?"

"Oh! Well she was quite interesting…its funny cause she was a geek like Tails!"


"Oh wow really? Cool! Well how was Tails?"

Silence followed.

As the view zoomed out and focused on the star-gazing mid-night sky above, the cold windy air carried a familiar trench coat along with it, sending it to who knows where.

"Sheesh Sonic you act like I was some kinda douchebag or something."

A short snort was heard.

The End

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