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New Start

The sun was setting slowly, a soft breeze blowing over the island. From their position on the roof of Duel Academy, the two teenagers could watch the sun going down and casting an orange glow over the island.

Jaden lay his head on Jesse's shoulder and sighed gently. Jesse kept one arm around the brunette's waist and looked out at the setting sun. Watching the sun set was Jesse's idea - the scenery was his interest, not Jaden's. Still, Jesse had been in the infirmary for a while, and this was the first time they'd been out alone together. Jaden had been happy to just go along with what Jesse wanted.

"It's good to have you back" Jaden said gently, his eyes closed.

"Good to be back, Jay" the bluenette smiled. "You've no idea how boring it gets just sitting in the infirmary doing nothing."

Jaden grinned.

"Been there, done it" he reasoned.

Jesse shook his head fondly at his boyfriend and bent his head over to press his lips gently against Jaden's forehead. The brunette opened his eyes as soon as Jesse's lips left his skin and he reached up to press his own lips against Jesse's. With a slight chuckle, Jesse kissed back passionately. When the bluenette applied more pressure to his lips, Jaden only pushed back with double the force.

The two broke apart when the need for air grew, and Jaden laid one last kiss against the bluenette's nose. Then he laid on Jesse's chest.

"Your neck's all better, right?" the brunette asked again.

"Yeah, it's cool" Jesse reassured him.

"I still feel really bad about that" Jaden muttered.

Jesse lifted one finger and pressed it to Jaden's lips.

"No more apologies, Jay" Jesse said softly, tired of hearing them. "Anyway, I'd do it again. And don't yell at me this time."

Jaden frowned at his boyfriend and folded his arms.

"I don't yell at you. If anything, you yell at me!"

Jesse rolled his eyes and turned back to watch the sun going down, although it seemed to not have moved since he had last looked. It had moved, ever so slightly, but not enough that the bluenette could tell.

A silence fell between them, not entirely comfortable. Jaden lifted his head to look at the scratch on the bluenette's neck. The one that would be a permanent scar, and also a reminded. Jesse shifted a bit so that his collar hid the scar, when he saw Jaden looking at it.

"She's gone for good" the brunette said, out of nowhere, it seemed. "Her spirit was in the cards, and then it went into Alexis. She could only possess her because they had the same cards. Without Alexis or the deck, her spirit had no choice but to actually pass away and die."

"I know, Jay" the bluenette said, smiling gently at his boyfriend. "It's all over now, and you did the right thing by … you know."

Jaden nodded.

Another silence, totally uncomfortable this time, fell over them. It was broken only when Jaden looked up at Jesse with a smile on his face.

"You know something, Jess? I had a dream last night."


"It was … don't laugh, right?"

Jesse mimed crossing his heart and smiled at the brunette, who pulled away from him a little so he could look his boyfriend in the eye.

"It was really dark. Like there was nothing there. Except for people" Jaden said, folding his arms and looking out at the sun. It was beautiful, not that he had ever really paid that much attention. "I was only half there, if you know what I mean."

Jesse raised one eyebrow to show Jaden that he had to elaborate.

"It was like I was there, but only for a minute and then I'd be gone again. But the others were there to stay."

"What others?" Jesse asked.

"Alexis. Chazz and Axel and Zane. Atticus" Jaden listed.

Jesse frowned slightly. All the people who had died?

"It was like this was where they are now. And I was … visiting? I dunno. Anyway, I was just sort of floating around there, and it was like they all knew what had happened and they just sort of looked at me. When they talked, it was all at the same time. That bit was kind of creepy."

"What did they say?" Jesse asked, genuinely interested.

Jaden grinned at the bluenette.

"They said thanks."

Jaden moved so he could lean against the other once again and he felt Jesse's arms wrap around his waist and pull him closer.

Jaden's dream had been a little strange, he had to admit. It was like his friends were almost telling him they appreciated it.

Of course, it was only a dream, made out of memories and Jaden's own unconscious imagination. But to him, it was enough to help him let go of the remaining guilt that he still had about the whole ordeal.

He had done the right thing by killing Vanessa Rightly. She would never kill another innocent person again.

His friends were gone, but they were avenged, and mourned on the island.

And Jaden knew that the people who had loved them would get over their sorrow and move on with their lives, though they would never forget.

Jaden pressed himself against his boyfriend protectively, wrapping his arms around him.

At least he had managed to stay alive. And he still had the person he loved.

And the two duellists watched the sun go down, its routine action marking not only the end of another day, but also the beginning of a new start for them. A life with a few friends less but with closer bonds, and the two knew that they all had a part to play.

The guilt had more or less passed and it was time to move on.

They could do that.

Just so long as they were together.

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