Secret wars

Day two continues

Med 1


Medical terminators were just that medics, and in this harsh environment the Med 1 knew that he must find the other terminators and fast, for they were bound to have sustained damage. Crossing a knee high stream the terminator found the first part on his list of repair items.

The rubber trees leaves were so big that the terminator had found all the bonding material he would need. Working quickly he pulled two enormous leaves from the tree and collected the sap, the speed of the terminators hand turned the sap into a paste which the terminator quickly turned into a ball. Predators' were all around and the terminators sensors were going crazy, it was time to move on and he knew exactly where he needed to go to find the metal for the terminators exoskeleton.

The Med terminator dashed from the rubber tree and was soon quickly rushing through the vast forest, for all his sensors and all his power he never saw the humanoid staring at him from the tree top above even at this early stage the humanoid knew what he was looking at was a viscous killer.

From the clouds the skynet terminator soared, scanning the landscape for its fellow terminators so far nothing. The ground below was teaming with life and for now the skynet terminator assessed that the safest place it could be was in the sky. Still even up in the air he would have to be on its guard, for the dragon like vecros with their enormous teeth and vast wing span were surly an opponent to be weary of. But they were not the terminators priority right now, finding the other terminator was until that happened his mission was in jeopardy. The terminator soared higher into the sky reaching vast heights until all it saw was darkness and all it felt was the weightlessness of space. It was here he would wait it was here were he would plan the death of mankind.

Day two continues with terminator 5

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