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All Human- Bella/Jacob.

Summary: Bella decides to take the next step with her boyfriend, Jacob. When she excitedly tells her best friends Leah and Alice the good news, she is unaware that someone is listening and that someone isn't happy. When she is sent a treat from Edward via letter, she thinks he is just being a jerk and that he just wants to piss her off. She walks into class the day after receiving the note and is terrified at what happens next. Bella's friends are all sitting in the class along with other students and while some are crying, others are panicked and some don't know whether to be scared for them or for Bella. Edward has a knife and a gun behind his back. Who will survive and what will happen when twin brothers, Paul and Jacob, try to save the day?

Just an FYI: Bella and Jake are dating. Paul and Jake are Fraternal Twins. Leah is Bella's Step sister, and is dating Paul. Emmett and Alice are Twins and Edward is their cousin. Any other questions please feel free to ask

Warning this one-shot contains Sex, Violence, Cursing, and adult themes so if you are not 18 DO NOT READ THIS! You have been warned!

Weary of a Lover Scorned

Part 1

"Edward you need to stop calling me. I don't want to talk to you. We were nothing but problems!" I said calmly to my ex.

"You have to talk to me! We can work out our problems." Edward begged.

"No, Edward I already told you I don't want to speak with you." I yelled into my phone.

"Isabella, stop this bullshit! You know you don't belong with him! You belong to me! We are not over Isabella, and you will be mine again." Edward yelled back.

"Edward, you know I don't like to be called Isabella, and I do not belong to anyone. I am with Jake now and it is none of your business. I don't want you calling me ever again, and when you see me at school don't talk to me, don't even think about me. It is over between us! And I don't even want you in my life again." I spoke and quickly hung up my cell phone.

I try not to take his threats serious. Edward always said he would never let me go, that I was his, and that no one else would ever be with me but I never really believed him. I would get nervous but not anymore.

I felt a pair of hot hands circle their way around my hips and onto my stomach. I tilted my head back and looked up in the beautiful coffee colored eyes of my boyfriend, Jake. He bent down as kissed me softly on my lips. I turned in his grasp and tip-toed to kiss him better. Jake was pretty tall compared to me. I am only 5'4" and he is 6'5". His russet skin is so dark in comparison to my pale skin. He is so gorgeous; I can't understand why it took me so long to see him.

Jake and I have been together for about 4 months. I have known him since we were in diapers. Well him and his twin brother, Paul. Paul and Jake are fraternal twins so they don't look exactly alike; Paul is 5 minutes younger than Jake is, and is also about 2 inches shorter. They have a sister who is about 5 years older than they are, her name is Amanda. She is almost finished with school. She is attending the University of Texas at El Paso or UTEP for short.

Jake and I were only ever friends until 4 months ago when he told me that he liked me and that I didn't deserve to be treated like dirt and be told what and what not to do. His dad, Billy, and my dad, Charlie, have been friends for longer than we have been alive. Jake and Paul's mom passed away a few years ago in a car accident. My mom, Renee, walked out on my dad and me when I was two because she wasn't "mom" material.

Edward is a complete opposite to my Jake. He is only about 5'10" and has reddish brown hair and his skin is only about three shades darker than mine is. I dumped Edward 5 months ago because he was acting as if I was his property. He kept saying that I was meant only for him and that as soon as we graduated from high school he was going to ask me to marry him.

Not only did I not want to get married but I also wanted to go away to college. Maybe just to Seattle, so that I wouldn't be too far from my dad… and Jake. Jake wanted to go to a technical school so he could become mechanic. He wants to open up a shop in La Push so he can stay close to his family and tribe. He and Paul joke around that Jake will become chief someday because Paul never takes anything serious. Paul wants to be an E.M.T.

Edward was always jealous of my friendship with any guy, especially Emmett, his cousin. Emmett is like a giant teddy bear; at 6'7 he is taller than Jake is. Emmett has curly, jet black hair and bright blue eyes. He also has dimples when he smiles. His twin sister Alice and I have been best friends our whole lives. Alice is so much like a pixie; she is only 5 feet tall and has short spikey black hair and greyish blue eyes.

Even Alice and Emmett said that something had changed in Edward recently. At home he had become withdrawn, not wanting to be in the same room as his cousins or aunt and uncle. He didn't talk to anyone at school and avoided even talking to the teachers when he was asked questions in class.

Carlisle and Esme became Edwards's guardians when his parents were killed in a plane crash a year ago. They had gone in their private plane to Europe and crashed into the ocean. They wanted to send him to a therapist but were worried it may do more harm than good at the moment, because he hadn't really dealt with his parents deaths. He had been living with Carlisle and Esme for two years already because his parents traveled too much.

So as I argued with him over the phone and I thought nothing of his threats. He was just trying to get back at me for dumping him.

"Are you ok Bells?" Jake asked me with concern in his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine. He just doesn't get that it is over between us and has been for a very long time." I answered.

"Well then where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?" Jake asked as he cupped my cheek with his large hand.

"I think we were about right here…" I said as I leaned up to place my lips on his.

He slowly kissed me as we walked backwards to my bed; he licked my bottom lip asking silently for permission. I happily granted him access. As our tongues met I felt myself getting hot and wet between my thighs. Jake and I hadn't gone past second base yet. And I definitely didn't sleep with Edward.

His lips left my mouth and I whimpered at the loss of contact, but was immediately rewarded with his lips on my neck as he laid me down on the bed. He trailed kisses down my neck to my collar bone and up the other side to my ear. His breath fanned across my skin as he whispered, "I want you Bella."

Fuck! How am I supposed to say no to that?

I sighed as his lips made their way down my neck again. His lips felt like fire on my skin. He didn't stop at my collar this time. He left kisses all the way down to my breasts, and then kissed his way back up to my lips.

He slid his hand up to cut my cheek carefully before slowly sliding down along my neck and over my left breast. My body felt like I had a million ants crawling all over me and I loved it. His made its way to my stomach, then to my hip, over my shorts, and down my thigh to my knee. He hoisted my leg over his hip and he ground his large erection into my soaking core.

I moaned into Jake's mouth, "Jake… I… Ugh! I want you too."

He leaned up and stared at me a few seconds, so I nodded my head knowing he needed the reassurance. I was losing my mind to the reality that I was finally ready to give Jake what he has wanted for so long. He bent his head down and took my lips in a gentle and loving kiss. My world spun. Moaning into his mouth again I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of me urging him on. Jake groaned at the increased contact and ground his hips into mine as he continued to ravish my mouth.

Soon kissing was not enough to satisfy the hunger I felt for him. Reaching under Jake's t-shirt I began to explore his upper body, something I had done before but never went further than that. Jake followed suit and began to tug at the buttons on my shirt exposing me to him. Thankfully I wasn't wearing a bra.

Jake pulled away and whispered, "You are so beautiful Bella."

He caressed my breasts then leaned down to take one in his mouth. It sent a tingling sensation all over my body and heat flooded directly between my legs. I needed more contact, so I tugged on his shirt pulling it off of him. I ran my hands up and down his chest as he kissed my neck. I unbuttoned his jeans and pushed then down. Jake stood up to take them off. I stood up to take off my shorts when Jake stopped me.

"Bells, if you take of your shorts I don't know if I'll be able to stop. Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yeah Jake I'm sure. Really. I love you." I replied as I unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off. I sat back down on the bed and waited for Jake.

"I love you too Bells."

I didn't have to wait long. Jake walked back over to me in nothing but his boxers and knelt down over me. I could see his erection through his boxers; he is way bigger than I thought. He laid on my right side and cupped my cheek with his right hand he kissing me sweetly. His hand then began to slip down my body, after a few squeezed to my left breast; his hand continued its downward motion, stopping on the waist band of my panties. I looked at him and nodded again.

Jake slipped his hand into my panties and slowly ran two fingers up and down my wet center. He rubbed my sensitive nub, "OH! Jake… Oh my god that feels so good!"

"Do you like that Bella?" He asked seductively. All I could do was mumble Mhmm.

His hand rubbed back and forth for a while and I could feel the pressure building and I was almost ready to scream, but then he slipped his finger into me and I bucked my hips at the sensation. Jake grinned down at me and continued to move his finger in and out. He started to pick up speed and then I felt him add another finger.

"UGH! OH Jake, don't stop," I shouted breathlessly, thanking my lucky stars that my dad was down at the station tonight. He was covering for someone on the graveyard shift. My step mom, Sue, and step sister, Leah, were down in La Push visiting Leah's Cousin Emily and her husband, Jared. They had just had twins and needed help. So they have been there for a few days.

He kept pumping faster and faster and when I was so close to falling over the edge he pulled his hand away. I whimpered at the loss but when I opened my eyes he had his boxers off and was kneeling over me. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of my panties and slowly slid them off. He reached on the floor for his jeans looking for something.

"Jake what are you doing?" I asked slightly irritated as I sat up and leaned forward. I reached out to stroke his long, hard dick.

"Mmmmm, Bells, if you keep doing that it will be over before we start." He groaned as I stroked a little harder and then lay back down on the bed. "And to answer your question about what I am doing, we need protection baby." He said with a grin that could rival the Cheshire cat.

"Oh and you just happened to have a condom in your pocket. Were you planning on seducing me tonight?" I teased.

"Bells, I would wait forever for you. But I'm glad I was prepared." He said as he tore open the condom.

After slipping it on, he positioned himself at my entrance. I spread my legs a little wider to accommodate him. He bent down and kissed me, the kissed his way over to my ear before whispering, "Bells, I don't wanna hurt you. If I do just tell me and I'll stop okay."

"Okay," I whispered, feeling my heart rate speed up even more. I'm not dumb I knew that it hurt for girls the first time.

He carefully slid himself inside me, slowly stretching me. If felt weird at first, then he got to the barrier that was stopping us from completely being one, he paused. He looked into my eyes and I nodded waiting for him to move. He pushed forward a little quicker than I was expecting. He had pushed himself to the hilt.

"AH!" I screamed. Jake stilled, still inside of me.

"Bella… Bella I'm so sorry." He said kissing away the few stray tears from my cheeks.

"It's ok… I'm fine… Just don't move yet." I said caressing his cheek. I could see how hard this was for Jake. His arms were trembling.

It finally started feeling a little better, so instead of telling him I showed him by grinding my hips into his. He took the hint quickly and began to pull out slightly and push back in slowly. The pace was agonizing and yet it felt so fucking good. After a few thrusts at that speed I needed more.

"Harder Jake! Faster!" I moaned as I reached up to kiss him. I wrapped legs around his hips and my arms around his torso and dug my nail into his back.

"SHIT! Bella do that again," Jake groaned so I did it again. He moaned by my ear where he was kissing my neck, then he bit down on my shoulder as he increased his pace. He started going faster and thrusting harder and harder. I could feel the pressure build up again as Jake kept thrusting, I knew I was almost there and from Jake's breathing I knew he was to. I bucked my hips in rhythm with his.

"OHHH JAKE!" I ground out as my orgasm hit me.

"BELLA!" Jake groaned reaching his release moments later.

As he came down from his high, he rolled off of me and pulled me close to him. I laid my head on Jake's chest and listened to his heart as it slowed to its normal, slightly quick rhythm.

"I love you Bella Swan." Jake whispered.

"I love you too, Jacob Black." I whispered in reply.