221. The best character in Twilight? Billy Black. The best character in Harry Potter? All of them?

222. Fanfic's, Harry Potter: 581,054. Twilight: 197,081 (Right at time of publishing) (Thanks to shadowangel9999)

223. Harry Potter has fangirls and fanboys.

224. Thanks to Twilight other books, better books went unnoticed for a while, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson & the Olympians. It wasn't til recently when they made the films that people knew they were there. All the Twilgiht hype kept these books in dark.

225. Don't live through your character, it's almost as bad as living through your child.

226. Surely if you're obsessed with sparkly things that makes you a magpie not a swan?

227. Bella is a danger magnet. Harry is too, be at least he can defend himself.

228. (For Emeraldworld) We have Neville, and his sexy cardigan.

229. The characters don't just smile or frown, they sulk, smirk, grin,

230. There isn't a point to Eclipse, it's literally a random book that slightly links New Moon and Breaking Dawn together. You get rid of it and nothing changes!

231. Surely some of the 'content' in Breaking Dawn would make it a adult fiction book, not a teenager one?

232. J.K. gives her characters the benefit of the doubt, within every villian is a part to them that you can like or at least admire.

233. Harry Potter is interesting in every scene, even the ones where Ron is snoring.

234. Why are all the vampires beautiful? Where are the ugly ones? Millicent is ugly, why can't Alec be too?

235. HP has broken multiple world records, Twilight only has one, and it's barely even about them.

236. There are no annoying love triangles that last for the entire series.

237. There are no good insults that can be brought from Twilight, calling someone a Human has nothing on being a muggle or a mud-blood.

238. People remain loyal to each other in HP. Jacob left his family for a person who didn't love him. Alice left her family without telling them just to follow a hunch.

239. In Twilight, Meyer tells us Bella and Edward love each other. In Harry Potter, Rowling doesn't have to, she shows it to us. What's more romantic? An I love you, or an always? (Thank you, UnknownUnseenUnheard)

240. Rowling develops background knowledge for each of her characters.

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