I had this idea in my head for a couple of weeks, but was too lazy to write it down. Finally got over it and typed it all up for you guys.

Heads up, things are about to get a bit…strange.

It's been eight years since Fire Lord Ozai hatched his diabolical plan to destroy the great city of Ba Sing Se, eight years since he and the Avatar faced each other in a fierce battle that determined the fate of the entire free world, and eight years since the once proud Fire Lord fell onto the Savior's feet in defeat. The deliverer defeated the conqueror, and the world fell into an era of peace…

Morning had risen over the vast tundra that was the South Pole. The morning sun was warmer than usual, so warm that drips of water fell from melting icicles formed on the roof edges of every igloo. The air was dryer than the norm, and the once frigid temperatures the Pole was known for was slowly diminishing due to the spontaneous change in climate. However; the small signs of change hasn't disrupted the cycle of nature just yet, and the natives of the South Pole, both man and beast, continued their usual routine despite the looming crisis. Tiger and turtle seals howled over the horizon, penguins squawked as they ventured on their normal travel, and the men of the Southern Water Tribe hunted for their family's next meal; yes everything was normal for the time being. Nonetheless; the members of the Tribe were well aware that the delicate balance of nature was slowly tipping, and although everyone carried on with their lives as though everything were normal, they were also aware that their inevitable migration to available food and stable shelter was imminent.

Meanwhile in a small igloo on the Tribe's outermost edge, a young water bender was just waking from her deep slumber; her face contorting with a yawn as she stretched her tight limbs and rose from her bed. But her moment of serenity soon ended as a sharp pain drilled its way into her brain, forcing her to grunt from the sudden force.

"Uuuuuuhhhh, why do I feel as if I've been hit with a sledgehammer?" she groaned as she observed what little she could analyze of her surroundings, "And what the heck am I doing in here?"

Her ice blues glistening with stinging tears and exhaustion; she immediately became aware of her blurred vision, and without being able to tell apart anything in front of her, she began to feel panicky. As her heart started pounding in her chest, she tried recalling the events of the previous day to see if the answer to her strange symptoms lied within her memories, but realized she couldn't remember a thing beyond this very moment. Gripping her head, she tried to recollect the days before that, and the days before that, but not one single recollection of any sort managed to surface from within the depths of her mind.

"What the…why can't I remember anything?"

Her sight still foggy, she pressed her eyelids and rubbed her balled fists over them so as to remove the accumulated moisture. Her long, dark tresses a tangled mess and her fingertips wrinkled from moisture, she wondered what exactly was going on with her mind and why she couldn't remember any recent events, but she was soon distracted from her mental quarrel, for as she placed her clammy fingers onto her body, she noticed that she was completely nude.

"Huh? w-why am I naked? And when did I get so, 'big'?" she thought to herself; furrowing her eyebrows as her deep ocean blues squint with suspicion.

She went to pull her bedcover so as to cover her nudity, but found that something was restricting her from doing so, something big.

She grunted as she struggled to pull the bed sheet over her, Ugh, stupid blanket, must be caught on something; a loose spring or something…" muttered the disgruntled water bender; her hands still tightly gripped on her bedspread.

She sat there for several moments; still pulling and pulling until she finally realized that she wasn't making any progress. Finally, she had lost her patience, and with a charged expression in her hazy eyes, she went to reach for the obstruction that was holding her bedspread. But when she stretched her hand to the other side of the bed, she found that the object pinning her blanket down was not an object at all…but a man.

A gasping shriek escaped her lips before she pressed her hands over her lips and frantically crawled away from the unknown figure, shocked and mortified that some strange man was sleeping in her bed. Her heart had accelerated to unfathomable speeds, and her breathing became shallow; all while her bulging eyes remained fixed on the indistinguishable man lying on her bed. She couldn't tell who the man was or why he was laying on her bed in the first place, but she wasn't about ready to stick around and find out.

Just as she was about to raise herself from the bed and tiptoe her way out, she found herself tumbling onto the cold, hard floor before she landed with a loud thud…and suddenly realizing that she didn't have clothes on. Sprawled on the ground, she began to feel stupid for even thinking about running out of her home in nothing but her birthday suit, but she put those thoughts aside as she managed to gain her balance and chafed her knees over the ground; desperately scrambling the icy floor for anything she can place over herself despite being unable to tell anything apart. Conveniently, she found something lying on the floor, and she desperately reached for the item that resembled to be a drape, hanging over what she assumed to be a small stool.

"I have no idea what's going on, but I need to get out of here and find some help; Sokka, Aang, anyone!" she thought hysterically to herself as she swaddled the drape over her body.

Quietly, she rose from her kneel and jogged towards the entrance and opened the door; her toes numb from the cold as the light draft that came into the home seeped through her cover, forcing her body to shiver as she gnashed her teeth from the uncomfortable chill.

But just as she was about to head out, she heard a voice.


The young water bender shrieked as a wave of terror radiated from the tip of her head to the soles of her feet; jolting her head up as the loose strands of hair tickled her brow. The call of her name still echoed in the vast emptiness of her mind, and nearly scared to death, she let the door go before she shakily turned around to meet the person who commanded her attention.

The man that she found lying on her bed rose from his slumber, while Katara stared blankly at the blurred figure in disbelief and fear, but that voice…that voice sounded so familiar to her…

The man was just getting ready to rise from the bed; his indistinguishable body still struck with exhaustion, "MmmKatara…where are you going?" said the wobbly figure tiredly, "And why are you wearing that? Were you heading off somewhere?"

Katara didn't know what to say or do; it was as if she were frozen in her spot, left to wonder how this man knew her name as she stared stubbornly at the man whose face she could not distinguish.

The blurred figure rose from the bed; she easily distinguished that he too was completely naked, giving that the entire figure was one solid color with the exception of the slightly darker area between his legs.

Katara gasped at the sight, "Wait a minute, he's naked too? We were both naked? Bu-but that means…we… *gasp*, Oh no, oh no oh no oh no please Spirits for the love of all that is good PLEASE don't tell me I lost my virginity to this man! I'm too young to be having sex! Or perhaps, perhaps he 'had his way with me'? AGAINST MY WILL!" the young water bender whimpered in her thoughts as horror blanketed her expression.

The man stood his ground; "Katara, mmit's me." answered the man.

The young water bender scowled at the man; her widened eyes focused on that blur, "Me?" she whispered bafflingly, "Who-who…the HECK IS ME? What are YOU DOING IN MY BED?" she screamed as she pointed towards the man while struggling to hold the drape over her body.

The man stood in silence for a moment; then a sweet chuckle escaped his lips.

"What are you talking about?" he asked cheerfully, yet just as baffled as she was.

"YOUWEREINMYBED- YOU, YOU'RE, YOU WERE…" she hesitated a moment; her finger trembling as she weakly pointed towards the stranger that stood before her.

He didn't utter a single word for a few moments; he simply stood in his position quietly as if analyzing her from where he sat. And still like a long smudge in the woman's eyes, he rose from the bed and began to walk towards the disturbed, young woman.

"Katara…what's the matter with you?" he asked, his humor now completely dissipated from his tone of voice.

The young water bender was beginning to heave with fear, and sweat started to trickle down her flushed skin as her eyes fixed on the moving figure, "Oh no, he's probably going to try something on me!" she thought to herself before she bent some of the icy wall and formed it into sharp crystals, readily aiming at the man.

"Wh-who-who are you! Don't come any closer! I-I WILL BE FORCED TO ATTACK IF I FEEL THE NEED TO DEFEND MYSELF!" she bellowed as she raised her hand defensively and slowly backed away from the approaching man; her chest rising with ever exacerbated breath she took while her limbs trembled uncontrollably.

But the blur that was the man continued his steady pace towards her until finally, he reached her side. The young water bender remained motionless; nothing could describe the terror that was pulsating inside her gut, yet she found the strength to attack him, and with one chopping swoop of her hand and an intense look in her eyes, the sharp crystals that hovered in the air launched like darts directly towards his face.

But just as the crystals were about to make contact with his flesh, he put his hand over his face; stopping the crystals from their potentially deadly approach as they froze in midair.

She was speechless; only able to look on with awe as she saw the small, solid blurs that were her crystals seemingly liquefy and splash onto the ground, her mouth slightly gaped as she turned her attention back to the stranger in front of her. Tears flowing from her glossy ice blues, she knew this man had won and now, now he was going to do the unthinkable to her; yet as petrified as the young water bender was of the seemingly hopeless situation, she wanted to know just how the heck he was able to stop her attack, but as she parted her lips to speak her question, she noticed something rather odd about him. Straining her eyes so as to get a more 'even' look at him, she noticed that the man wasn't just all one solid blur, but had a different value coated on his flesh as well; dark colored streaks that trailed his legs, arms, and finally…his head.

"Katara…" he answered with concern, "It's me, Aangyour husband..."

I don't know whether or not I'll continue this, but I would like to as I have the entire plot already planned in my head. Eh, we'll see...

*I must add, this is NOT an extension of my other story, 'I Need To Find Myself'. It's a completely different plot*