Secret wars

Day 2 continued

Number 5

Coming out of time warp the fifth terminator was blasted into the boiling lava of an angry volcano. The terminator sensing its destruction quickly jumps from the burning pool onto a cooling bed of magma. But the damage was done and the terminators damage sensors were reporting catastrophic damage to several of its vital systems.

The terminator scanned its main chip which was not damaged, but his right arm was now useless, and its guidance and hearing systems were completely destroyed. The terminator set its program tracking, which was barely functioning, and quickly set off to find the medical terminator which according to its beckon was twenty four miles due east.

Climbing down the volcanoes east slope the terminators danger systems began to scream, turning and looking up the tremendous boulder was swiftly upon the terminator. The boulder smashed down on the terminator with such force that it snapped its body in two sending its top half to the forest floor below and its bottom half shattering into a million pieces.

The fifth terminator was done, but it could not self terminate and the best it could do now was hope that the other terminators picked up its distress signal. With its one arm the terminator crawled to a hole it hoped would offer it cover. Sliding down its muddy side the ruined terminator fell into a pile of large bones it knew instantly that any hope of being found was now over.

The baby four Rex slowly walked over to the fallen terminator and pushed it with its nose, sensing no harm the baby four Rex chomped down on the terminators head wiggling and tearing at it. The terminators vision started to scramble it knew it had seconds before its main chip was destroyed it had failed now the only chance to kill mankind laid in the hands of the other terminators.

The fifth terminator prepared for system erase when the solider 109 terminator rushed the four Rex nests and smashed its hand through the baby Rexes brain, killing it instantly like a flash the 109 hauled up the ruined terminator and headed for a clearing far away from the predators' nest. The 109 terminator lay the crumpled machine down and scanned what was left of its system, there was not much. Tearing the skin from its finger the 109 exposed a screwdriver like instrument underneath. Pealing back the fifth terminators scalp the 109 quickly unbolted number fives chip cover.

This terminator was done but its parts were vital, easing his fingers into number fives head the 109 pulled the numbers fives chip, no pity no remorse this was war and even dead the terminator could serve a purpose. Rising the 109 scanned the forest for more parts, there was not much left but he would collect what it could, with the sun going down in a few hours the 109 knew it better hurry, it knew this terrain was dangerous at night it was deadly. With that it set off for collection and the destruction of mankind.

Day two continues with night fighters

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