In Blood and Shadows

Summary: (AU) The Seer said that Eilistraee would send them a hero. What they got was the daughter of a dead God of Murder.

Author's Notes: This is a crossover with the Baldur's Gate Trilogy. There is also mention of some fan made BG2 mods.

Warnings: This story contains foul language, violence, mentions of past torture, and hinted sexual situations.

Disclaimer: I do not own any familiar characters/settings/plots featured in this story. They all belong to Bioware and Atari. All mods mentioned belong to their respected owners.


"I have no intention of walking back through the entire Undermountain."

She didn't look like a hero.

Durnan wasn't expecting that.

He knew, logically, that stories tended to exaggerate over time. Bards weren't paid to sing about the average looking man who defeated a dragon. People wanted to hear about the man who stood at the height of a giant and took on an ancient dragon and its clan.

Still, even knowing this, Durnan couldn't help but feel a bit heated as he looked upon the living legend his father used to tell him stories of.

"I am Alasse," the elven woman said, nodding her head in greeting.

"Durnan, owner of this inn," he greeted back, crossing his arms over his thick chest and slowly surveyed the elf in front of him.

In his experience, elves were usually hauntingly beautiful with flawless features and soulful eyes. But the one before him was hollow-cheeked, tanned and sporting more scars than a barbarian. Her armor looked old and used but was at least clean, and her long black hair was neatly tied back in a braid. All in all, she looked like all the other mercenaries that came through his inn.

She didn't look like a hero.

"Tamsil told me what happened. I apologize for not being able to provide better protection for my guests," he said once he met her green eyes again.

It galled him that the bloody drow could actually get through the wards around his precious inn. Galling, and yet also unnerving. Sobrey was no wet behind the ears apprentice, and the wards he set up were powerful, but the drow still had no problems getting through them.

It was an alarming realization for him.

Alasse shrugged one shoulder, her expression still bored. "It is not your fault. I have the feeling they would have found a way in no matter what you did."

"You speak more truth than you know. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened," Durnan said with a deep sigh. But before he could even begin to explain the desperate situation in Waterdeep, a large explosion caught everyone's attention.

"What was that?" asked an elven priestess that Durnan vaguely recalled meeting earlier.

"It came from the well room, father!" Tamsil cried, pointing to the door behind him.

No one had any time to act as the room went dark and the unmistakable feel of magic filled the air. Instinctively he reached out to where Tamsil had been standing and pushed her down to the floor just as the spells and screams started.

What happened next was simply a mess in his opinion. The drow (who could actually see in the unnatural darkness of the room, bastards) ruthlessly attacked with both blades and magic. In turn everyone else scrambled to either fight back or get out of the room. Durnan grabbed the nearest weapon he could find and could only attack what he hoped was an invading drow.

Eventually someone (probably Thesta) managed to get rid of spell that was making the room pitch black, and for the first time Durnan could finally see what was going on.

Three drow remained fighting while three others laid dead. Two of them were magic users and alternating between firing spells at their remaining comrade, and everyone else in the room.

A halfling was taking on the last drow with the help of the half orc fellow he met earlier. A bard and the priestess from earlier seemed to be trying to counter the drow spells. White Thesta was helping but her focus kept drifting to the hurt and deceased bodies littering the floor.

To his relief, he spotted Tamsil hiding behind an upturned table with her dagger and a bloody shoulder, but otherwise unharmed and alive.

Finally, he spotted Alasse.

She was standing off to the side of the main battle, occasionally dodging a spell. Her face and armor were sprinkled with blood, and the dagger she carried was drenched with it. Her eyes kept darting from the two drow firing spells to the one still fighting.

At first he thought she was simply going to stand there and actually watch everyone else fight. But then she moved and he realized she was just waiting for the right opening to rejoin the fray.

The halfling had managed to throw the drow off balance. He (or was it a she? He could never tell with elves) simply took one step back to regain their balance. That seemed to be all Alasse needed as she was behind the drow in a blink; one hand yanking their head back and the other placing the dagger at their neck.

Then, to everyone's surprise, she jammed the dagger hilt deep into the drow's neck and yanked it across until the head was only attached by a thin strand of skin. Then she let the body fall to the ground before turning her cool green eyes to the remaining drow.

Durnan didn't blame the drow for turning and fleeing back to the well room. After that disgusting display, he wanted to get the hell away from her too.

"They're getting away!" cried the bard, racing after the two drow with the others following. After checking to make sure Tamsil was still safe, Durnan followed them.

The well room didn't fare much better. Durnan immediately spotted the remains of the guards he had hired all over the room. Near the well were the two drow. The others had cornered them and were moving in for the kill.

But before they could strike, a figure rose up from the shadows behind them. It was only until it reached the light that he recognized it for what it was, and felt cold fear grip his heart.


"Get ba—!"

Too late. There was a bright explosion of magic and then nothing.

When he woke up, Alasse and Thesta were sitting over him.

"Oh look, he's awake," Alasse commented airily.

"Durnan, how do you feel? Anything hurt?" Thesta asked in her sultry voice.

"Possibly only his pride. Two surprise attacks in one night will do that to a man," Alasse pointed out.

Durnan wanted to scowl at her, but since he was currently seeing two of her, he didn't know which one to aim it at.

"My head," he grunted to Thesta.

Thesta hummed and immediately focused her magic on his head. Soon the pain faded and he found his vision returning to normal again.

"Damn beholder," he muttered, sitting up slowly and massaging the back of his head.

"Yes, they are quite a pain aren't they?" Alasse mused, holding out a hand to him.

Surprised, he took it and found himself being hauled up without any trouble. Now up and aware, he was able to take in the ruin and corpses around him, and felt a sharp hopelessness claw at him. He forced it down ruthlessly. Now was not the time for wallowing in despair. He had work to do.

"What happened to the group that was fighting the drow earlier?" he asked the two women besides him.

Thesta looked to the well. "They went after the beholder before we could stop them."

"Fools!" he growled, irritation and exasperation coursing through him. "Running in without any equipment or supplies. What are they, children?"

Alasse nodded in agreement. "That was pretty stupid. I thought they were experienced mercenaries, but I guess appearances can be deceiving."

You have no idea, he thought, glancing at the elf.

"So what now? Are you going after them or what?" Alasse asked.

He shook his head. "I can't. I have to attend to the inn, set up proper protection for the well, deal with the attacks… I'll have to send someone down there."

The elven woman blinked at him mockingly. "Oh? You have someone in mind?"

"You know I do," he growled, no patience to deal with this odd woman. She was turning out not to be the hero he thought she was, but something else entirely. Now if only he could think of a word to match what she was.

"Look, if you go down there and find out what's going on with Halaster and the drow then I'll pay you," he snapped. "The lords of Waterdeep have offered a one-hundred-thousand reward for anyone who can stop the attacks. That money is yours if you can do that."

Gold was always a good motivator in his opinion. It would be nice if people would help out of the goodness of their heart, but Durnan knew that just wasn't the way the world worked.

Alasse tapped her fingers against her elbow and hummed like she was deep in thought. Durnan wondered how long she was going to keep teasing him like this.

Finally the elf let out a sigh and nodded her head. "I guess I could do it. But not for the money. Keep it. It insults me. I am going down there to get my stuff back, and extract a bloody revenge on the drow filth that dared attack me."

Durnan blinked, surprised by her reasoning. He thought she would go for money but never for pride. She was definitely a little off. He needed to get her out of his inn soon.

"I can offer you a free resurrection rod so that you can restore those fool— I mean, noble souls," Thesta offered, a hint of a smirk creeping across her face. "I also have healing supplies but those I'm afraid you will have to purchase at full price."

"Of course. This wouldn't be a city crisis without merchants and their inflated prices," Alasse replied with a straight face. "Ah, before I forget, I should set up a point here."

Durnan and Thesta watched curiously as the elf pulled out a strange black disk from around her neck. It had gold, red and blue markings on it, but from his position he couldn't tell what they were. Silently they watched her push a red stone (maybe a rouge stone?) into the disk and then press one of the markings. A ball of red light suddenly appeared midair, startling Durnan and Thesta.

"What…" He couldn't even get out the words to express his confusion and wonder.

Alasse simply looked at them and shrugged. "I have no intention of walking back through the entire Undermountain."