Dear wonderful readers,

Hola! Colombia here! Well, I've seen Spain doing this, and my boss practically force me to do it as well, so what the hell? I'm gonna do it! This is a send-in-a-letter-and-you-get-a-letter-back sort of thing, so no Mexico, it won't work if you try to send me a telepathic message tonto. The same goes for you too, America.

Whether you're in need of advice, or if you're just looking for someone to talk to, I'll be here. I hope this won't turn out into a too big of a disaster, and I will happily await for your letters. Adios!



-sighs- Yes, I've decided to join the bandwagon, and I believe I am a tad late, but oh well. :P

If you haven't notice by now, this is a little different from my normal A/Ns, so no, Max and Ratchet won't be in these A/Ns. Now here are the rules!

-Any pairing goes, can be either hetero or even yuri. I also do accept people flirting with her. :3

-OCs are acceptable! I'll take states, provinces, countries, territories, etc. I also do accept you impersonating as a state, province, country, territory, etc.

-I really don't care about cursing or sexual references.

-Please have proper grammer/spelling.

And because this is the first time presenting my OC in a fanfic, here's a little bio of her. (Be thankful for it.)

Country Name: Republic of Colombia (Colombia for short. ^_^)

Human Name: Sandra Gonzalez

Looks: Long median-curly brown hair, brown eyes, 5 ft. 2 in., errrr . . . . I guess you can say as white as Spain. XD

Article of Clothing: A flowy knee-length electric blue dress with short puffy sleeves and red embroidery at the end of the dress, end of the sleeves, and under the bust line. A small yellow bow pin on the right side of her hair, and red jewled sandals. (Any Deviantart user willing to draw a picture of her? Please PM me on FFNet or on deviantart as of course, spycutie009, if you're up for it. ^_^)

Birthday: July 20, 1810

Country Age: 201

Human Age: 18

Siblings: Spain, Mexico, and basically most of the Central and South American countries

Friends: America, China, England, Italy, and Romano (sorta)

Personality: She's very bubbly and care-free although she does tend to have her moments of seriousness at times (especially towards Mexico and Panama). She's also very smart and caring.

Ok well, I think that's all. So remember to send your letters to Colombia, and I'm just gonna put the first and last disclaimer and claimer right here.

Disclaimer- I don't own Hetalia.

Claimer- Colombia is my OC. Therefore, I own her. ^_^

Till' next time readers! :D

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