Hola Colombia...

It's Nicaragua. Normally I don't associate with you because you stole one of my damn islands... but my ass of a boss wants me to write letters to other countries... we have a peace treaty anyway... the THIRD one...

So, how's it going?

Nicaragua (Luisa Rodriguez)

Hola Luisa. I wouldn't really associate with you either, but with the treaty and my boss looking over my shoulder right now, I have no choice. -sighs- I know, the THIRD one. How many more are we gonna have? I'm doing fine. How about you?



Hola mi bella Colombia, hehehehehe solo bromeo hermana, well how are you my beatiful sister with worse luck that mine?

Please tell me that you do not hate me,right right ne. You know that sometimes I act like a drama queen, oh no I called myself a girl.

Sorry for the rambling, you see I am known now because for some people living in me is a disgrace, and I am feeling depressed with suicidal thoughts and you know. Please at least tell me that you do not hate me.

Mexico, and I am a boy, please could you try to stop Venezuela of teasing me about my girly looks.

I don't hate you mi hermanito. You always know how to make me smile, and I love you in a sibling kind of way. Sorry if you got the wrong impression. I was just blowing off some steam. Please don't think that way, you're starting to worry me a lot. You are a handsome country and nothing of a disgrace, even if some of your people made bad decisions. Take care.


P.S. I'll talk to Venezuela about it.


Hola Colombia~!

Ahhh, was it? Well that does seem to be an ephiphany for him, no?

Ohh, really? Fun, fun! :3

Mucho amor,


Hola hermano. Bueno, he does have his moments when he wants to. How's Romano?



Hello Colombia,

Writing letters too now? That's cool. So how are you doing?

Darn...the cats are so interested in the the letter they keep on walking on it or batting it...Sorry for all the paw marks, they were just in some mud and it won't come off without ruining the paper.

-Greece/Heracles Karpusi

Hi Greece. I am doing fine, and you? Haha, it's ok. I can't be bothered by cat paw marks. Cats are just so cute.


~Puerto Rico

Ay dios mios!,

Yeah, its me, Puerto Rico! Hows it going?

I'm currently hiding from Argentina...while enjoying my empanadas...

San Juan is dying to see you! I hope i can visit soon!

con amour,

Anna Sophia Lopez

Puerto Rico

Hola! I'm doing fine, actually. Ay ay ay, what did you do this time to Argentina? I really can't wiat for you and San Juan to come over soon. It gets lonely here. See you soon!


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