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Hana's P.O.V.


'Huh? But that's not…' I thought sleepily.

"Hana its time to wake up." he told me again, shaking my arm a little.

'Why is he in my room? Why would Mr. Demon king be waking me up? ...Where's Vivi?'

"Hana, wake up. You need to take some medicine for the fever." He said with more force and slightly more shaking.

'Fever? Oh I remember…but Felton…?'

I shot up in bed my eyes already searching the room with lightening speed, all sleep forgotten. I went over the room thoroughly twice. Then, three times. Four. Five, even six. But…

He wasn't there. Felton had already left. He was my only chance to meet Vivi; to see him again. But now Felton was gone and my hopes were gone with him.

'So they're only dreams again, huh? Never to be known in my reality…'

"Vivi..." I whispered in defeat. I sat for a couple seconds in my solitude; grieving for the loss.

"So it's true then? You really remember?" I was startled by his sudden words having forgotten his presence in my melancholy.

'Wait, remember? All I said was a name and already he's in on the scheme?'

"Yes," I replied cautiously. "Yes, everything." I then finished, a beat too late. He chuckled.

"Mhmmm…" He murmured with the air of a child holding a magnifying glass over panic stricken ants. His tone made me shiver and I could tell by the look in his eyes he was planning something. Something bad.

So why did the smallest sliver of hope fester in my heart?

"How delightfully interesting," he said with a smirk. "So, my lovely Hana, would you like to play a game?"


Vivi's P.O.V.

This was a waste of my time.

I'd been sitting on a couch drinking lukewarm tea and speaking to some idiot kid for an hour.

While physically she was only a couple years younger. I still had the extra two hundred years which only ended in aiding me mentally and left my body unchanged. Not only did this girl seem unfamiliar, but there was something just plain annoying about talking to her. Felton was even smarter than her (and that's saying something). And she kept twitching as if under a load of stress; the way she kept itching every part of her body seemed creepy too. It was as if she was unused to being in her own skin.

Plus, there was a constant, eerie feeling of being watched, as if someone were observing my every move, inside the house.

And yet, that very feeling was what had compelled me to stay. I trusted my senses and if someone was watching us then something was definitely going on. Not to mention the suspicious feeling of a trap about to spring at every turn.

"Vivi she asked you a question." Felton said trying to get my attention.

"Oh. What were you saying?" I asked the girl across from me.

"I just asked how you like your tea."

"To be honest, it's bland and cold." I stated bluntly. Then thinking a second more I said: "It reminds me of the old geezer; a fact which annoys me." It had just occurred to me that this tasted exactly like his favorite tea, the mediocre one he loved to serve at all his parties.

"Oh...um...well, I'm sor―"

"Vivi, I am ashamed of you, to use such ungraceful manners around a lady." Felton scolded interrupting the very same woman he was defending.

"Would you mind if I took a look around?" I asked the girl, completely ignoring Felton. I didn't wait for her reply as I went to the door and I only heard a muttered "ok" before the door latched behind me.

I sighed and began walking down the hall, uncertain of exactly what I was doing; just knowing I wanted to get away from that suspicious girl.

As I ventured, I went over what had happened:

A strange girl had known who Felton and I were without introduction. Then, he was given an invitation (the very same day no less) for tea, the upcoming weekend, as a thank you for his services. The invitation had even allowed one acquaintance, as if the sender was already aware of our plans to visit. We arrived to a practically empty house with only one resident, who claims to have no family or any outside contacts besides the maids and staff who work at the estate.

With all the creepy feelings hanging around the vacant house and the strange behavior of the girl, I can't help but expect some kind of trick to appear or a hidden trap to pop.

Then, as if on cue, I heard a dull thud behind me. I turned on point, not knowing what kind of assailant to expect, but ready for any possibility. However, there was nothing there: no dangerous hit man, no rabid dog, not even a fallen object. Just plain floor and air.

But there was a slight shimmer near the floor, something which just barely caught my eye, but caused my senses to go on high alert. And then, I could feel it. With my senses sharpened the presence seemed more obvious than the air within my lungs. How could I have missed it before?

Hana's P.O.V.


I fell.

'Of course, I fell. Only I would fall on perfectly even floors in a life or death situation.'

I froze on the floor too anxious to move.

I hoped the fall would be quiet enough he wouldn't notice or that he just looked back, saw nothing, and shrugged it off. But, then again, I knew him to well to actually believe that would happen: his hearing to good and observation skills too keen.

So when he turned, as I knew he would, and I heard the small surprised intake of breath indicating his realization of my existence. I jumped up and ran.

But I knew it was too late, the spell had worn off from his awareness of me, and I was visible again. Not only was I at a disadvantage in speed but my only advantage had just flown out the window.

The only thing left for me was to hide. Hide and hope and pray that he would forget what he saw. Forget everything about this stupid situation: this house, this moment, and that I ever existed…

I ran straight to the closest staircase winding up its curled steps with familiar ease.

"Wait!" He yelled after me as I heard him follow me. The footsteps gained on me and I couldn't help panicking that my plan wouldn't work. But after a while his steps grew quieter as my maze of meaningless turns lost him in the unfamiliar corridors.

As I reached my intended room I slowed down to a walk, breathing hard. I walked in planning to hide next to the window in my room where the curtains could conceal my sitting form but I heard a crash from outside the window. I looked out and saw a flash of lightening color the bleak cover of clouds. There was another loud burst of thunder to follow and I couldn't stop the squeak of fear that escaped me.

I froze at the window trying to calm myself. 'This is no time for my dumb childish fears to take over; I need to be rational and-'


I was under the bed in a flash, fear overriding any leftover sense of control. I shook violently every time a new crash sounded and tears began to increasingly fall down my cheeks.

The only thought reaching my mind was Vivi and this inescapable situation which could only leave me heartbroken.

The pain in my chest had started the moment this ridiculous "game" began. And it grew. It grew and ravaged my insides. It ached as Vivi came in the door. It throbbed as he walked past me without even a glance. It fractured as he called her, that degenerate look alike, "Hana". And now it had finally shattered. My own action of finally giving up on him; running away from him as it seemed the most likely moment he'd remember me.

I'd wanted to stay; to look back and never leave his side again. To tell him everything and forget the time we were apart.

But that was against the rules. And I could never break the rules of the game.

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