The young man couldn't believe his eyes. The city around him, the city that he had grown up in, the city that had once been so full of life, was now in ruins. This once so warm and lively place had been reduced to nothing more than a ghost town. As he walked aimlessly through the rubble, he couldn't help but looking around for others that might have survived the catastrophe. But as much as he hoped, deep down he knew it was pointless: He knew he was the only one left alive.

Suddenly something caught his attention: He saw something sparkling under the remains of a destroyed building. He headed over to it and reached into the gap. As he searched for whatever it could have been, his hand suddenly touched something smooth and square, and he grabbed a hold of it.

"What's this?" He said as he pulled it out "A… card?"

In his hand he now held an odd-looking card with a picture of a dinosaur on it. The dinosaur itself was relatively small, and the man had a strong feeling that he had seen it somewhere before... He turned the card in his hand as he tried to remember, and as he did the card sparkled in a way that kind of reminded him of a rainbow. Soon, however, the man gave up: He just couldn't seem to remember anything, save for the shock of what had happened to the city, and the creeping feeling of being the only living human left in it.

He turned the card back around and looked at the dinosaur depicted on the front, and actually managed a faint smile as he gazed upon it.

"I guess the two of us are a lot alike…" He murmured "We're both the last ones of our kind left here…"

He placed the card in his pocket, and kept on walking through the ruins.

After a while he reached what used to be the main centre of the city, but now it was in ruins as well. In the middle of it all was the remains of a statue, and the young man walked up to it.

Oddly, the statue was almost completely intact, except for the right arm that had been broken off. The man seemed to recall that the broken statue had once held something up towards the sky in its now broken hand, but he couldn't seem to remember what it had been.

Without really knowing why, he put his hand into his pocket and pulled out the card he had found earlier and looked at it once more. Suddenly a wave of despair welled up inside him. He dropped the card on the ground as he fell down on his knees, and the tears rushing down his face fell silently onto the card on the ground in front of him.

"Why did it have to come to this?" He said as more tears welled up in his eyes.

"How could they do this?" He cried in desperation.

But his voice just echoed distantly through the ruins...

Chapter 1:

Max sighed. He had just been about to change into his pyjamas, when his eyes had fallen onto the calendar on his desk. It told him that tomorrow was a very special day:

Tomorrow it would be exactly one year since his best friend Rex had left Max's family to live with his real parents. Max headed over to the window and opened it, letting the cool night air flow through his brown hair.

He sighed again. It all felt so unreal. This all probably sounded pretty silly: Having a friend living in another place, even in another country wasn't so unusual, was it? Especially not in these days. But in Rex's case it was. Because Rex didn't live in another place or another city, not even in another country. Rex actually lived very close to them, yet still he lived as far away as anyone possibly could: Rex lived in the future. Anyone hearing this would probably just laugh and say that it would be impossible to know someone living in a different time. But that still wasn't the most unreal thing about Rex. Rex didn't only live in the future; he and his parents actually lived in the future along with dinosaurs. It was actually Rex's parents who had "created" the dinosaurs they lived with. As a matter of fact, one of the dinosaurs that lived with Rex in the future was actually one of Max's best friends, and he had experienced an amazing adventure alongside that dinosaur (and many other ones) while Rex still lived with them.

Max remembered it as if it had all happened yesterday: He had seen a meteor fall from the sky and crash into a nearby forest. He had hurried to alert Rex and his other friend Zoe, and the next morning they had headed over to the crash site to investigate. There they had found three odd-looking stones, each with a different symbol on it: Lightning for Max, Wind for Rex and Grass for Zoe. Max had also found a card with a Triceratops on it lying nearby, and when he accidently rubbed the card and stone together, the dinosaur had come alive! Although he was frightened at first, Max quickly realized that the dinosaur was actually very friendly and it ended up living with him and Rex at their house (luckily they soon discovered there was a way to change the dinosaur into a much smaller baby dinosaur, thus making it possible to pretend that it was just an ordinary dog.), and due to it's habit of biting everything within reach (which all too often ended up being Max's nose…), he decided to name it "Chomp".

No sooner, however, had he befriended Chomp than trouble appeared: A mysterious group calling themselves "The Alpha Gang" and their Tyrannosaurus, Terry, showed up and tried to take Chomp away from Max, but luckily they were able to defeat Terry and force the Alpha Gang to retreat for the moment. Soon after, Rex and Zoe discovered their dinosaur partners: Ace the Carnotaurus and Paris the Parasaurolophus. With that the D-Team was officially formed, and a wild chase around the World, trying to beat the Alpha Gang to all sorts of different dinosaurs and cards, followed. Although they were able to secure most of the cards, some of them ended up in the Alpha Gangs hands, amongst them Spiny the Spinosaurus and Tank the Saichania, which they ended up battling against on several occasions. One time they even ended up in the Alpha Gangs headquarters and almost got themselves captured! But with a little help from Max's dad Dr. Taylor and Zoe's sister Reese, and of course their dinosaur friends, they where able to get away just in the nick of time.

After what seemed like an endless hunt for dinosaurs, something happened that would blow their minds: An android named Jonathan, claiming to have worked for Rex's true parents, showed up and told them an amazing story: How Rex's parents Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia had found an ancient Stone Tablet, and from it received a distress call from the dinosaurs. They decided to do something about it, and built a time machine in order to travel from their home in the future along with the Alpha Gang, to the prehistory to save them. During their recue operation they discovered a way to secure the dinosaurs by turning them into cards, which could be turned back to normal using the Stones from the tablet they found. It was also during this journey that Rex had been born. Soon, however, something terrible happened: The leader of the Alpha Gang, Dr. Z, decided to betray the Ancients in order to claim the cards for himself, so that he could become the Dinosaur King. With the help of the Ancient's assistant, Seth, Dr. Z managed to take control of the time machine, known as The Backland, and trap them in time capsules, sending them flying through time. Jonathan had been able to protect Rex just in the nick of time, but the two of them then got sent flying through time as well, ending up in present day, where Rex got adopted by his step father Dr. Owen, and was sent to live with Max and his family.

Shocked from this the D-Team hardly had any time to take it in, because at the Alpha Gangs headquarters Seth had finally decided to show his true colours as a traitor: He sent the rest of the Alpha Gang away so that he could take over the headquarters, which was actually the same time machine they had stolen from the Ancients, and then moved on to fulfil his plan of filling the world with his genetically empowered dinosaurs. Now facing a common foe, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang decided to settle their differences and unite their forces in order to stop Seth. Despite that they had an entire army of dinosaurs Seth proved to be more than a match for them with his super-powered Black Tyrannosaurus. But after a long and fierce battle, they where able to defeat it and Seth ended up being sucked into a time portal and disappeared.

Shortly after the battle Rex's parents turned up again, and he was finally able to reunite with his true family. Soon, however, he and his parents had to return to their home in the future, taking all the dinosaurs with them. Although it felt hard to say goodbye, Max and Zoe knew it wasn't going to be forever since Rex could easily use the time machine to see them whenever he wanted to.

The farewell didn't last very long, however: Shortly after leaving, Rex and his parents turned up again as it turned out they had been attacked by a group of aliens calling themselves The Spectral Space Pirates during their journey home. The pirates soon caught up to them and kidnapped not only Rex's parents, but Max's and Zoe's parents as well.

With a little help from the Alpha Gang they were able to use the time machine to give chase for the pirates, and ended up in the Cretaceous period due to the time machine malfunctioning, but had to strike a quick retreat as a meteor shower struck Earth. Once they had managed to escape, they encountered a mysterious glowing Pterosaur telling them to follow her, saying that she would guide them to their destiny...

Doing so they ended up in ancient Rome, where they were forced to do battle with the Space Pirates and their Spectral Armor-empowerd dinosaurs, in order to defend a young girl named Sophia on her quest to give her brother a mysterious jewel called the Cosmos Stone, in order to save him from the roman emperor. The battles that followed were really fierce, and they almost ended up defeated by the pirate's dinosaurs at the very Coliseum of Rome, but were saved in the nick of time when Dr. Z arrived with their new weapon: The DinoTectors. Despite that they managed to win and save Sophia and her brother, Spartacus, the Space Pirates stole the Cosmos Stone and escaped in their time machine.

Not giving up they followed the pirates and ended up in the Caribbean Sea, where they had to fight not only the Space Pirates but the real-life pirate Blackbeard and his crew, who had teamed up with the Space Pirates, and as they did they ended up having to help a young boy called Jim, who had been separated from his father while searching for a healing gem that would help save his village. A wild treasure hunt now ensued as the D-Team and the pirates fought for the map showing the location of the treasure. But in the heat of battle, the Space Pirates managed to get away with the treasure, which turned out to be yet another Cosmos Stone. Despite this loss they at least managed to have Blackbeard sent to prison, and reunite Jim with his father as well.

Chasing after the pirates yet again they arrived in ancient China, where they ended up having to protect the pacifistic monk Genzo Sansho Hoshi from the Space Pirates, who wanted to use his "powers" to get to yet another Cosmos Stone. Despite their best effort the Space Pirates managed to get their hands on the third Cosmos Stone as well, but they were at least able to have Sansho return safely to his village.

While following the pirates, they encountered The Pterosaur again, who warned them not to let the Seven Cosmos Stones be brought together, and soon after they arrived at their next destination. This time they ended up in ancient Japan, where they encountered the legendary shogun Tokugawa (who bore a striking resemblance to Zoe's father, Dr. Drake…), who had been separated from his men while searching for a magical gemstone, which they quickly realized had to be another Cosmos Stone, so they decided to team up with him. They eventually ended up in an underwater cave, where they found the gem, which turned out to really be the fourth Cosmos Stone. The Space Pirates soon found them though, and tried to take the Stone. Luckily, the shogun's right-hand man, Hanzou, showed up just in time to stop them, but then he and the shogun took off with the Cosmos Stone. They caught up with them pretty soon, and learned from Hanzou that Zoe's father, who apparently had escaped from the pirates, had been mistaken for the shogun due to their identical appearance, and was about to lead the shogun's army into a great battle! Rushing to the battlefield to save him they soon ran into not only the ninjas of the enemy, but the Space Pirates as well, and during the heat of battle the pirates were able to snatch the Cosmos Stone. After escaping the battlefield they quickly chased after Zoe's father, but the pirates found Dr. Drake just seconds before them, and got away right before their eyes.

As they chased after the pirates again, The Pterosaur appeared once more, telling them that if the Cosmos Stones were ever brought together, it would be the end of all of time and space. Now even more determined not to fail again they ended up in ancient Persia. While there they befriended the young princess Zarah and her Isisaurus (which she had mistaken for a genie), who had been kidnapped by the 39 thieves as part of her fathers (who was the sultan) prime minister's plan to take over the kingdom. The mission to save the princess's kingdom turned out to be harder than they first expected, though: Not only did they have to fight the Space Pirates once again, but the Alpha Gang as well, as Dr. Z had been taken captive by the thieves, forcing the rest of the Alpha Gang to use their dinosaurs to help the bandits with their dirty deeds. During their journey they also encountered the street boy Aladdin. Although he seemed pretty unreliable at first, he proved to be a great help when he helped them free Zarah's father and protected Zarah herself from the Space Pirates. And he also managed stop the Space Pirates from getting the fifth Cosmos Stone (which turned out to have been inside Zarah's Isisaurus all the time), causing Zarah to fall in love with him (much to the dismay of both Max and Rex…), and letting the D-Team get a hold of the Stone and save the kingdom (and Dr. Z) as well.

Strengthened by their success they followed the pirates yet again, and this time they arrived in 17th century France, where Max almost immediately ended up in a fight with a young boy named D'Artagnan, who blamed Max and Chomp for destroying the orphanage he and his friends had lived in, which had happened by accident when Max had tried to fend off an attack from the Space Pirates. Soon, however, they learned from the king's servant, Lady Constance, that the royal mother and her sinister chancellor had gone behind the young king Louis's back, and made a deal with the Space Pirates to help them find a mysterious gemstone, which they figured had to be another Cosmos Stone. They set out to stop them, and soon it turned out that D'Artagnan and his friends had followed them under the name "The Teen Musketeers". Although Max and D'Artagnan didn't get along very well at first, due to D'Artagnan's refusal to cooperate, they eventually called it a truce, and decided to work together to stop the pirates. They met Princess Anne, who managed to sway the King to order his mother to break the deal with the pirates, and then she joined up with them to help them search for the stone. The chase for the Stone, however, lead into several dead ends, and they faced a true challenge when they encountered Gigas, Armatus and Maximus, the Space Pirates new, super-powered dinosaurs. During the battle D'Artagnan and his friends almost got captured by the chancellor's men, but where rescued by the Alpha Gang (who had developed a soft spot for them, since it turned out they had been orphans as well until Dr. Z had adopted them). In the end, however, they managed to defeat the pirates and claim the sixth Cosmos Stone, much thanks to the help from The Musketeers, Lady Constance, the Princess and the King, and – of course – a great deal of teamwork.

With two Cosmos Stones now in their possession, they attempted to sway the pirates to release their captive parents in exchange for them, but the pirates tricked them and attacked in order to steal the Stones. In an attempt to escape, they crash landed the time machine in the Jurassic period, where, to their great surprise, they encountered Seth, who explained that he had been found and rescued by the pirates. Because of that he had helped them with his knowledge of dinosaurs, but decided to flee when he realised the pirate's true intentions. Believing in his story, they had let him onto The Backland, but it turned out it had all been a lie when Seth stole the Cosmos Stones they had found and attempted to return to the Space Pirates with them. They rushed to stop him, but the pirates stepped in between, giving Seth the time he needed to get away, and during their battle a gigantic forest fire broke out, causing the present to get altered, forcing them to go back there in order to save their friends, and then they quickly returned to the Jurassic period to restore the damage.

With the past, present and their friends now safe, they once again chased after the Space Pirates in order to prevent them from getting the final Cosmos Stone, and ended up in the Stone Age. The battle that followed turned out to be their most challenging yet, when the captain of the Space Pirates, Spectre, joined the fight with his super-powered Apatosaurus, Bronto. But the intense battle ended up causing a tremendous volcanic eruption, forcing both sides to retreat, but not before Dr. Z was able to see a mammoth swallow the final Cosmos Stone. Thanks to a memory from Max's past they were able to trace the location of the fossilized mammoth, and were able to find both it and the Cosmos Stone just before the Space Pirates.

Almost immediately afterwards the Space Pirates made contact with them, offering to trade the Stone for their parents. They decided to accept, but it quickly turned out that the pirates had tricked them: What appeared to be their parents was actually a group of slug-like creatures who had simply taken on their form. To make things worse, Seth showed up and revealed that the Stone they had traded the pirates was actually a fake. But when Spectre ordered Seth to bring Max, Rex and Zoe to him, he had had the creatures return them back to their ship instead, and the pirates soon discovered that Seth had also stolen the six Cosmos Stones that hey had previously stolen, and sent Gigas, Armatus and Maximus to get them back. Seth, however, unleashed his secret weapon, Cryolophosaurus, which easily defeated the three Spectral dinosaurs, and then made a quick escape with The Backland.

Seth used the strange creatures to keep the rest of them busy, while he stole the last Cosmos Stone, but they soon figured out how to stop the creatures and Max chased after Seth. While Chomp didn't seem to stand a chance against the Cryolophosaurus at first, Dr. Z arrived with a new move that gave him the edge he needed. Despite being defeated, Seth still managed to escape with one of the Cosmos Stones and his Cryolophosaurus. Soon after, the Space Pirates contacted them again, and made another offer to trade them their parents for the Cosmos Stones, and this time it turned out they weren't lying. But as they were about to make the trade, their parents stopped them, since if the pirates got all seven Cosmos Stones it could be the end of everything. Even knowing that they didn't really have all the Stones to trade to the pirates, their parents refused to allow the deal, and begged for them to strike a quick retreat, which they did, now feeling even more heartbroken than before…

Soon, however, they where contacted again, but this time by Seth. It turned out that he had escaped to the present, where he had taken Reese, Dr. Owen and Dr. Owens's friend Patrick hostage, demanding all the remaining Cosmos Stones in exchange for their freedom. Despite The Pterosaur appearing to warn them from bringing all the Cosmos Stone to the very same time, they had to go back to help their friends. As soon as they arrived they went to face Seth, who revealed that the reason he wanted the Stones was so that he could destroy the whole universe and then create a new one, and thereby become the ruler of all of space and time. Determined to not let him have his ways they decided to attack him full force, but it turned out Seth had had a backup-plan that enabled him to steal all the other Cosmos Stones, and his Cryolophosaurus also managed to stop their dinosaurs from getting to Seth.

As Seth tried to escape, however, the Space Pirates showed up again and stole all the Stones and merged them together, not only strengthening their own dinosaurs, but creating a Dark Pterosaur as well, which according to what they had come to know, would mean the end of all of time and space.

Despite facing a seemingly hopeless fight, they refused to give up, and with some help from Seth, who finally had realized the error of his ways, they prepared for the final battle. Using the power of the Stone Plates, and with some help from the good Pterosaur they where able to defeat Gigas, Armatus, Maximus and Bronto, allowing them to finally reunite with their parents. Meanwhile Seth, with the help of the good Pterosaur, was able to defeat the Dark Pterosaur by ramming into it with The Backland, also sending the Space Pirates flying aimlessly through space, but ended up falling into a deep coma in the process.

With the world finally safe, Rex and his parents decided to return to their home in the future along with the Alpha Gang, Seth and the dinosaurs. This time, however, it was much harder to say goodbye: Since The Backland had been destroyed in the battle, they had no choice but to use the pirate's time ship for their journey, and since it had been damaged as well it would only manage the journey home to the future, meaning this time farewell would be forever. Even though they knew it was for the best, it was really sad to say goodbye to Rex, Ace, Chomp, Paris and all the others. And as the ship left, Max and Zoe had waved goodbye with lots of tears…

Max's eyes suddenly fell on the alarm clock beside his bed, and he was shocked to see it was already past eleven, meaning he had been standing there remembering for more than an hour! He shut the window and closed the curtains, and then he quickly changed into his pyjamas. He really didn't want to be all tired out tomorrow: He and Zoe had agreed to meet and spend the whole day together in memory of Rex and all their dinosaur friends. Max quickly got into his bed, and just a few minutes later he had fallen asleep.