Glittering purple eyes stare intently across the room, a smile plastered down below. He looks happy, though no one knows what he's thinking and certainly no one would be able to guess. He watches a certain albino intently though a blonde is attempting to converse with him. He's obviously not paying attention. Said blonde, Ludwig, is attentively trying to settle relations between Germany and Russia but Ivan, Russia's spokesman, is not as interested. National dealings are important but Ivan is seemingly more interested in the albino, Gilbert, who happens to be Ludwig's older brother.

"Ivan," Ludwig growls, seemingly annoyed. "Are you even listening? I'm on a very strict schedule!"

"Da, I know." Ivan replies halfheartedly. "As you were." Ludwig continues discussing their agreement, though Ivan continues to ignore him.

Gilbert chooses this moment to begin yelling a colorful string of German curse words at his computer. His Gilbird jumps at the loud noise, though he stays put in his place a top the silvery hair, he's used to it by now. "East! Shut up!" Ludwig yells at him, getting frustrated that nothing is getting done. "I have to be going Ivan, we can discuss this another time." And with this, he gathers his belongings and storms out of the room.

Gilbert, completely ignores the fact that the Russian is is still in the room angrily screams at his computer, complaining about how 'unawesome' it is that it should be such a 'hure'.

Ivan sits, watching politely, same smile still present on his face from earlier and his violet eyes glitter with evil. If the Prussian were watching, it wouldn't be too far to say he would be running in fear. No, Gilbert is too busy. He merely sighs, though not out of defeat, he never admits defeat and slumps back in his chair and closes his eyes.

"Need help, Gilbert?" Ivan questions, just wanting an excuse to speak with him.

"Holy bumsen!" Gilbert jumps from his chair to his feet before laughing rather loudly followed by 'kesesese'. "Of course I don't, I'm the awesome Prussia!"

"It looks like you do." Ivan challenges, never changing the warm look on his face.

The albino merely blinks at the statement before taking offense. He glares at the other nation fiercely and barks "Like hell I do! Who are you to tell me otherwise?"

Ivan laughs and stands from his seat, ambling over to where the angry male stands, towering over him with intimidation prominent in his aura. "I am Russia."

Gilbert merely stands, amazed at both the fact he answered and still had a kind look on his face. It's... Scary but Gilbert will never admit it.

Ivan says nothing more and puts his large hand on top of Gilbert's silvery hair. He leans down more to the other male's height and laughs to himself, mumbling something about 'pretty.'

This earns him a very peeved glare and the albino begins screaming more colorful curses, fighting the hand off of his head. "Did I screw up my words? Who the hell do you think you are, touching me like that!"

"I said, I am Russia. I will do what I will." Ivan responds calmly.

"You self righteous bastard!" He yells back and takes a swing. He is stopped by a surprisingly strong hand and he can't escape the vice grip. His anger is only made worse and he fights against the restraint harder. "Damn it, what do you want?"

He still receives no answer, the other just laughs to himself. He tightens his grip on the Prussian and he growls at the pain. Ivan pulls his other wrist to join it and holds both of Gilbert's hands above him against the wall. He smiles again as if he were staring at a box of kittens and uses his free hand to pet his prize's face.

Gilbert is not happy being restrained or petted for that matter so he angrily tries to escape again and bites the gloved hand that is pressed to his face. Ivan pulls it back, frowning slightly and slaps the smaller male across the face. "You shouldn't bite people." Is all he says. He decides on a safer route and moved his hand to the others unguarded chest. He frowns again and pulls his glove off with his teeth before he returns his hand to where it was.

Carefully, he undoes his top button and Gilbert fights back even harder, yelling some sort of angry German at the Russian. "You're so loud." Ivan says plainly and presses his lips harshly against Gilbert's in an attempt to silence him.

The albino's eyes grow even wider and his complaints are muffled. He bite's the others lip, perhaps a little too hard and smirks when he pulls back, smirking a little as he sees blood along Ivan's mouth. Unfortunately, his hands are still incapacitated and he growls as a knee moves between his legs and the Russian kisses him fiercely once more, harder this time and shoots his tongue into the other males mouth at the first chance he gets.

The albino still won't comply, still fighting back against the intruder. Ivan isn't pleased with this and presses his body harder against the other males. Gilbert can't help but let out a soft noise at the friction which he instantly tries to justify it in his mind.

Ivan finally pulls back, seemingly satisfied and begins to walk away. "The hell? What was that?" Gilbert yells after him but he doesn't answer his question. "I'll see you when I finish my meeting with Ludwig." He smiles softly, wiping a bit of blood from just below his mouth and walks out the door, leaving a confused Prussian behind.

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