This is it. Ivan will finish what he started today. The blonde German is out training his idiotic little Italian and stoic Jap for war, unsuccessfully at that and the albino is alone in Ludwig's house. All alone. Ivan knocks softly on the door and waits for the German to answer the door. He does, after what feels like forever and stands in the doorway without a word, gaping at what he can only describe as a neutral meeting. Gilbert can be neither upset nor happy that Ivan is standing outside his brother's house.

"Hello." Ivan says with a glowing smile, violet eyes sparkling. Gilbert raises an eyebrow and steps aside; noticing a bag of some sort over the Russian's shoulder as he walks into the house.

"Want anything I guess?" The German offers with no emotion, considering what action he should take as he closes the door. He finds himself oddly attracted to the man in his brother's living room, almost wanting to pounce on him. He knows better though, he decides he should just see how it plays out.

"No. Ludwig out?" Ivan inquires, sitting himself carefully on a nearby couch.

"Yeah, he'll be busy all day. I assume you're here to see him?" But to his surprise the Russian shakes his head.

"No my work is done with Ludwig da; just want to make sure we're alone." He smiles with a content noise.

"Oh. You wanted to be alone with the awesome me?" The albino glares, realizing his suspicions were correct.

"Da. Relax, we can get along." He smiles, remembering the albino's cooperation in their last encounter. He motions for the other to sit next to him, which he complies to and falls on the couch.

"So then, Ivan." The German sneers. "What brings you to see the incredible me?" Gilbert kicks back, putting his hands behind his head. Ivan raises an eyebrow at him with a curious smile but doesn't reply.

Gilbert isn't stupid; he knows this is going absolutely nowhere and decides it's best to leave the teasing behind and give into his temptation as there's no way out of it. He throws his leg over the others, straddling his lap. With an uninterested expression he stares down at the larger male though it turns to slight shock as Ivan roughly pulls him down into a kiss. The German doesn't remain so surprised and begins to take back his control, slipping his tongue out to tease the Russian's.

Some control he has, as Ivan is the one instigating it but oh well. They're both gasping for air as Gilbert pulls back, sitting up straight on his lap, panting slightly.

Smile, soft and sweet as ever, glows kindly on the Russian's face though his actions begin to contradict it. He pushes him off, allowing him to fall to the floor and laughs slightly. "Was that really necessary?" Gilbert barks, rubbing his backside.

"Da," Is his obviously contemplated reply. Ivan stands, towering over the albino on the floor, pulling off his large coat and scarf, and dropping them to the floor on top of his bag. Gilbert's eyes widen slightly as he's never seen Ivan without his coat. He was broad: shoulder's wide, muscles prominent through his tight, long sleeve shirt. Every part of him is thick with muscle: legs, arms, torso… Gilbert gulps, thinking what else might be the same.

Ivan crosses his arms proudly, simpering down at the albino: violet eyes staring intently as if he can read the others thoughts. Gilbert isn't going to let him win this. He sits up on his knees, allowing his hands to wander up the sides of the Russian's solid thighs. He bites at his hip, tugging softly at his clothes with his teeth and nipping at the skin underneath. Ivan smiles to himself. So easy.

Gilbert's stomach flips over as he thinks about what he's doing. This isn't his first sexual experience, not even close, but this will be the first time he ever sucks a guy off and his heart pounds at the thought. Sure, West, Roderich and a few other's had done it to him but he had no idea what he was doing. One at a time, Gilbert pulls off Ivan's boots and tugs at the button on his pants. He bites the zipper pull and drags it down, the vibration feeling odd against his teeth but he doesn't complain as Ivan shifts his weight to one side telling him he's doing something right. Gilbert pulls down the larger nation's pants, fighting to get them off as they were fitting rather tightly.

He gulps again as he also removes the Russian's underwear, seeing his suspicion was right. Russia was a huge nation. Ivan sees the distress on the German's face and smirks, twisting his fingers into the silvery hair. Gilbert sighs, and dives in. He slips his tongue out, flicking it across the tip teasingly. He runs his tongue along the length, ever so slowly along the underside.

The Russian waivers a little and they both realize he needs to be against a wall, or on the couch: somewhere his knees won't give out and, I don't know, crush Gilbert. Said German backs him into the corner between the wall and the couch so he can support himself on both. Gilbert isn't soft and lovey dovey so instead of soft kisses, he trails harsh nips up his thighs until once again he's faced with the Russian's endowment. He slides the tip into his mouth, running his tongue over it. Gott he was even bigger than he looked. Slowly, he attempted to take in more, choking slightly as saliva slides down his chin. Ivan can't help but smirk to himself as he watches the struggle, feeling rather proud. Meanwhile the German is still forcing himself to take in more. 'I'm gonna be sore in the morning.' He thinks to himself. Ivan's hand, still in the albino's hair, urges him on, pushing himself further into Gilbert's hot mouth.

The German gags, feeling it hit the back of his throat. He begins sucking, pulling his hips to meet his mouth. He bobs his head and the Russian closes his eyes, dropping his head back against the wall. He digs his nails into the others thighs and begins dragging his teeth. He feels ridiculous but Ivan encourages him on with his panting and now soft moaning. Ivan thrusts back into his mouth, feeling a tightening in his stomach and his knees threaten to give out beneath him. Gilbert growls as they speed up, said growl sending vibrations through Ivan's lower regions. He holds onto the couch and the wall, bracing himself as he comes hard into Gilbert's mouth.

The albino is slightly taken back having received no warning but swallows all he can of the sticky, warm liquid. It tastes weird, but not necessarily bad. Some of it though, trails down his chin. Ivan pulls him to his feet and licks his face clean. Gilbert finds it oddly erotic to watch the Russian lick his own cum off of his face. They connect lips, the taste mixing between them as their tongues instantly enter into battle instantly.

The larger nation flips them around, pinning the other to the wall and presses him fiercely against it. He only breaks the kiss to discard the bothersome shirt on Gilbert and presses a hand to the German's chest reaching for his bag, pulling out a pair of handcuffs. He tightens them around Gilbert's wrists after pulling them behind his back. He rubbed their hips together, Ivan already getting hard again and Gilbert excited to the point of pain. "Get on with it!" Gilbert barks, panting.

"Whatever you say, da." Ivan answers, steering him with the handcuffs. He pushes him so he's standing in front of the arm of the couch, pulling off his pants and underwear before pushing him over the arm face first. Reaching into his bag again, the Russian pulls out a tube of lube. He coats four fingers diligently and licks at the base of Gilbert's spine, pressing two into him. The albino lets out an unawesome squeak, not used to such an intruder. He looks back at Ivan, hands stuck behind his back. Ivan plunges his fingers deeper, scissoring and thrusting them in and out. He adds a third, repeating his previous treatments, pressing further in and searching for his prostate. A shot of pain shoots through The German's body as a fourth finger is added. He snarls against the invasion, at least until he screams in pleasure.

Ivan quickly gets bored with the finger fucking, seeing it to be good enough and pulls out. Gilbert sighs in disappointment at the emptiness and instantly regrets it as he feels something much bigger at his backside. Ivan grips his hips and presses into him slowly. Gilbert feels like he might split in two and presses his face into the couch cushion. Ivan presses in further, not even halfway in and the German is resisting the urge to scream. So. Un. Awesome. Ivan pulls almost all the way out, ramming back in slightly further than before. He continues this until finally he's at the hilt. Gilbert is growling and complaining into the couch. Ivan pulls out, angling himself and slams back into him. Gilbert lets out a muffled scream into the cushion out of pleasure this time. The Russian picks up his pace, closing his eyes at the tight heat.

Ivan finally can move faster, pounding the German into the arm of the couch, loud, muffled moans resonating from beneath him. Gilbert fights against the handcuffs around his wrist, wanting nothing more than to free his hands. Ivan reaches around the other, pumping his hand in time with his thrusts along Gilbert's erection.

The albino can't take much more, feeling a tightening in his stomach. Ivan slaps his backside, causing another unawesome squeak to escape from the man beneath him. He continues a little longer, hitting into the German with unbelievable force. Muffled moans raise in volume, being screamed into the cushion and Gilbert releases into the hand and over the side of the couch, his fingernails digging into his palms. Ivan follows suit, filling the German with his seed. Gilbert stands panting, unhappy with the strange feeling as something sticky runs down his legs and Ivan smirks, finally having finished what they'd started. He removes the handcuffs, replacing them into his bag and begins dressing without a word. The German watches him carefully, pulling on his own boxers but nothing more.

Wonderful timing he has, Ludwig swings the door open with a heavy sigh, rubbing his forehead at the disappointing day he had. He looks up and turns a furious color of crimson as he sees his brother and the Russian, both mostly unclothed, sweating and panting slightly. "East! What did I tell you about doing this in my house!" He glares."I'll never get that couch clean." The blonde thought to himself, hurrying past the two to go to his own room.

"Perhaps I'll be seeing you again soon, da?" Ivan asks, pulling on his shirt over that perfectly sculpted body. Gilbert merely gulps before replying, "Ja, anytime. The awesome me always has time for a good fuck." He laughs awkwardly as the other bids him a small wave, wearing his coat per usual and slips out the door.

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