"Hey, you're the new girl, Isabella Swan, right?" I looked up to see a cute, baby-faced boy with blond hair that was gelled into even spikes. He was a little taller than me; I was 5'4' so he must have been about 5'7".

He looked at me, a smile on his face, "Um. . . Yes, but call me Bella." I told him, he nodded and looked me up and down.

"I'm Mike." He said, winking at me.

I turned towards my locker, pretending to fix books as I rolled my eyes, he leaned against the locker next to mine and pushed a strand of hair behind my ear. I moved away a little, feeling uncomfortable. His hand dropped to his side, and he looked at me smiling.

"So what's your next class?" He asked.

"English." I told him while taking out my books.

"Do you need help finding it?" He looked at me.

"No, I think I know where to go." I told him.

He sighed, and it sounded as if it was in annoyance, I looked up at him, and he smirked. I could tell there was a confused expression on my face because he cocked his head to the side.

I put my books into my backpack and closed my locker door, locking it. I turned away from Mike, and I heard him walking behind me. I shook my head and made my way towards the cafeteria. I got in line and ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza. I looked around the cafeteria, and saw everyone sitting with their friends. I sighed. I didn't have any here. . . Yet.

I saw a table near the corner of the room, and I walked towards it. I sat down and I felt like such a loner. Everyone was with their friends, and I was alone. I watched Mike make his way over to a group of several people; he sat down beside a boy whom I recognized to be in my math class.

I watched as people passed me, and I looked over at people sitting with their friends who stared at me. I looked down and ate my lunch.

I looked through my phone and noticed a text from my mom. Have a great day at school, sweetie! Love mom! - I smiled. I really missed my mom.

I sent a quick reply and looked around me. There was a teacher talking to a brown haired girl, she seemed to be arguing back as he gave out to her. I watched as she finally gave in and sat down, sulking. She frowned and looked towards me, glaring. I quickly dropped my gaze and looked down at my hands; I got up and slung my backpack over my shoulder. I got up and walked out of the cafeteria. I made my way to my locker and looked at the clock I sighed another half hour until lunch was over.

I stuffed my bag into the bottom half of my locker and looked through the homework I had for tonight, I got out my biology homework and started doing it. Just as I finished, I heard a group of girls laughing. I looked up and saw two blonds and a brunette haired girl. They made their way past me, but as I got my bag out of my locker and stepped away, the door of my locker, closed. I looked to see a blond, he long hair crowding her face. She was glaring at me. Her blue eyes bore into mine.

I stepped back a bit and looked at her; she was dressed in designer clothes. The bell went, telling everyone they needed to get to class, I watched as a few people went to class, leaving the hallway empty.

"So you're the new girl." She stated, I nodded. "Heard a lot about you." She said her tone full of disgust.

I looked down at my feet, as I saw her look me up and down, she snorted as she tugged on my navy blue sweater. "Of course, I forgot. A Chief of Police's salary wouldn't get you much." She laughed at me, I watched as her two friends laughed as well.

I felt like crying as she humiliated me, she kept on saying my make-up was cheap and my jeans needed to be updated because they looked at a little worn out. When she was finally done her criticizing, I noticed I was 10 minutes late for class, but I couldn't make myself move. I let me tear's stream down my face. I was upset about what they said, and I didn't think it was at all appropriate to say to anyone.

I went into the bathroom and got a tissue, wiping my tear stained cheeks. I wiped under my eyes were my eyeliner had been smudged. I wiped my eyes once more and blew my nose. I got another tissue and kept it in my pocket.I went to class and cringed as I opened the door, I closed the door beside me, and the teacher looked at me, "Sorry I'm late." I said, my voice sounding sad.

"Are you okay Ms. Swan?" Mr. Varner asked.

"I'm okay." I told him. He nodded and I walked down the isle to the back of the room to my desk and to my seat.

I looked forward to and ignored all the stares being shot in my direction.

"Hey, are you alright?" A male voice said.

I looked up and turned my head, looking at him. He was gorgeous. He had long bronze hair and bright green eyes. His skin was slightly tanned, as if he had just come back from a holiday. He was frowning. He looked concerned or worried about me.

"Um. . . Yeah, I. . . No I am a bit shaken, these girls just said some things." I admitted, new tears forming in my eyes as I remembered what they said.

He nodded, in understanding, and raised his hand. "Come on, I will bring you home. You don't look good at all." I nodded.

"Edward." The teacher called on him.

"Mr. Varner, Bella isn't feeling the greatest, do you mind if I take her to the nurse's office?" He asked.

"No, go ahead." Our teacher said.

We both got up and collected our books and backpacks. Edward led me out the door, and as soon as we tuned the corner, he brought me over to a bench. He sat me down and I looked at him. He smelt so good, and he was really handsome, it was hard not to stare.

"So was it, two blond haired girls and a brunette that came up to you?" He asked.

I nodded and he sighed, "That's Tanya, Jessica and Lauren, the biggest bitches in the school." He said, shaking his head, "I will sort them out for you later." He said simply.

"Oh, no don't, that will make things worse, and they will just go after you as well." I said, my tears reappearing, I cringed inwardly, I didn't want him to see me cry.

"Its okay, my friends and siblings have never had a problem with them before, they can't touch me." He said, shrugging.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

He smirked, "let's just say that I have more power over them than they have over anyone in this school. Beside's the fact that Tanya is my cousin." He said, sighing.

I nodded, not really knowing what he meant, but I got the gist of it. Edward looked over at me, smiling. I smiled back. He looked at me and I blushed a bit. I bowed my head and I heard him move a little.

I noticed that he had gotten up and was looking down at me. He held out his hand, and I took it, immediately I felt a spark, and I knew he felt it too. It was as if electricity was running through me, and as soon as he let go, I wish he hadn't, I hadn't felt so connected to someone before.

"We'd better go to the nurse's office." He said.

I nodded and he walked forward, leading me to a little office. A chubby lady was sitting behind a desk. She was on the phone and smiled at us as we walked through the door. Edward and I sat down on the bench. He went to the desk and talked to the women. She looked at me with a sad expression, and I gave her a half-hearted smile.

He nodded as she gave Edward the piece of paper. Edward held the door open, and I walked through it. He led me to a car. It was a Volvo. I looked at him and he smiled, "Get in."

I did as he said and sat in the passenger seat. "This is your car?" I asked, he smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, do you have a car?" He asked.

"No, I walk usually or get the bus." I shrugged.

"Wow, it's like two miles of a walk, what time do you leave your house at?" He asked.

I looked at him, "At around 7." I said.

He nodded, "Not much of a sleep, because I only finish my homework at like 10pm, same for you right?" He asked.

"Yeah, and I have to wake up at 6, so I am ready for school." I said.

He looked at me for a second before looking back at the road. "Do you want a ride to school tomorrow. I will pick you up at 7:45?" He asked, smiling.

"You are sure you want to be seen with me?" I asked, remember the bullies/bitches from earlier.

"Of course Bella, I will be here at 7:45am." He said, I noticed the car slow down, and he stopped.

I looked out the window and saw my house. I sighed. I didn't want to get out of the car. I didn't want to be away from Edward. He looked at me, as if he was thinking the same thing.