"DOGS! SNAP OUT OF IT!" Gustavo yelled, shaking the ground a little. Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos snapped their heads up, out of their daze.

"Whoa. Were you guys thinking what I was thinking?" Logan asked quietly. It seemed so real. He wanted his childhood to be back. He felt nostalgia for the past.

"About the time James got cancer?" Carlos said only half paying attention. Those were good times, weren't they? Awesome. Well, only when James got better. Not when they were all crying their heads off, hoping James would be okay.

"About the time Mrs. Knight had Katie?" James asked. All the boys smiled, remembering.

"About the time Logan got kidnapped, and then we found him in a secret compartment in the basement? Well, the police actually found him." Kendall added. Mrs. Simpson was tried and hung. No one missed her. Kendall couldn't believe they had come so far already. From such innocent stupid boys to mature (uh, actually, not really) boy band who had millions of fans screaming their names. And what a long way left to go.

"And remember Phillip? That mean bully guy?" Carlos added, shuddering. "Bet I could take him down now!" Carlos added. James smirked. Phillip had changed his name to Wally-Wally now. Then he smirked again.

"No you couldn't." And then they were on the ground wrestling. Kendall broke James apart from Carlos, and Logan pulled Carlos off from the ground.

"Well, James really beat you up there." Kendall pointed out. Carlos just pouted, with that contagious smile on his face.

"Well, I'm used to it cuz my dad always beat me up, remember?" What may have made them all cry before made them all laugh. Mr. Garcia was out of jail, but had to live in a mental hospital. Surrounded by other men who abused their children.

A month ago, he came out of his mental and physical training, and visited Carlos. He had really changed; he was really nice and apologized deeply for his stupid mistakes. He had even called himself and 'idiot.' And some other bad words, too. But, now the Garcias were all happy as can be.

"Good times, good times..." Logan sighed dreamily, and they all floated off to the Dreamland of the Past. Gustavo and Kelly sat there, staring at their project.

"WHAT ARE THE DOGS DOING!" Gustavo demanded. Kelly just rolled her eyes; how was it even possible to yell so much?

"Gustavo, calm down. Your blood pressure's gonna get too high. The boys are just thinking about their past. You know, when they were growing up?" Kelly explained. Gustavo just snorted.

"I had no growing up. So they can't dream about theirs' right now." Gustavo pulled all of their ears. In a few second, all the boys were out of their dreamland.

"We're going to do SIX hours of HARMONIES, and FOUR HOURS OF DANCING! MOVE YOUR BUTTS!" Gustavo ordered them. The boys scrambled out of their seats, and got ready in their recording studio. They got ready to work.

"And that's how it came to be." Kendall finished. The boys nodded and smiled. What a perfect ending.

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