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AN: Remember when Alanna goes off to fight the ogres in Wild Magic? This is how Alanna told George she was leaving again.

"Some idiot lord got himself killed by some ogres," Alanna sighed.

"They seem to do that a lot, don't they?" George asked, humor twinkling in his eyes.

"I have to go fight them," she blurted suddenly.

"Who else would Jon ask?" George sighed, rubbing his temples, "You are the best knight in Tortall. And you don't usually care what those idiot lords do."

"I'm worried. About Daine and Numair mostly."

"How's that?" George asked, looking into her purple eyes.

"Numair has been complaining again. But I know for a fact that he hasn't been with a woman at all since he met Daine."

"We'll pray for them," George said, his tanned face showing worry lines.

"You'd better not, Laddybuck," Alanna laughed at the confused look on George's face, "I expect you'll be prayin' for me, not them."

"You got it, mot," George whispered in her ear before pulling her into a long kiss.

AN: I know they don't say "mot" in the SotL books, but deal with it. Beka is George's ancestor, after all. Her and Rosto. I hope. :P Sorry it's so short. I may write a longer one soon, but probably not.