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"Don't." Halfway to becoming Black Haru, the ox couldn't bear to have the innocent girl touch him.

"But Hatsuharu-san is bleeding! We need to get the cuts cleaned! I know! I'll get Kyou-kun and Yuki-kun so they can go get Hatori-san-" Tohru began, starting towards the room where her friends were currently sitting.

"WHY? So they can fucking call me stupid?" Black Haru roared as he grabbed her wrist, ignoring the glass crunching beneath his feet as well as the blood dripping from his hands.

"No! I just want to help Hatsuharu-san! And you as well, Black Haru-san!" She winced as his grip on her tightened, trying to reason with her friend's dual personality.

"Help me by shutting up!" He kissed her hard, smudging blood along her pale skin as he pressed her to the wall. He couldn't help but think red was her color when he smeared it on her cheek like make up.

Whimpering, Tohru pushed at him weakly. Please sto-AH!" She screamed softly as he bit down on her lower lip, drawing blood. Tears began to trickled down her cheek as she closed her eyes. His hands were everywhere. "Please... Please stop, Hatsuharu-san." It was a whisper. She knew she should scream, but Yuki or Kyou would only hurt him more.

Moving back to see her pretty reddened lips, Black Haru groaned, feeling his calmer side take control.

Seeing the switch, the brunette beamed at him. "There you are Hatsuharu-san!" Covered in his blood, she gently took his forearm and lead him to the bathroom, quickly cleaning and bandaging the wounds on his hands. "I'm sorry-I should have done this at the beginning! But I got so worried when it kept coming out. Are you in pain, Hatsuharu-san?"

Guilt gnawed at his insides as he looked up at her. She was too sweet, too innocent. Didn't she realize what he had almost done to her?

"I'm going to go clean up!" She turned, ready to go, only to be pulled down onto his lap. "Hatsuharu-san?"

Gently, he brushed her hair out of her face, kissing her softly. "I'm sorry."

Blushing a pretty pink, the girl touched her lips gingerly. "Oh... Hatsuharu-san doesn't need to apologize. I was just scared... But..." Hesitating a moment, she pressed her lips to his again. "I like it when Hatsuharu-san kisses me. And Black Haru-san is a part of Hatsuharu-san." Smiling shyly, she stood and walked out.

Groaning when she disappeared, the boy clenched his fists. Didn't she realize? He would never be able to control himself now.