Welcome, student, to Digimon Academy

This is a school where you connect deeply with your digimon and become a great digimon tamer, Digital World explorer, or, if you're really lucky, digidestined.

My name is Ryan, Teacher of many of the subjects here. Don't make any comments about my age; all of the teachers here are kids. Now you may be wondering if you could get a cool pair of goggles like me at the school store- well you can't. Haha suckers. Don't give me that look, I'm fifteen. And no, goggles can be any color, not just red, mine's are blue and they're staying that way. And don't make any comments on my appearance, there's no dress code for students, so there's none for teachers either, so if I wanna wear a pair of jeans and sneakers and a blue T-Shirt and wanna have blue hair, I CAN! And no, my eyes are naturally this shade of blue, and no flirting with teachers!

Now that I've got my rant out of the way, tell me a little about yourself.



Appearance: (Include clothing)


Digivice: (You can make one up or use one from any season or manga, or game, or if you don't have one in mind we'll supply you with one)

Partner: (You can have more than one, but no more than three, and that's pushing it- you can also make up a digimon, but give a good description of him/her)

Partner Personality:

Partner Digivolution Line:

Bio: (Of both you and your digimon)

Anything interesting: (Any interesting facts about you or your digimon)

There are multiple teachers at this school, but fife basically run it: Myself, Cory, Adam, Collin, and Skylar.

We have a dean, but he just handles how things work here, so any problems just come to me or one of the other four main teachers- call us the Digidestined if your referring to us in a group, not entirely sure if we are or not, but we're the main hero's- that's right, we've saved both worlds more than once- so just refer to us this way in a group. Anyway, if you have an emotional problem we have a doctor/psychiatrist here to help with that.

Anyway, welcome and good luck- and don't go exploring the island without permission.

This story you submit characters and I use them as my characters, if you read this story than please leave an OC. Thank you, and please keep reading if you like my story.