Before their eyes the world was born. All around them the grass appeared beneath their feet and the sky and sun appeared above their heads.

"Whoa," Dani said.

"And so the Digital World is born." Dorumon said.

From Kozan's deck a card glowed. It floated out of the deck and was revealed to be the green card. Suddenly it changed into a token with the Trait of Gluttony on it. It floated towards the sky and joined a digiegg surrounded by six other digieggs. "That's Impmon's digiegg." Devimon realized. After they merged the digieggs all floated off.

"Guess you can't become Beelzemon anymore." Kozan said.

Devimon smiled, "That's ok, he's the real Demon Lord of Gluttony."

"Guys look at that!" Sara pointed to the sky. A new group of digieggs floated above them, eleven in all.

"Oh, only eleven...I guess Jupitermon-" DenKanjimon was cut off.

"One of them is shared by Apollomon and Dianamon, that's why there's only eleven." Sora said, giving a wink to DenKanjimon. DenKanjimon knew what he meant, Jupitermon was alive. Jay petted his partner.

"So what happened to Digimon Academy?" Liollmon asked Susanomon.

"It's automatic eject feature was activated. When the Digital World and human world are in sync again they will return. In the mean time the students and teachers will go back to human world school." Susanomon explained.

"Wait, what do you mean 'back in sync'?" Lauren asked.

"Now that the Digital World's been reset time will move much faster than in the human world. Eventually they will fall back into sync but it would be a few human world weeks before that happens."

"And how many Digital Years is that?" Cindy asked skeptical.

"A few thousand, maybe five thousand." Susanomon explained.

"What!" Lauren exclaimed. "Oh god, we're gonna be so old!" Lauren cried.

"Is that seriously your biggest concern?" Cyberdramon asked condescendingly.

"Do not fret; your human minds will force your bodies to stay in sync with human world so you will age at human world rate rather than Digital World years." Susanomon explained.

"So we get to live a few thousand years and stay young?" Nate asked.

"That's correct." Susanomon agreed.

"Being a tamer is so awesome." Nate said with a grin.


So for the next few thousand years the team traveled across the new Digital World, watching it develop. Sora was careful to take notes throughout the years. He eventually made friends with a Kokuwamon and they studied the Digital World together. Not fighting much Kokuwamon has only ever reached his champion form Kuwagamon.

Over time Cindy met a friendly little Budmon and they became fast friends. Over the years she grew into a Lalamon, and eventually a SunFlowmon, eventually she became a Lilamon and in the end she reached her mega level Rosemon. Of course after so many years she became Babamon. They then enjoyed a peaceful life living on a plain.

Darren didn't become close friends with a digimon until many years later; a little worried about losing another friend. Eventually his fear faded and he allowed himself to make friends with digimon but never found another partner. Until he got into a fight with a Gamon one time. He did well on his own but then Gamon got the upper hand and was going to kill him. However a Flaredramon rushed to his aid and saved him. They quickly became fast friends and partners. Currently he has reached his mega level.

Shinn tried to be a loner, but it wasn't easy. People were always friendly to him and his friends always made sure he was ok. Eventually he accepted friendship with a darkness digimon known as Bakemon. He never digivolved, but he didn't need to.

Nate formed a 'sub-team' with Sara, Dani, Gus and Lauren and their digimon. They went around the forming Digital World keeping it out of danger as much as they could. Eventually the sub-team drifted apart, not as friends but as traveling companions, each wanting to do their own thing, especially Nate and Dani, though Sara and Lauren stuck with Gus.

Alex raced across the Digital World on Kentaurosmon, enjoying life and saving those in danger. They looked for Dianamon and Apollomon constantly and the Great Demon Lords. They never found them. Weather they were hiding or hadn't hatched yet for whatever reason was unknown.

However years later Lucemon did call upon Darren. He told him about an important responsibility he had taken on based around an incident that happened to the young the Digital World. Darren remembered it well. The tamers and digidestined wanted to help with the situation but Susanomon said the Digital World needed to form on its own and only let the humans help with more minor situations. Darren was proud of his ex-partner.

Axle traveled across the Digital World with Shoutmon, playing music for those who cared to listen. Lane and Shadowmon did as Sora did and studied the Digital World, her spying capabilities helping her greatly in doing so. TJ and Cyberdramon formed a fight club for digimon and tamers. It would grow into something major years later. Kozan and Devimon became enigmas and eventually became known as shadowy beings called 'The Warriors of Darkness'. At some point Kozan got a new green card and inscribed on it was The Trait of Darkness. SkullSatamon could now digivolve to Apokarimon Creepy Mode. Dracana, Coy, Dracamon and Strabimon lived happy lives in the new Village of Life. Jay and DenKanjimon were overcome with joy when they saw the DenKanjimon population flourish. Finally Team DigiSavers did what they had always wanted, went across the Digital World helping those in need. For every place they helped they would find a tree and engrave the initial I into it. Impmon lived on in Team DigiSavers.


The sky was dark but lit up with stars. Kentaurosmon lied on his legs like a horse and Alex lightly snored on his back. Suddenly they were jerked awake by a booming voice.

"Kentaurosmon and Alex Estarimon." The voice said. The digimon that the voice belonged to was almost the exact same digimon as Imperialdramon X Fallen Paladin Mode but was white, didn't have the same large shoulder spikes, had a smaller piston gun and smaller, more cape-like wings and rather than DESTROY and the Digital Hazard symbol his sword was white and said INITALIZE and had The Traits of Friendship and Courage inscribed on it. "My name is Imperialdramon Paladin Mode."

Suddenly, landing behind Imperialdramon were Nate and Alphamon. "Hey Alex." Nate said.

"Uh, hey Nate. Who's your friend?"

"He just introduced himself, weren't you listening?" Nate chuckled. "He's forming a group of heroes, calls them The Royal Knights. We're their leaders."

"I have come to ask you to join the Royal Knights. Do you accept?" Imperialdramon asked.

Alex and Kentaurosmon smiled widely at each other, "Hell yeah!" Alex agreed.

"If your gonna have a group of knights the greatest should be a part of it." Kentaurosmon said smugly.

A non-amused Imperaildramon replied, "I'll take that as a yes. Besides you, Omegamon was second to join, and Examon has also joined." Imperaildramon explained.

"Wait- the Examon, original Dracomon, ancestor to all Dramons?" Alex asked.

"The very same." Imperialdramon explained.

"This is going to be an impressive group." Kentaurosmon noted.


Eventually the Digital World and human world re-synced and the students returned to Digimon Academy. Yuan and the others were more than surprised their friends were now thousands of years old, but tried to ignore it- it was pretty weird.

Being that they had been in the Digital World for thousands of years the team was happy to return to human school, where no one knew of digimon or the thousands of years of life experience they had. Though whenever they returned to the Digital World- which was pretty often- they always had a home at the academy, even during summer.

Nate and Alex continued to act as the only human members of the Royal Knights and Alex and Kentaurosmon did find Dianamon and even Apollomon. Their close bond had not broken, and Dianamon kept her promise. Nate eventually married Yuan and had a son. DemiDevimon still doesn't like Nate but he loves the little brat like family and they became very close. Alex also married later in life and became a professional fighter. Yeah, very cool.

Jay had become a professional motor cross racer, and DenKanjimon was his only pit crew, keeping his brothers bike always in top condition.

Sora, Kokuwamon, Lane and Shadowmon became Digital Researchers and scientists. Though Lane and Shadowmon also got a side job as an international spy. What, a girl's gotta make a living. Sora also followed his dream of making video games.

Coy and Dracana had become a very successful brother-sister writing and publishing team. They wrote many amazing stories, including one series about a brother and sister wolf and dragon who fought against evil. Hint Hint.

Dani became a professional sports player of soccer, football, baseball and etc; Terriermon X was her biggest fan.

Gus also became a writer- well an anime script writer- and his most popular show was one about four brothers who kicked demon beast ass.

Sara opened a help program for those with rough past or addictions. She had a ninety-nine percent success rate with her patients. Ryudamon couldn't have been more proud.

Kozan joined the police force and eventually became chief of police. Oh and did I mention that he married Julia and had a son? Well he did. Devimon continued to live on as The Warrior of Darkness, but he returned home every night to spend time with his nephew while Wizardmon and Gatomon also entertained him with magic or tricks.

Lauren became a teacher at Digimon Academy for a while, and then became an actual teacher in the human world. Oh and as for love, well she never could follow the 'don't flirt with teachers' rule. Hawkmon pretended to be a class pet. It wasn't the best job, but it made her and Lauren happy.

Like Kozan, Adam became a police officer and Yasyamon became a warrior who trained aspiring warriors. Guilmon X remained as Adam's faithful friend and partner.

TJ and Max became private I's. Man digimon tamers were really into the jobs about fighting bad guys. Cyberdramon ran his fight club, which was a little bit more than a club at that point, but he constantly visited TJ, Max and Gabumon X.

Axle and Shoutmon went to a performing arts college, and Axle went on to become a famous musician. Shoutmon returned to the Digital World to spread music across it, and maybe get into a fight or two...or a lot more.

Cindy became an artist. She became very rich and successful and Babamon loved to see her work. She also married and had a child. She calls Babamon Grammy.

Shinn became a therapist. Didn't see that one coming did you? Bakemon sometimes help with the severe, irrational fear patients. That stopped after the first heart attack.

Finally Darren married as well. He had a son who he named Darren Junior, A.K.A. DJ. You'll never guess what happens with this kid. I'll give you a hint, he's the youngest recorded tamer, and is good friends with Lucemon. Yeah, I know, obvious tip, sorry.

Twenty-Five years later a new group of students went to a redesigned Digimon Academy and had all new adventures, in a less-than-new Digital World. I wonder what kinds of adventures they'll have.

There it is, the epilogue. How did you guys like it? It led to the events of Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot and finished off Digimon Academy. I hope you all enjoyed and once again thanks for the support. Oh and SuperGarurumon while I have your attention I've noticed that you have created many characters and plots for those characters. Maybe you should create an account and a story. Just a suggestion. I hope you all read the sequel and enjoy it. Thanks again everybody. I know I'm forgetting something but I'll remember eventually. Well anyway,

Peace People