BOOM! I wake up to the fall of my sisters cat. I sit up straight from my mattress and look at the cat. I remember when dear sister Hinata first got that cat. Me and my friend Sasuke just got back from hunting when the cat met me at the door. For no apparent reason I hated that cat. For no apparent reason I felt so much hatred for that cat so I tried to drown that cat in the pond. Ever since then (which was a year ago) that one eyed cat hated me. I shook that memory out of my head and got my hunting suit on along with my cap and boots. Soon, I arrive at a dust sign that says ''No Tesspassing! Violators shall be Prosocuted". I then see his face. Sasuke. People say there is romance between us but I dont really see it. I have to admit he is good looking though. We go hunting and I shoot a jack rabbit and a squirrel. The Jack Rabbits were shot in the eyes but I lost luck on the squirrel...accidently it was shot in the rear. When we are done me and Sasuke sit on the hill eating black berries.

"Sakura, I been thinking. Thinking about us running away with me. We can survive on our own. Have kids and make a living."

Holy crap. He wants me to runaway with him! I say in shock " I can't. Ever since my dad died I have to take care of my sister and my mom. I cant just leave that all behind. Who knows I might disappear tonight at the reaping." I finished that sentence with a swallow.

"Your one in a million teens in district 12 do you really think that, Sakura-chan?"

I almost cry "Maybe. We will find out tonight."

We head home with 2 baskets of food and nothing but silence.