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I flick through the book I'm reading. Oh Ha Ni had been kind to invite Eun Jo's friend for dinner. The passing thought is forgotten as the door clicks shut and Eun Jo comes in.

'Oh Ha Ni is moving out...it seems she and her father are moving back to their house,' hyung says sitting on his bed. I sit up discarding my book.

'Isn't that great? She has been nothing but a pain to both of us, ever since she moved here.'

Observing my brother I feel like the wind is being knocked out of me. As he sits happily on his bed I consider that the game I have been playing is being taken apart in the blink of an eye. With conflicting feelings I get off the sofa and walk out the door to cross the hall. As I peer through her bedroom door she comes out of the bathroom; I stop and look at her.

'You're moving out?' I ask my heart beating strangely in anticipation.

Her eyes meet mine and she nods. 'Are you disappointed?'

'Well my life will finally go back to normal,' I say looking down at her sad face. Normal is what I want right?

'Right. That is what I hope too.' She turns to look away from me. 'I have to go pack now.'

As she looks away I can feel it's not all I want. But what can I say without looking a fool. I want to pull her into my arms, but what would stop her rejecting me at this point. After everything, she has every right not to want me. I should respect that.

I walk past her, trying to accept letting her go. 'Good night,' her hand brushes mine and It's only a moment but it's enough to stop me mid step. My skin burns where I've accidentally brushed against her. Turning to look at her, our eyes are fixed together.

All the "trouble" she's caused runs through my mind. That first moment with her backed against the tree for stealing my photo. Finding her outside my house the day she moved in. Saving her from drowning and kissing her on graduation night. The last thought makes me fully aware of how close I'm standing.

'Seung Jo Yah?' she asks.

Deliberating a moment how wise this is I grab her wrist. Taking her across the hall and onto the balcony she doesn't protest, but I can feel reluctance.

I'd convinced myself this was a game, but seeing her downcast face and knowing that she's going to leave for good makes me wonder what I wanted from this.

'Oh Ha Ni, are you nervous?'

'Ani. You don't want me,' she says as she avoids my gaze. 'And I'm leaving soon.'

The memory of her soon departure brings regret for fooling her around.

'You're leaving tomorrow.' I think about not being able to run into her every night or know she is in the room over. Every morning, Joon Gu will see her. Though Ha Ni-Ya seems oblivious to Joon Gu's affection, will she turn to someone else? My jaw clenches. I wince at the idea and pull my hand away again.

She looks out at the dark sky and anywhere but me. As she leans against the veranda a small sigh escapes her mouth. Reaching back out for her I slip my hand down her wrist, intertwining my fingers with hers. They fidget against the back of my hand and it would have made me smile if I wasn't nervous myself. Pulling her round to face me fully, any looks of confusion have left her face. Now just anticipation looks back at me with fluttering eyelashes and a slightly parted mouth.

I pause, but know it's too late to go back on these intentions. Lifting her chin with my finger I run my hands into her hair as our lips meet. Her skins as warm as her character. I feel her shiver as she moves her mouth against mine; her nervousness is overpoweringly beautiful and melts away my own.

Having pulled her tightly into my arms, I'd been right in feeling we'd get carried away if this ever began.

Her hair is ruffled here, there and everywhere down her back. I breath heavily as I lower her off her tip toes. Never moving further away from her face, I gaze into beautiful 선명한 eyes. 'You really are something Ha Ni Yah,' I whisper.

She blushes but biting her lip she looks up at me. 'So are you, Seung Jo Yah.' Putting her hand on my shoulder she reaches up to kiss me. Her just washed hair smells immensely distracting. Lacing her arms around my neck, I catch her round the waist and spin her off the ground. She breaks away from our kiss and laughs as I bring her down to stand on my feet.

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