Joon Gu running out of the shop brandishing a cross bow and shooting Seung Jo may be fairly AU. We'll go with this instead.

Seung Jo & Oh Ha Ni have just driven to the MT.

A smirk graces Ha Ni's face as we arrive for the MT. Slipping her hand out of mine I turn to her and she smiles properly now. 'Let's see how it goes?' she teases me darting out of reach. Allowing her this moment of triumph I gesture that maybe we should book in. Swinging our bags over my shoulder I try to resist the urge to drape my arm around her shoulders.

As Ha Ni almost skips into the automatic doors I try to keep a straight face. Sighing at the torture she's going to put me through I hand her her bag. 'Don't want to give people the wrong idea.'

Nodding solemnly she takes it and proceeds into the reception. Her face suddenly becoming comical. Her eyes light up and her smile contorts. Spotting He Ra in her line of site I wonder how she's resisting the urge to stick her tongue out. 'Oh Ha Ni, your not five. Let's book in,' I say before she gives her own secret away.

Seeming to remember her ruse of 'seeing how it goes', she straightens her face and walks directly to the desk. Now it's just a job for me to keep from laughing, she's enough private entertainment for the whole trip.

The practices themselves go well, I'm out of the habit of playing but it comes back quickly. Ha Ni is improving but she's still far off being able to actually play. Coming to a head one practice when she lets the racket go and it strikes an unsuspecting bystander I decide it's time to teach her.

For the last two nights we have tirelessly worked, she's missed more balls than I imagine anyone else would bother with. But the moment comes when she finally manages it and as it clicks, her stance picks up. I love witnessing her break throughs.

Her body twists, pulls back and strikes the ball repeatedly. Her smile grows with each hit until she finally runs out of balls. Coming up behind her she jumps in tired surprise.

Quietly I catch her in my arms before she can dart out of reach. Catching her mouth under mine I take no heed of the starting rain. She's happy to let go of her racket as we kiss for the first time that day. Releasing her I quickly scoop up my jacket and slip it on, Ha Ni's disappointed face turns happy when I open it up for her to slip her arms around my waist. We scurry through the rain, quicker as it falls heavier. Our feet splash through the shallow pools running across the walk ways.

Walking her back to the girls rooms I steal one last kiss and then leave her with my jacket. She smiles gratefully and wraps it tight around her shivering body.

Waking in the night He Ra suddenly bolts up right, screaming at a ghost sitting under the window. Taking a closer look she realises it's Ha Ni, He Ra flops back onto the bed and curses. Fighting against curiosity she flicks the light on.

What she sees explains further the reason she thought she'd seen a ghost. Ha Ni dressed in an oversized coat was pale.
Crouching down beside her He Ra could see the cold sweat and her wet clothes. Wondering what the hell the girl had been doing she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her.

'Ha Ni Yah,' she said, no response. Violent shivers shook through her. Taking one clammy hand in her own she put it around her shoulders and yanked her up to standing. Satisfied she wasn't going to drop her, He Ra made for the door. Making a fair amount of noise as they travelled He Ra hoisted her securely around her shoulder.

Seung Jo's POV

As I lay awake going over the evening I hear a strange dragging sound. Muttered expletives mix in with Ha Ni's name and I wonder whats happening. Sleep escaping me I have to know she is okay.

Coming into the corridor, I run straight to her side. I thank He Ra as I pull her into my arms. 'What's wrong with her?' I ask trying to stand Ha Ni up. She stands shakily and seems to gain a slight lucid grasp. 'I woke up and she was like this,' He Ra says gesturing to the water from head to foot, 'she's soaking.'

Taking in the site I close my eyes and tighten my hold around her. Ha Ni Yah! I put it to the back of my mind. Supporting her uneven walking we head for reception and call the first aider. Checking temperature and blood pressure the first aider concludes that it isn't too serious, she'd suffered quite a chill from the rain. She needed bed rest, dry clothes and if it worsened a warm compress. As long as we kept an eye on her she would be fine.

He Ra excusing herself for beauty sleep with a tight smile left me with Ha Ni. Entering my room I considered it was a good thing I wasn't sharing with anyone. Taking off the cold wet jacket and her socks I puzzled over what to do with anything else. Sitting beside her on the bed I took a towel to her hair, rubbing the water down it's length until it felt moderately dry.

Running the towel down past her ear made my eyes travel along her jawline. She leans into the warmth of my chest supporting her and I try not to smile. Wrapping her as completely as I can in the towel I lay her down on the bed and she curls towards the edge were I prop myself against the bed. Feeling her shiver I pull her into the crook of my arm and cover the quilt over us.
Even from sitting on the floor, having her here wrapped in my arms I pull closer to her also. It had been a perfect evening, up until this point it had been heading for a life highlight.

Knowing Ha Ni and how excitement had probably taken over I'm exactly sure of how she'd ended up in this state. Forgetting to dry herself, sitting next to the radiator to stay warm, probably falling asleep. I was in this moment sincerely grateful for He Ra's help. Maybe it wouldn't have been that serious either way, but I'm glad we didn't have to find out. Holding Ha Ni feverishly I settled to sleeping, completely conscious of the love in my arms.

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