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If you haven't read Prime's Princess, then you are probably not going to understand some parts. So you need to read that first...thank you.


Summary: She glared back. Defied him. Threatened him. Even threw HIM! And he loved it. Every minute. That's when he realized that he needed her more than she would ever know.

Chapter One

Shadow sat on Bumblebee (after begging for permission) with a very, VERY pregnant Avella. She was about to pop any day now and Prime refused to go on any missons until his children were born. Shadow felt sorry for Ava because pregnancy was exhausting. And pregnancy with twins was double the pain and exhaustion.

"Has Ratchet told you yet?" Ava looked at Shadow as she blinked at Ava. The question was out of no where and Shadow found herself wondering if this was one of Ava's strange pregnancy moods.

"Told me what?" Shadow asked, obviously clueless. Ava giggled at her friend's reaction. She should have known that the great Ratchet wouldn't admit it.

"About their human mating expedition?"

"Their what?"

Ava laughed at her friend as Shadow stared at the soon to be mom with wide eyes. The only thought running through her mind was what the hell as Ava explained.

"Optimus was telling me about it one day when I got a little to curious for my own good. Ratchet was curious about how humans mated, so Sam told them to watch porn. Unfortunately, Ratchet didn't get it at all and is thinking that perhaps he should try it instead of watching," Ava laughed again, tapping her chin, "But he is to shy to even think about it. Optimus says that the woman would have to dominate him."

Shadow held her sides when Ava finsihed, laughing so hard that tears glittered her lashes. She was having such a hard time breathing that Bee's holoform appeared behind her, patting her back.

"What...does that me?" Shadow gasped, rubbing her eyes. She was finally able to block the images of Ratchet's holoform sitting in front of a t.v. during a pointless episode of adult entertainment.

"You like him, that's what. Or did you forget the first thing you said to him?" Ava poked her shoulder while one of the little ones kicked Ava. The squeal had Optimus appearing out of nowhere.

"It was a kick, Prime," Shadow called to the paniced leader as she rubbed the sore area on her arm. No, she hadn't forgotten. She had told him that he was cute but her image wasn't all that...attracting. Her closes were baggy, she never wore make up, and her glasses had a habit of making her look nerdy.

"And?" she blushed after a moment. Bee's holoform was now standing in front of her and he grabbed her hand gently. He looked deep into her teal blue eyes.

"You can make him happy. He doesn't believe that any femme will ever care for him. He says he's too grumpy," Bee said, his vocalizer still a bit scratchy. Shadow was still trying to get her sister to figure out why it always short circuited and it was difficult since Clarity was technically not suppose to know about the non-biological extraterrestrials. But...their friend is apart of the Autobots race and therefore mixed in with it too.

"I'll show him to grumpy. I'll throw wrenches at him!" Shadow growled. Bee and Ava both laughed together as the image of the small human chasing the mech entered their minds.

"That will be something to see," the two said breathless in unison. Shadow smirked as she looked at the ground, not trusting herself to keep a straight face.

"So you want me to work my magic?"

Ava rubbed her belly, trying to get the two babes to calm down. They were moving around and Shadow watched in fascination as her stomach moved in strange ways.

"We have a feeling that he likes you so you don't have to work so hard. Even Optimus saw how looks at you when you're not looking at him," Ava winked at Shadow. Shadow felt her brain's gears, figurative gears (darn robots) start to turn, ideas flying through. She knew she had to get him to admit the truth, and she wanted to torture it out of him.

"Ms. Nigh, I need your help."

Everyone looked in the direction of the med bay and saw a blond hair, blue eyed man in a lab coat. He was average build - though every could see the muscle everytime he lifted something or moved a certain way - and wore glasses that were a bit rectangular in shape.

Ava glanced at her friend, hearing the true meaning in her friend's sigh, the same sigh she gave the robotic form of Ratchet hundreds of times. Bee thought it was a sigh of frustration but it wasn't. It was the sigh of liking what you see and Shadow liked what she saw a lot.

"Coming Hatchet," Shadow slid off Bee's hood and followed the now glaring holoform. He didn't much care for his nickname the humans gave him, which in turn had his fellow Autobots calling him that. He hated it more when Shadow used it.

"So what now?" Shadow trudged behind, acting irritated. She loved giving him a hard time. Simply to get those icy blue eyes (or optics) looking at her.

"Jazz is needing a part replaced and my hand is too large to fit in the space it's located in," Ratchet explained. Shadow knew that Jazz was having a hard time adjusting to this. She had helped Ratchet reactivate Jazz, with the help of a newfound shard, and the poor mech nearly offlined again when he saw Ava.

"So?" Shadow cocked an eyebrow as his holoform disappeared and she watched the rescue hummer transform. The parts that shifted and changed always fascinated her as she finally stared up at the real Ratchet. She swore she was insane for falling for a robot. Then again, she wasn't all that sane to begin with.

Ratchet reached down, seeing she was slightly distracted, and picked her up by her shirt. She dangled from his fingers, a death glare on her features that he liked to see.

"Don't manhandle me!" Shadow screeched. She wasn't worried about her shirt stretching, it was already baggy enough. But she was worried about someone walking in and under her form. She didn't wear any leggings today. Laundry day.

"Be quiet. You're going into Jazz and fixing his issue," Ratchet snapped before taking her to Jazz. He gently placed her down and pointed at the place she needed to go into.

"You're doing this to torture me, aren't you?" Shadow tried and failed miserably to fix her now overly stretched shirt. Ratchet looked at her and gave a Cybertronian form of a smile.

"Yes. Now get to work," he said, holding down a tool belt. Shadow mumbled angrily as she dropped the tool belt into Jazz before bending over to look inside. Her rear end wiggled in the air and Jazz was watching Ratchet, who was trying and failing to ignore that image.

"Fucking jerk. Why is he even a freaking medic to begin with? He has no compassion."

"I heard that."

"Then turn off your damn audio receivers and let me mumble in peace!" she growled as she masked her embarrassment. She pushed her glasses to the bridge of her nose, smearing lubricant all over her cheek. She was able to repair the damage, which was a mere wire that had been severed slightly, and as she stood back up, her skirt caught on a jagged edge of Jazz's armor.

All optics watched the little human curse like a sailor as she stared at her skirt. It use to be knee length but now it had torn to the top of her thigh. Shadow was cursing because she wouldn't be able to bend over without everyone seeing underneath.

"Hatchet, you owe me a new skirt!" Shadow looked at him, anger burning in her eyes. Then a sly smile took over her features as Ratchet looked at the skirt. His a/c was running wildly as he continued to stare at her. Perhaps she could change her fashion for awhile.

"Well, come get me," she held out her arms like a toddler, waiting for the medic to move. He didn't as he continued to stare at her legs. She knew he would be blushing if he wasn't in this form.

"No, you pervert. Not like that," Shadow grumbled before walking to the edge of Jazz. She went to jump off the berth and when her feet left the metal, Ratchet had caught her. He quickly placed her on the floor before pointing at her. It looked like he was punishing a child.

"Don't ever do that again!" he reprimanded her. Again, Shadow gave him a sly smile before clasping her hands behind her back.

"Are you trying to be my boyfriend?"

"Yes - wait - no. No, I'm not," Ratchet's a/c began to run harder and faster as Jazz chuckled at the scene. Shadow touched the finger still pointing at her, another smile on her face.

"Your a/c says different," she teased. They had been right and she was wondering what kind of looks Ratchet gives her when she wasn't drooling over him.

"I have a malfunction in the controls. It's been doing that for awhile," Ratchet lied. Shadow saw straight through it too. Ratchet was such a terrible liar and she proved it when she walked away.

"Liar!" she said loud enough for him to hear. She heard a loud clang, like something being dropped and she couldn't help the giggles. The next few days were going to be fun.


Boti: Uh oh! She's gonna get him! Tee hee hee! Btw, I hope you kinda got the idea as to why Ratchet wanted her to fix Jazz. He's such a!