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Warning: Sexual themes mentioned in this chapter but nothing to detailed or over the top. But this is a strong rated T!


Chapter Twelve

Ratchet sighed as he watched Shadow resting in her bed. He was so happy to know that she had given him her body, her innocence. Ratchet had noticed that today's society, innocence was a rare thing. Love making was not sacred or loving. Just a fun activity for others. With him, he mated for life. But he made sure not to use that term. Shadow didn't like it.


He saw Shadow blink up at him, a soft smile on her lips. He felt his body suddenly shoot to life again, every receptor wanting to experience her body once again. But he knew she needed to rest, needed to heal.

"Yes?" he raised a brow as she slowly sat up, seeing a slight cringe shake her body as she pretended to be unaffected by it. But he knew differently. Having done research on multiple websites through his connection to the internet.

"What are you doing up? Aren't you tired?" Shadow yawned and stretched. She still felt sore but she didn't complain, knowing it would pass. And she was glad that he had been gentle with her. Though she wasn't looking forward to the questions she was sure to get.

"I am fully recharged. You have been recharging for nearly 12 hours," Ratchet watched as a slight panicked expression crossed her face but he reassured her quickly. He had already sent out the comm that Shadow and he would be unavailable for the day.

A sigh escaped his lips as he thought about that comm. Prime had an amused tone to his own message and Ratchet knew that Prime had somehow found out what had transpired. And it didn't bode well for the two.

"Got the same thoughts, huh?" Shadow giggled when Ratchet sat on the bed, nodding his head in agreement.

"I have been concerned about that. I could tell that our…..meeting in the med bay had not gone by unknown," Ratchet watched as Shadow ran her fingers through her hair, holding the blanket around her as she pondered on what he said. There was no doubt that someone knew. It just depended on who it was that discovered it.

"Perhaps we shouldn't worry so much, you know. I mean, unless you are ashamed…"

"Never," Ratchet quickly spoke as he grabbed her hand. He knew she had been nervous and he had expected her worries about not being…experienced enough. It was a normal worry for the humans he had discovered, thanks to Mikaela and Sam.

"Alright," Shadow smiled, knowing that Ratchet wouldn't lie to her. And she still felt comfortable around him, which put to rest the one worry she had when she woke as well.

"Well, get ready. We have work to go do," Ratchet leaned toward her, kissing her forehead and giving her hand a squeeze before disappearing. Shadow giggled once he was gone, knowing that within a few moments, her room door would burst open with an excited sister and best friend. And sure enough, once she had grabbed a towel to take a shower, her door flew open, 3 people stumbling inside from excitement.

"Shadow! Shadow!" Ava screamed, jumping up and down like a school girl. Clarity immediately hugged her as Jazell giggled as well, watching the older sister congratulate the younger on becoming a woman.

"You gotta tell us how Ratchet was in bed. And how big he projected himself and if he was gentle or animalistic or-"

"Clarity!" Shadow yelled her sister's name as an explosion of red covered her cheeks. The group of friends immediately quieted, knowing that Shadow had to get comfortable with the questions and knew they had rushed her a little too quickly. Shadow, though blunt and usually not shy about anything, had a tendency of being embarrassed about personal experiences.

"Girls, let's let Shadow take a shower," Ava spoke, pointing out the fact that Shadow was still covered in a blanket….and nothing else.

"Alright!" Clarity, completely unashamed, pushed her younger sister toward the bathroom, stepping in with her as well. Shadow knew her sister wasn't bothered by the intrusion as she was, but knew better than to complain. So without hesitation, she started the water and stepped in, shutting the curtain completely to have some sort of privacy.

"So, are you alright?"

Shadow sighed after a moment of silence. Her sister was concerned, which is why her questions were a bit detailed. And she had to admit, she did feel a little pain but it was nothing she couldn't handle for the day.

"I am alright, sis. Just a little sore. Why you ask?"

"You're my sister. And I knew you were worried about sex, ever since you were younger. And found out that I was experienced in that department. So," Clarity sat down on the floor, leaning against the door, "you can understand my worry. I had thought you would panic but you're a doctor so that was unnecessary."

"Panic? Why would I panic? I have seen plenty of gory things in books and in person and plenty of penises in books as well."

"But in person is a different story, isn't it?"

It was the truth as Shadow didn't reply, freezing inside the shower. It was different and rather frightening but she had read enough to understand the concept of the act. Still, she did remember how her eyes had widened in shock.

"Told ya," Clarity piped up, chuckling when Shadow snorted in response.

"So what about it? I did get nervous but I knew it wasn't going to be bad and I know how the human body can accommodate his large size," Shadow said. Suddenly, she covered her mouth, hearing her sister squeal when the words finally struck the right cord in her brain.

"So he did project himself to that size," Clarity laughed. Shadow turned off the water, ripping the curtain to the side. She didn't care if she was standing naked before Clarity. Only thing on her mind was telling Clarity off.

Before words ever left her mouth, Shadow froze, remembering why she made sure to cover her chest. And it showed on her sister's face that is was far too late to pull the curtains back.

"Wow….animalistic is the answer," Clarity stared at the marks on her sister's chest, the bruises that marked Ratchet's claim on her. And somehow that bothered her more than she had realized. This meant she would have to talk to Ava about it. To make sure this wasn't a bad thing.

"Um," Shadow bit her bottom lip, reaching for the towel that was waiting for her. She quickly dried off, covering herself afterwards and waited. Clarity, however, simply smiled. She would get her answers later. But she definitely knew that a robot was not for her.


Shadow sat in her chair, stretching her joints. The days that had passed were over and so were the constant questions that she was bombarded with. Everyone had officially gotten use to the new relationship that had joined the many others and Lennox had finally calmed after hearing the rumor that turned out to be true. Still, he did not complain either, as long as their work was finished on time and there were no distractions as well.

Still, it did not help Shadow. The past few days seemed to tear at her. Though she was able to sleep, an unsettling feeling took over her emotions. Like there was something horrible approaching, a test she feared she wouldn't survive. But it was silly. Something stupid that she didn't need to worry about. And even then, she was on Diego Garcia. No decepticon would dare come near a military base surrounded by Autobots.


"Hm?" she turned, spotting one of the newest recruits. She looked a bit nervous, like most. And it was obvious that this one was more of a technical guru rather than a combat expert.

"You're needed out behind the hanger. Ratchet wants to speak with you," she said before turning away, walking as fast as possible. Shadow couldn't help but wonder why this person was so unsocialized but that was for another time. Ratchet needed her and she pondered on why he chose such a hidden location.

Shrugging her shoulders, she got up, making her way out the back of the hanger. But once her hand touched the knob, she froze. The feeling of dread took over her entire form, making her feel absolutely sick. She found herself unable to open the door to go out and knew she was receiving stares by the other soldiers nearby.

"This is silly," she whispered harshly, finally shaking off the feeling. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door, feeling the heat of the day hit her face as she smiled. Stepping out, she waited for her eyes to adjust to the light, only to see the same recruit waiting for her.


"I've been waiting for you," a metallic voice reached Shadow's ears, causing her to step back. The door had shut behind her and before she could react, a sudden pain overtook her body, radiating from her head. Falling to the ground, she watched as the unknown person transformed into the shape of a familiar robot. The logo on its chest prominent and spilling fear into Shadow's heart as her eyes closed. She just hoped she would be found in time.


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