AN: My first time writing a Samurai fic, and first time writing for Bulk.

Bulk was used to weird things. Growing up in Angel Grove did that to a person.

No, Bulk was sure turning into a chimp, passing a detective desk during a monster attack, being on the Junior Police force, becoming an assistant to a mad scientist, taking a road trip to outer space, and then ending up in charge of his own resort would teach him just how crazy life was.

Until he walked into his garage, the space recreated into a dojo for him and Spike to use.

He hadn't seen his nephew since breakfast, there were no monster attacks so far, but the day was still young, anything could happen. Why, Bulk could still remember the instant he met a Samurai Ranger face to face since he came to this city. While he had interacted with past teams, even knew the Rangers on a first name basis, this team was new. He had no clue who they really were, and he was eager to find out. Maybe he might be able to mentor them in some way, like how he was doing with Spike.

Speaking of Spike...

Bulk muscled his way into his garage, stopping in his tracks when he saw his nephew huddled in a corner.

Holding something that looked suspiciously like pink spandex.

From behind Bulk, something tilted forward, and a bowling ball fell from its perch, rolling until it reached the other part of the garage, coming to a full stop at Spike's foot. The other boy looked up at the sudden pressure, finally realizing he wasn't alone in his uncle garage.

"Uh... Hi Uncle Bulk."

Bulk remained rooted to his spot, and tried to formulate a sentence. "Spike... What is that? What are you holding?"

Spike glanced down at the pink fabric in his hands, a red tint covering his cheeks. "Um... Pink spandex."

Bulk blinked. And blinked again.

Seconds rolled by as Spike grinned guiltily, the spandex still tight in his grip.

Bulk stared at the scene one second longer than he should have before turning around and exiting the garage.

The older man had seen and gotten involved in many things, but sometimes he worried a great deal about his best friend's son.

AN: Just because Spike thinks he likes Mia. All he really is attracted to is pink spandex.