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The winter wind swiftly nibbles my cheek. Shivering, I pull up the fluffy hood of my thick red coat. Rubbing frozen fleshy pink hands together, I mutter, "I hate winter." Stupid, stupid winter loves sneaking up, trying to literally kill me.

Tomorrow is the Bazaar, and I need honeycombs. They're difficult to find - especially during this time of year.

I walk past the hotel. Today the snow is rimmed across the window panes and coating the roof.

Suddenly a voice shrieks, "Anita Greendew, you better come inside before you get frostbite!" When I turn, Daisy Kinsella's head is poking out the window. Immediately I start debating. What's more important, honeycombs or my health? "Get your ass inside, right now!"

Okay, this is stupid because my health is obviously way more of a priority.

Willingly, I hop over the huge blocks of snow, hands shoved in pockets. Hoarsely I call back, "Don't worry, I'm coming, Daisy!"

Then I tumble face first in the snow.

"Mmph!" It's cold, it's cold, oh my goddess, it's cold! It's like a chunk of ice face palmed me. Getting to my knees, I brush the snow off my jacket.

"Ha-ha, nice! You're so stupid!" Daisy's curly head bobs back inside the hotel. I can tell she's running to the door. As soon as I crawl to my feet and reach the door, she opens it. Frowning, Daisy drapes me with a fuchsia blanket, and shoves me in a chair. "Stay there while I get some hot chocolate," she orders.

Daisy Kinsella: one of my closest friends on the island. Every single day she wears at least one pink piece of clothing, and eats a lot of sweets. When I say 'a lot', I mean a lot. On her days off you can find her stuffing her face with anything that is related to cake. Recently, she's been self-conscious of her weight. She claims now there's a limit – to one cake every two days.

When she arrives back with my hot chocolate, I carefully sip it. The beverage is reasonable.

Not many people trust Daisy's cooking, you see, because she's a cleaner. Cleaners don't cook if they're cleaning, apparently. These days, stereotypes are so weird.

She's actually a cook-in-training. Our friend has been teaching her at the Cafe once in a while.

I give her a warning look. "You forgot the marshmallows."

Addicting marshmellows! My favourite sweet. Sweet, soft, and melting in hot chocolate... Mmm.

Throwing her hands in the air, Daisy says, "Pish posh!" and takes a seat across from me.

Smirking, she says, "So...what were you doing outside on a chilly day like this?" I guess I wasn't getting any marshmallows.

I state the truth. "I was gathering honeycombs."

"HA! Liar! You're going on a date with Ivan! You were talking about it yesterday! Don't deny it!" Leaning forward and crossing her arms, Daisy gives two slow triumphant nods like she's figured out a huge secret.

Slipping off my jacket – it's getting a little warm in here – I reply, "No, I was actually gathering honeycombs." She doesn't believe me; otherwise that mischievous smile would have disappeared already. I glance at the clock. It's six-thirty now. I say to her, "Our date ended two hours ago."

Only getting more excited, she squeals, "How was it?"

She wants me to dreamily rant on and on about how amazing Ivan is. I know this because she always does that with her boyfriend Angelo Valencia. Really – I even know that Angelo has a sky blue stuffed bear named Mouse. Isn't that interesting?

Bluntly, I say, "It was great. He makes me smile, you know?"

Honestly, Ivan Vincent is awesome. The thing I love most about him is his smile. Smiling is amazing, and Ivan smiles often. He's polite to everyone, empathetic, responsible, and most of all, a great role model for younger kids. Maybe that's because he's a young teacher.

The problem is: there isn't a spark between us. When he smiled, my heart didn't quicken pace. While he hugged me, I felt like I was just hugging a big brother. I wasn't even blushing during our date – and goddess, I am a blusher.

However, I don't want to discuss my problems with Daisy at the moment...not until I sort out my feelings.

Disappointed in my lack of gossip, she pouts. Quickly recovering, she informs me, "There's a new guy here. His name is Amir Ranjit Raj Singh."

My drink has cooled a little more, so I take a gulp out of it. Leaning in closer, she whispers, "He's a prince from a far away country...and he's hot."

Trust Daisy to rate the guy on appearance right away. I roll my eyes.

After telling me as much as she knew about this new prince guy, she declares, "Now that you're all better, why don't you go say hi?"

I've learned that he loves animals from poof-tastic chicks to loud barking dogs. His favourite colour is yellow. The day he will turn twenty-three is on the twenty-sixth of winter. One despised thing is any kind of curry but the most loved food is stew.

He sounds like my complete opposite: I adore curry, am not a big fan of soup, and my dog Danny annoys the hell out of me along with his cat sidekick, Bella.

Even though my energy is super drained, I'm actually interested to meet him.

"I'm drinking hot chocolate," I retort, making a point by raising the white mug in my hands. Quickly I lower it. Truthfully, I finished my hot chocolate a few minutes ago.

Tugging me up, she says, "You already finished it."

Crap - she knows everything.

Grinning, she exclaims, "Now let's go upstairs!" Hazel eyes gleam in satisfaction as I reluctantly follow her up the stairs. If I don't comply, I'll never hear the end of it.

I yawn. This isn't appealing to my interests. Zephyr Town is a small place; I'll meet him eventually...

"Why do we have to do this?" I grumble, pointedly glaring at Daisy.

Giggling, she replies, "It's because he's so sexy! If I wasn't going out with Angelo, I'd totally date him!"

Ooh, Daisy's interested in him? That means I won't like him. The guys that Daisy is into and the ones that I am into are totally different.

When we approach a door, it's already wide open. Peering inside, I see that clothes are strewn on the bed. I'm taken aback. His clothes are actually fit for someone royal. On the streets of Zephyr Town I don't see people dress like this.

There's no one inside that I can see.

Hands are pressed on my back, and they shove me into the room. Feet faintly thud against the carpet, as if someone's running away. That coward: Daisy. I fall to my knees, and I groan, "Daisy!"

When I look up, I give a small, "Eep!"

A man is relaxing on a chartreuse arm chair, feet propped up on a side table. Dark skin glows, and my breath catches a little on how perfect his coffee sun baked skin is. Ice blue eyes widen a little. My dark eyes innocently blink.

Flipping his silvery white hair, he asks in a husky voice, "Why the hell are you in my room?"

I manage to stammer, "I-I-I just wanted to say hi!" My face reddens. Wow, he really is a stunner.

For some reason I can't take my eyes off him.

"Hmm," To my surprise, he chuckles. Standing and clapping his hands together, he walks over and sticks out a smooth hand. I take it, and he hauls me up.

He's so strong...

After inviting me to sit down, he says, "I did not expect you to say that." A little awkwardly I sit, hands folded at my lap. Across from me, he offers a genuine smile.

"Uh...why?" Palms starting to sweat, I nervously smile. "Heh...what were you expecting me to say?" When I glance into his eyes, I'm captivated by the bright orbs. Then I snap myself out of it.

With a shrug, he replies, "I do not know..."

I make no move to respond, so he breaks the silence. "I am Amir Ranjit Raj Singh." It sounds even grander when coming from his mouth. Chin held up high, he asks, "What is your name?"

Staring at the ground, I say a tad too quietly, "Anita Veronica Greendew." People normally don't ask for my name. I guess that's because even though I've been living for three seasons here and there hasn't been many new comers.

Lips pursed, Amir Ranjit Raj Singh nods and repeats, "Anita Veronica Greendew..." My name rolls off his tongue in such a forging style. "That is truly a beautiful name." I bet the next time I say 'Amir Ranjit Raj Singh', it will be awkward and I'll trip over many mistakes. How grand will it be then?

It's so hot in here!

Face burning, I tell him, "I'm the farmer."

He drawls, "How lovely." My face falls. Does he think I'm a waste of his time? The way he says it can be sarcastic, almost mocking.

"I've always been fascinated by farming."

Well this guy is full of surprises, isn't he?

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