A/N: For the 14 Day Writing Challenge over at tumblr. I have missed writing for these two lovelies. And I'm still not entirely sure what this is. Title credit goes to Ron Pope. I hope you enjoy, and I like reviews…

She's sure he's watching her.
Every time she leans over her desk to work on a new design, he's watching her, as she brushes that stray piece of hair behind her hair and adjusts her scarf as she puts a pencil to paper.

Every time she looks over her shoulder, though, he's staring straight into his laptop.

It's really frustrating, actually. She's sure he smirks in that special way every time he foils her yet again.


Ariadne wants to catch him staring at her just once.

It's a justification thing.
If she catches him, she's not paranoid.
It is because he's burning holes into her shirt and not because she just wants him to.

And she really does want him to.


Arthur smirks, and decides to make a game out of it one day.
(Like it's not already)
He's going to gradually move his lawn chair closer and closer.
If she notices, he'll act natural.

That's what he's best at doing around her, anyway.

And so the game begins.
Inch by inch, the chair moves closer to Ariadne's desk.
And, as usual, she notices but can't catch him.

Like their relationship is now, whenever they're at the warehouse and actually working.

Eventually, Arthur is able to lean forward and tap her on the shoulder.
She jumps up in surprise and turns around.

She just stares at him, dumbfounded, for a few minutes.
Of course she would be so immersed in her work that she wouldn't notice if someone was right behind her.
Even if he had been creeping up on her all day.

Maybe that's why Cobb made her swear up and down to keep constant vigilance when she went into her dreams.


She kisses him. Or he kisses her. There's kissing. And a lawn chair creaking under the weight of two people. And laughing. And a promise for a different game next week.

Because that's what these two lovebirds do. They pretend to be the opposite of what they are.

It's fun because it annoys the hell out of Eames.
And Arthur and Ariadne love every second they get to annoy Eames.