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It would only be a matter of time until he walked through those doors, and then, his fate would be sealed. Before that happened, she had to warn him, and although she doubted it, maybe he would listen, maybe he would run... however slim a chance it may be, she couldn't help but hope that he would take it. She knew that Amynorp's plans for him could only be less than pleasant.

Estelle watched the image projected by the strange apatheia-like gem that Amynorp had called, the 'Aurora Gem'. From what she had been told, the Aurora Gem corresponded with several other, smaller Aurora Gems, the smaller ones transmitting anything that was reflected on their surfaces to the larger one, which then could project the image for viewing.

She wasn't sure when such advanced technologies had came about, and had a feeling that she wasn't going to like to where they would lead. The Aurora Gem technology was only one of the many mysteries they had seen fit to solve for her, the rest of this accursed place remained in shadow. There was so much that she, and Ioder, had not known of, and, if the council had their way, it would remain so.

Honestly, right now, she wasn't all that concerned with the issue.

According to the Aurora Gem, Yuri had plowed right through dozens of guards in minutes, and sought out the map to this wretched place. And again, in less than a few minutes, he had figured out where Amynorp was, and was heading straight for her, his eyes hardened and Flamberge at the ready. He was terrifying, it wasn't Yuri, at least, he wasn't the Yuri she knew and...

Her heart clenched painfully, she bowed her head and curled her body slightly, as if wanting to hide. Instinctively, she raised her arms to her chest, at least she tried- she had almost forgotten she was holding Second Star. Estelle loosened her posture slightly, staring down at the Sacred Blade she held in her hands, the blade Yuri had often said was his favorite...

This sword... hadn't Yuri got this sword back when...

She shook herself firmly, this was no time to be reminiscing.

She looked back at the screen, her eyes tracing over Yuri's hard, almost angry features. She had seen this expression before, but these actions, this fighting style, this- everything... it wasn't him. It wasn't him at all. Did he know she was here? Was he angry because she had got herself captured? Even if he had been avoiding her, even if he had tried to hide his crimes, and even if he had killed the elite, they were still friends, right?

Yeah... friends... again, her chest clenched painfully as she repeated the word in her head, like a mantra. They would survive this- he would come out victorious and... she was being rescued again. She had thought she beyond this. Angry tears began to build in her eyes, but she forced them back. She had to be strong. She had to wait for the opportune moment.

She glanced over to Amynorp, who was sitting, rather relaxed, in the center of the circular room. The room itself wasn't that large, maybe a diameter of six, maybe seven meters at the most. The walls were made from some sort of gray brick, and on the walls were several images, from all over the compound, and, corresponding with the images, in the center of the room surrounding Amynorp's chair, was eight pedestals with Aurora Gems placed neatly on some sort of mount. Estelle stood a little behind the Elite, surrounded by four guards. At the only entrance, the west entrance, four more guards stood. And, also, in the room, scattered and hugging the walls, another twelve...

If Yuri did make it here...

She didn't want to think what might happen...

The door clicked, and, heart beating with anticipation, Estelle spun to see who was walking through that door. Her green eyes widened as a familiar figure stalked into the room, his pace slow, unhurried, his long hair shielding his face and Flamberge gripped firmly in his right hand. He had came, he had walked right into this woman's trap...he was going to die!

"Yuri, what are you doing, run, its a trap!"

Just as she screamed those words, one of the guards grabbed her arms, and another immediately covered her mouth and grabbed her hair. Second Star dropped to the floor, forgotten. Seeing the distress she was in, Yuri made a move to run to her aid, just as a thin blade was produced from the third guards arm guard, bringing it up to Estelle's neck.

Yuri stopped immediately, his eyes on the weapon that was held up against her neck.

Estelle did her best to hide her fear, instead, focused on keeping her eyes steady and determined, she would not show any fear. If it was her life or his, she'd gladly die. Of course, he wouldn't want to hear her say that, but that was her honest truth. If he looked her in the eye, would her truth show? If so, he might do something stupid, it was highly unlikely for Yuri to accept something like that... then again, it was unlike him to seriously injure Flynn and leave him too...or do anything he had recently done...

Speaking of Yuri's track record, considering some of the feats she'd heard he'd done, and some of the amazing kills he had made, Amynorp seemed really...relaxed... unworried. Even though Yuri was somewhat infamous among the Elite, and she was sure he was also infamous among the council, but even with all of this, Amynorp still looked like she felt as though she was top dog here.

Oh yeah, Estelle had forgotten she was a hostage. That was why the woman was still so confident, even though Yuri was out for her hide. Estelle noticed one of the guards closing the door behind Yuri, trapping the swordsman in the room with the rest of them. Estelle watched Yuri, his body language suggested he wasn't worried at all...

Then his eyes met hers.

She had already hardened her eyes, hid her fear, yet, she felt like he could see right through her. It was a strange feeling, almost like the two of them were alone. He seemed to be saying 'Don't worry, It'll be fine', as if he could tell she was scared. Funny thing was, he seemed pretty scared too. Even though his eyes and posture seemed to suggest a calmer emotion, something controlled, she knew... he just as scared as she was.

The mage observed the strange statues, seemingly created out of some strange red crystal. The more she observed them, the less sense she made of them. She couldn't figure out what sort of purpose they might serve, as they were not aesthetically pleasing. They were in the shape of people, all of them crying out- in pain, in agony. Some of them were clutching at their chests, others clawing at their eyes.

Every single statue made her ill to look at, with feelings of pity nearly overwhelming her. She couldn't understand why they made her feel that way, but she continued to observe them as Raven and Judith searched the room for an exit. She had long ago lost track of the commandant and Repede, while Karol was off in his own little world just a little ways off.

But right now, they weren't that important, not compared to these strangely fascinating statues. Rita knew she didn't have much time to learn from them, but she was going to take advantage of all the time she was given, without complaint. She found herself running her fingers over the statues smooth surface, feeling for all the nooks and crannies... was it just her or were the statues warm even though this room was freezing?

"Hey, Karol!" She yelled without meaning to, her voice harsh and loud in this impossibly silent place. Rita was surprised by how loud she sounded, and from the look on Karol's face, she could tell she wasn't the only one. Forcing herself to calm a little and to quiet herself, she continued her thought a little more carefully, "Those statues over there, are they hot or cold?"

"Huh?" The younger boy looked confused by her question, not that that surprised Rita much, that kid was always confused. He'd always been a little slow. But, she wasn't disappointed by asking him. Just a moment later and without hesitation, Karol reached out and touched the statue nearest to him. He only for a second, before drawing away his hand in horror. "It- it's warm! And it pulsed, like its alive!"

Karol's yelp had drawn attention, and within seconds, the other four members of their little rescue party had shown up. Well, there went her time to study these things, but, she felt as though she had already figured out most of the rather tragic details. The look of the statues, the realism of the people portrayed, the mana pumping through them at an alarming rate...she already knew most of it.

"Are you alright?" Flynn asked almost automatically, looking from Karol to Rita in concern.

"Y...Yeah." The kid nodded from Rita's right. Rita herself was too caught up in her thoughts, and merely nodded.

"Well, we found the way to the next area." Raven drawled from between two of the anguished statues, looking quite uncomfortable as he spoke. With a wry smile, Rita thought it was quite perfect that he was so uncomfortable, given the circumstances and the statues themselves. She knew she should probably tell them, but she didn't know if now was a good time.

Who was she kidding, if she told them, and made it quick...

"Is something on your mind?" Judith spoke up, suddenly behind her. Go figure Judith would notice if she was keeping something to herself. Again, Rita nodded, before looking around at her companions, who suddenly had all of their attention on her. She half wanted to groan, but she knew she was going to tell them eventually. Heh, well, she supposed there was no hiding it now...

"Guys, touch one of those statues." Rita spoke as she walked to the center of the rough circle they had accidentally formed. She looked at each of them with a sweeping gaze, her eyes resting on Raven for a moment. She frowned to herself slightly, it might not be a good idea for him to touch these things, given his heart. "Although, be careful old man, it might be strenuous on your heart."

She was shocked that no one asked any questions, and the lack of hesitation, as everyone aside from Karol and Repede reached out and briefly caressed the nearest statue with their fingertips. And like with Karol, their reactions were much the same. Almost everyone drew back their hands to their chests in shock. Again, she glanced at the old man, worried about his heart, and was astonished to see that he was the only one who was still touching the statue, a rather sad look on his face.

He knew.

She looked over at Flynn and Judith, who were standing in place silently, looking down at their hands and back to the statue, both of them frowning. They looked as though they were starting to get the idea, the truth behind these statues. Rita sighed, knowing she was going to have to explain it anyway.

"These statues were once people. People who were imprisoned by the elite, with the lacrime put on their body. The red lacrime accumulate mana, and eventually crystallize the host body, turning it into one large lacrime. Then, that itself is broken down and processed into more advanced forms of lacrime, like the blond kid's lacrime-vita and the redheaded girl's lacrime-magia. From the notes I took while examining those kids and what I've observed here, I've come to the conclusion that Lacrime draw in vast amounts of mana, but only a small percentage of it is actually usable. The rest of the mana is directed by the lacrime to rest in parts of the body for storage in times of crisis...there's a whole lot more... but we don't have the time for me to explain it right now..." Rita turned away.

"Wait...are you saying that these statues..." Flynn began, his blue eyes widening in horror, not wanting to say it out loud- but Rita cut him off and turned away from the rest of her companions looks of horror.

"These statues...they're people...and lacrime."

Yuri didn't know what he had expected.

But, he hadn't expected this fear.

He had told himself hundreds of times on the way here that he would hide his emotions easily. That he would deal with Amynorp just like he had dealt with every other elite. Estelle would be rescued and he would take her to Aurnion- from there, he had no idea what would happen. But, he had convinced himself he would be able to handle it in a calm, composed manner.

Now that he was here, he thought himself a fool for ever thinking such a thing in the first place.

For one, actually being in Amynorp's presence was entirely different than seeing her over a projector, or hiding from her altogether. Now that he was actually in front of her, fully in her sight and range... he felt a sense of dread. It wasn't quite the same as the feeling he had when he had been attacked by that woman who had cursed him, but, he felt as though it was definitely comparable. Like a rock sinking to the bottom of his stomach.

And then there was Estelle.

He had been convinced that she would have recoiled from his gaze, looked away, anything. But when he had looked at her, trying to get a grasp of the situation, she had met his gaze fearlessly. Her eyes had held no trace of anger. There had been fear, but, he knew that it wasn't a fear of him, but a fear of the situation. And this knowledge confused him. He had been convinced that she would be terrified- no, disgusted by him.

But she wasn't.

Of course, he might just be imagining things in order to soothe his own nerves.

He found himself fearful, an emotion of which he hadn't felt in a long time. It was because he already knew that Amynorp was a ruthless, merciless opponent. She was a like a bird of prey, her sharp eyes searching for a moment of weakness, a moment when his guard was let down, in which she would swoop in with her talons and twist the life out of him- or even Estelle.

Her target was him, why else would she take a hostage?

But, even so, he couldn't give in that easily. The fate of the world rested on his shoulders and his shoulders alone. He didn't intend to die here, but neither did he intend to make Estelle a sacrifice. He needed to find a way to manipulate Amynorp into fighting him one on one, or to make her call off her guards, or, something!

In hindsight, he probably should have thought this out a little more, instead of rushing blindly to the rescue.

If he lived through this, he'd make sure to take that thought to heart.

"I'm surprised you came, even knowing that it was a trap." Amynorp's voice echoed through the room, as she turned her azure eyes to him, looking him up and down. Yuri felt a shiver go down his spine, and figured that she was eying him like a wolf eyed its prey. Her gaze was making him very uncomfortable, but he knew that he couldn't show any weakness or hesitation. "Are you trying to play hero? Or, are you trying to die?"

"Stop playing around, you know that's not what I'm here for." Yuri snarled. He felt rage boiling inside of him, overwhelming the fear he had felt earlier. He didn't know why he was so angry, but, honestly, he didn't care. This anger might help him destroy this woman- this member of the Council Elite, long feared as the most evil of them all. Yuri grasped Flamberge's handle firmly, flinging his arm out in a wide arc, the sheathe flying off into a corner of the room. "I don't care if you want your cronies over there to fight for you or with you, lets just get this over with."

"Wow, you get to the point don't you?" She raised an eyebrow to his callous request, less annoyed and more entertained. This time, Yuri felt more like a mouse being toyed with by a cat. He felt like he had overlooked something, and that she already had him by the tail. But what could he have possibly overlooked? He looked up to see Amynorp thinking, and prepared to attack her while she was distracted- when she suddenly smirked. "All right then. I'll fight you..."

Yuri placed his blade on his shoulder, preparing to charge into battle-

"Buuuut..." Amynorp lamented, turning away from him, her azure hair whirling around her, her long purple antennae following suite. Yuri, already half ready to charge, hesitated as a feeling of ice cold dread shot through his body. He stood there, battle ready, as Amynorp glanced over at Estelle, and then him- with a cruel smirk firmly in place. "I have such nice, smooth, scar-free skin... and I would be outraged if this were to change- so angry, that in fact, I would channel my anger onto someone else... lets see, a limb for every injury?"

"Nice try." Yuri muttered, sounding a whole lot braver than he felt. He did his best to recall the conversation that the elite had at bluebell meadow all that time ago- didn't they say they were going to marry her off and control her for whatever reason? Not that he would ever let that happen, but, for the elite, there's no way that something that valuable would be thrown away so easily. It was clearly a bluff. "She's the princess, you need her for your little scheme don't you?"

He thought he had won this little bout, but then, he felt the chill again. Amynorp turned around completely to face him, looked him dead in the eye and replied completely seriously- without hesitation, "She doesn't need her limbs to mother the next Emperor, does she?"

Yuri then realized that he had never stood a chance.

Amynorp found and exploited peoples weaknesses. That's why she had kidnapped Estelle. That's why she had led him here without a fight. That's why none of her guards had attacked him. She had already won, and he, like a fool, had walked right into her death trap. He was angry with himself, but more worried about the situation to care too much.

He had to get Estelle out of there, but how? He didn't even care about dealing with Amynorp now, at this point, he found himself far too concerned with Estelle's safety. She had many of the Elite's cronies guarding her, well, more of less. He also had no way to bypass Amynorp's radar. For the first time in a while, Yuri found himself truly stuck.

He heard Estelle shout out a warning, felt something hit the side of his head- and then he was greeted by the darkness.

Rita's hypothesis fit.

Considering everything the Krityan knew, everything that the young mage had deduced- it all fit. There was still a few things that Judith didn't understand herself, and still a few things she knew that needed explaining- but- that stuff could wait until after they rescued Yuri and Estelle. She knew that they didn't have much time, that they needed to reach the others before Yuri's little problem kicked in. By then, it might be too late.

They had already fought off a decent number of enemies, mainly guards with the occasional strange guard robot. Nearly everything they fought was in some way equipped with a lacrime- allowing even machines to cast magic. Judith knew that it was annoying Rita to no end, seeing nearly every living thing but her casting magic and hurling it their way.

Karol was being silent, almost unusually so. At first she thought it was due to the shock of finding out how lacrime were created, but, then she remembered that he had been silent before then too. Perhaps he might have figured out another piece to the puzzle, and, like her, was saving it for a better time. It would be nice if that were the case, perhaps then, they wouldn't be struggling too much to figure out what was going on.

Repede trotted beside Flynn, sniffing the air or ground every once in a while. If he found anything, he'd let the commandant know by nudging his nose against Flynn's hand. Flynn was even better with Repede than Yuri was. It didn't surprise her too much, considering Yuri had once told them that if Repede considered anyone his master, it was Flynn.

Flynn himself was fully focused on his surroundings. She now knew why he had been described with "a steely gaze". He had always came off as the determined, focused type. But she had no idea how much he was so until now. If he got any more determined or focused, she was sure that he might break in half from all the stress. Then again, if he was anything like Yuri, he knew how and when to relax.

She doubted Rita however, could relax anytime soon. The ex-mage was off in her own little world, muttering theories to herself and almost walking- never mind- actually walking into things. Considering that she had just possibly figured out how lacrime were mass produced, and the terrible reality behind it, Judith didn't blame her one bit. It reminded her of when she had found out part of the truth behind the changing world.

The old man, meanwhile, was ever vigilant and alert, although he did his best not to show it. His formed shock and momentary sadness when learning the truth behind the lacrime hadn't faded, he was just much better at hiding it. Judith knew he was just as horrified as the rest of them, even if it wasn't immediately obvious to the naked eye.

"Hey... uhm, I just thought of something." Karol spoke up, drawing everyone's attention to him. He was standing rather straightly, a perplexed look on his face while his hands toyed with the weapon in his hands. After all, maybe he had thought of something to help them save their friends, or even something relevant to perhaps fighting Amynorp.

"What is it?" Judith asked, looking back at him with a kind smile. She could sense that everyone was watching Karol with a sense of apprehension and hope. Judith personally, was doing her best to keep an eye on her surroundings, they couldn't afford to have someone or something launch a sneak attack on them while their attention was delayed. She knew that Flynn and Raven would also be listening cautiously, but it never hurt to have another set of eyes and ears on guard.

"Well, if lacrime make more lacrime by latching on to someone's body..." Karol began, reciting what he had heard from Rita earlier to the best of his ability. Judith was honestly a little surprised not to see Rita leaping at his throat and correcting him. Then again, it was probably because Rita herself was still shaky with lacrime study. "Then... how was the first lacrime created?"

"That's a good question, and I have no idea what that answer might be yet." Rita groaned, reemerging from her thoughts, surprising everyone. Judith had been sure that Rita wouldn't be speaking for another few hours or so while she went through all the available data in her head. "My question is, how can lacrime take in such vast amounts of mana, and even previously aer, without there being any immediate effects? It makes no sense whatsoever!"

"I might know how to find those answers..." Judith said, remembering her trip to Kleoryen, the ancient ruins of the old Krityan city of knowledge. She was already planning on bringing her companions there later, to help possibly explain Yuri's condition- that is, she was right about his supposed condition in the first place. "But its really not the time to be standing around talking about those things, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yeah." Rita and Karol sighed in agreement.

They continued in silence for a while, fighting when necessary and following Repede's nose. There was a good amount of puzzles they had to solve as to continue in deeper, to the heart of the compound. Each time they solved one puzzle, another, more difficult one, took its place. Judith found herself growing increasingly annoyed by the devices set up, and wishing that she could just bust through the walls and get to their destination pronto.

But of course, that idea would most likely not work.

Suddenly, she heard Ba'Ul speaking to her, his words hushed, worried, and carrying a dreadful message. She didn't know it, but she was paling and her eyes were widening as she listened, while her companions watched in concern, unable to hear Ba'Ul's voice. As soon as Ba'Ul finished speaking, Judith stood blankly for a moment while everyone asked if she was okay.

Then, in a voice that was almost too quiet to hear, she whispered hurriedly, "I was right, Yuri is-!"

His head was throbbing and his body was aching dully. Nothing was clear, everything he saw seemed to resemble a watercolor painting done by a child and everything he heard was distorted and strange. Whatever, or, whoever, had hit him was very good at it- he hadn't felt anything like this since he had first received the curse.

Now that he was regaining his consciousness, Yuri knew he had better try and ascertain the situation around him best he could. Alright, one of the larger guards was holding him by hooking his arms underneath Yuri's. Yuri was all too familiar with this situation, and wasn't at all liking where this was looking like it was going.

At least everyone was paying less attention to Estelle now, perhaps soon, there would be an opportunity for her to try and escape. Yuri glanced at the world around him, the guard who had held the blade to Estelle's throat earlier had already put it aside, assuming that the little princess wouldn't be able to make her own escape- although he still cast glances back at her, being cautious as possible. The guard wouldn't allow Estelle to slip away so easily.

Yuri knew he needed to get everyone to focus on him, perhaps then Estelle could slip away undetected. He shook his head, trying to regain full consciousness, catching a glimpse of Amynorp hovering near her chair, where a strange table had appeared. As it had wheels on its legs, he assumed it had been rolled in here while he was unconscious.

The female elite was picking up random, somewhat shapeless items and discarding them. His vision was still blurry and his head ached even more so than normal- he hoped he didn't have any head trauma or any lasting injuries that could impair him in battle- in case he somehow managed to get himself out of this mess. The rest of his extremities felt fine, and he noticed that Flamberge had been taken away, and most likely out of the room, leaving him weaponless.

Or so they thought.

The man holding him lifted him higher, until just the front tips of his boots barely graced the floor as Amynorp approached him, her eyes full of malice and glee. To the right, he noticed a guard approach him with something in his hands. He kept his face hard, and his eyes emotionless. He couldn't show any emotion, anything, otherwise she'd dive in and attack mercilessly. She got right in his face and a wide smirk split across her face as the guard to his right grabbed his hand and jutted out his thumb.

He yelled as his thumbnail was ripped clean off of his thumb, the pain traveling up his hand to his arm like pins and needles. His eyes widened and he clenched his teeth, cutting off his yell of pain halfway. He felt his nostrils widen and his eyebrows furrow, his eyebrows narrowing as his breathing grew heavy.

Yuri heard Estelle's stifled scream as the guard threw his thumbnail to the floor carelessly, clattering over to her and stopping at her feet. He didn't want her to see this, and willed her to shut her eyes and turn away- and hopefully escape while the Elite was focused on him. Speaking of Amynorp, he looked back up just in time to see her receive a small, thin blade from the guard who had just ripped off his thumbnail. He had a bad feeling about this.

The elite brought the shard up to his cheek, and pressed it to the skin oh so gently, applying pressure until blood began to gather. Then, she slowly dragged the blade across his face, from his cheekbones down to his chin, forming a thin, red line. Blood began seeping out, dripping from his chin onto his vest. But she wasn't done yet, and dragged the blade further across his face, from the juncture of his nose and eye to just under hi ear, forming a large x on his right cheek. The entire time, she looked as though she was in a happy trance, a faint smile on her slightly parted lips, her eyes serene and face calm.

She was enjoying herself.

Her eyes flickered down to his chest, where the mark of Dea had grown larger and darker, prominent against his skin. The blade now directly resting on his cheekbone just under his eye, she dragged it straight down his face, through the mess of blood, down under his chin and oh so lightly grazing at his neck.

His chest heaving and heart beating frantically, he tried his best to remain an emotionless wall. But his guise was fading, he was growing more and more fearful by the second as she traced around his mark, and leisurely across his chest. It didn't hurt really, stung a bit and bled a little, this was more for her amusement than anything else.

But she had grown bored of tormenting him with just lightly cutting him, an tossed the blade over her shoulder and out of the way. She returned to her table, leaving him for a moment, to go through the rest of her devices. Before he could regroup his thoughts and try and think normally again for even a minute, she waved her hand over her shoulder. The guard that had ripped off his right thumbnail now headed to his left.

He had prepped himself for the pain but it wasn't enough. He let out a sharp cry of pain, and now his breath came out haggard and rough. He barely noticed that the guard had thrown the other thumbnail to the floor, to join the first. His vision was fading to red, and his body felt as through it had been submerged in an icy lake. He fought the all too familiar feeling, knowing Estelle was there, in the room, and the guards, Amynorp, wouldn't hesitate to turn the torture over to her. Biting his lip, he steadied himself as Amynorp approached him once again, this time with what looked like to be a thin, flat knife.

He did not like where this was going.

Yuri wasn't religious, but he prayed Estelle wasn't watching this.

Sure enough, she began to cut sideways on the back of his forearm, as one might cut when peeling a potato, then dragged it under the skin before pulling up, cutting quickly, holding a thin strip of his skin up as some sort of prize. Yuri's teeth had long ago clenched, forcing himself to not cry out when she then stabbed the back of his forearm with the blade, then dragged it up his arm two inches or so, before yanking it out again. She then turned her attention to the other arm, and repeated the process.

Rage began to seep through his body, the icy feeling surrounding him was a nice change from the fiery pain his face, arms, and thumbs were in. He wasn't going to last much longer- he couldn't fight the curse in this situation. Please, he begged internally, please let Estelle escape before I slip. At that moment, he felt a blade go through each of his palms and out of the back of his hands.

He let out a scream, his head shot up and his body arched. He hissed, trying to fight back against the pain, trying to block out Estelle's cries of distress.

Dammit, last he checked the guards were focused on him. Why hadn't she ran yet?

At that moment, the blades were ripped out of his hands, and he raised his eyes to meet Amynorp's, who stood there, just in front of him, holding the daggers that had went right through his hands and out his palms. He met her eyes, steeling himself and directing his growing rage at her. She seemed to be deep in thought- and then, out of nowhere, snapped her fingers.

One of the guards; surely Estelle must be left alone now; approached her with a long, metal poker, handing it over quietly. Yuri raised an eyebrow and stared defiantly back at her as she stroked the poker thoughtfully. What was she going to do with that? Impale him? She would do something like that, he knew that much. He noticed her hand at came to a rest at the tip of the poker, and it was glowing slightly red, a small spell circle forming underneath her.

"Those eyes of his," Her voice came out like silk, her face serene as she spoke. Fire had formed around her hand, and the metal was beginning to glow faintly orange where the fire caressed. Yuri suddenly had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, and it took all he had to continue staring back at her defiantly. "I can't stand them..."

She took the poker away from her hand and pointed it towards Yuri's face. He did not like this, he did not like this at all, but he was unable to do anything about it. As the poker inched closer and closer to his right eye, he prayed that Estelle had managed to escape, to get out of there. Because, he knew he was going to snap at any moment. And with that thought, he felt the poker against his eye.

"I wont let you hurt him any further!"

Rita stared at the small, round object in her hand, greedily feeling for the magical power emanating from it.

Flynn looked frantically around for the princess and his dark haired best friend, praying they were both okay.

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