--- The Next Morning, Under The Warp Core ---

Harry Kim, Borg, walked through the corridor, giddy with glee. He had received everything he wanted from the Great Borg's imposter. Teddy bear pajamas, which he had put on immediately. The entire deck of that year's Parrises Squares trading cards. Even an toy phaser. Harry Kim was soooooo happy. Suddenly Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light, Ruler of Heck, Punisher of Minor Sins, jumped out of a corridor. Harry shrieked. "Help, help, it's Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light! Don't darn me, please!"

"I don't want to darn you – I want your soul!"

Harry tilted his head and bit his lip. "Yeaaah…but, like, what do I get out of it?"

"I will restore you and your crewmates to humanity and life on Voyager!"

"Voyager?" Harry grimaced. "But Voyager's, like, totally BORING, you know? There's always a party going on here, and we get more people every day!"

"Then I will darn you to Heck!" Screamed Phil in total shock.

"Awww….all right then. If I have to. But I'm warning you, Captain Janeway won't like this. She's become really attatched to that Borg Queen."

Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light, pointed his spoon – not as scary as a pitchfork (until you read what's coming up!) – at Harry. Quickly, he knocked the top of Harry's head off and scooped out his soul. "There, that should do it." He said, satisfied.

"But I thought you were going to, like, send me back to Voyager!"

"Oh, you don't need ME to do that. You always had the power. You just didn't know it yet. Just click your heels together three times and repeat with me."

Phil waved his spoon in front of Harry's face and said, "There's no place like Voyager, there's no place like Voyager, there's no place like Voyager."

Immediately, all the crew appeared back on Voyager with no cybernetic implants – or memory of what had happened.