WARNING!: 1.) Do not read this story unless you have read Worlds, or you will be severely confused. Though you will be severely confused anyway 2.) This contains crack, randomness, and will only get worse in future chapters 3.) This story is not like any of my other ones. I have no idea why I wrote this. :D It is the story of Snack, our beloved side character who had no purpose but to be killed 4.) the title will make sense later

A/N: This is going to be a three part story, Life, Afterlife, and Confession. Since Confession has MAJOR spoilers, I won't post that until Worlds is finished. Afterlife has slight spoilers, but I'll warn you beforehand . I fully understand if you question my reasons in writing this, and never again want to see this thing. That's perfectly fine with me! In fact, I'd advise you don't read this unless your an odd one like me. Enjoy! or not ;)

Chronicles of Father Snack

Part 1: Life

This is the daunting and totally epic tale of a young soul, whose life was tragically taken too soon. Who is it, you ask, whom possessed an indefatigable determination, an unwavering courage and indomitable spirit?

None other than a young waddle dee we are all familiar with - or perhaps not yet. We know not the name he was given at birth: in fact, this heroic dee's past is shrouded in a veil of mystery we may never uncover. We can only presume this unnamed dee suffered a horribly dark, tragic, and mysterious past.

Based upon historical fact, we can also determine that some trial in his life drove him to leave his home planet and take refuge on the ocean planet of Aquarius, for that is where we first hear of him. How can I be so sure Aquarius isn't his home planet, you are wondering? Don't ask stupid questions, reader.

It was on Aquarius where true tragedy befell him in the most unfortunate manner. This poor unnamed dee, seeking only peace from his inner demons, wandered the woods midday, with the bright sun gleaming above. He contemplated deep subjects we cannot hope to comprehend, when his ingenious train of thought slammed its brakes, skidded on the tracks, and came to a painfully screeching halt. A voice carried through the woods, though dee mistakenly thought he had been alone.

It was a song, haunting and dark, and it struck fear in his soul.

What creature would sing such a song; a song of a twisted wonderland, of ensnared dreamers, and curious Alice's?

Blasphemy! He had half a mind to tell off whomever it was to stop singing such morbid songs, but when the character known to us as Marx emerged from the trees with an insane glint shading his purple eyes, the words faltered upon his lips. Marx seemed pleasantly surprised to see another being in the forest, and he paused for idle chat; a small talk in which it was revealed to dee the deterioration of the other's mental stability.

Then, the innocent dee (who totally didn't say something caustic and unnecessary to provoke the attack) found himself victim to the unholy wrath of a miniscule, confused jester - I mean, incredibly powerful and evil demon.

Luckily the spherical hero known as Kirby rescued him and saved him from a painful death.

Still, three long slashes marred his once beautiful skin. If this were not bad enough, his enemies did not hang around to either apologize or offer condolences. They ran right off, leaving him alone to suffer.

As if representing - or perhaps amplifying - the terrible situation he had been unmercifully thrust in, rain began pouring down upon him, and him alone.

Yes, a lone cloud dumping all its sorrows on the dee while bright sunshine shone shiningly bright everywhere else. For 100 days and 100 nights he trudged onward, overcoming starvation, thirst and blood loss with the sheer power of his will. Then, finally, the cloud began to clear away, and sunshine shone once more in all its shiny shilling-like shine glory shining stature shore shell hi shine.

Unfortunately, Fate really loved kicking him when things were just starting to look shiny.

An iniquitous mass of pure darkness suddenly crashed over the sunlight, and devoured the land of Aquarius. Dee staggered back as the blackness reared above him, but there was nothing our hero could do. He whipped out a sword and used magically ninja moves to deflect the darkness as long as he could. Only a skilled master like him could display such excellent ability, might I add.

The darkness, however, was stronger than ten thousand suns, and it flooded over him.

Hours later he woke once more, warped and ravaged by the demonic realm known as Caecus Atrox. It was a truly horrible experience, and as he struggled to take a breath, he knew, surely, surely, the forces above could do no more to him.

Yet, the morbid and severely screwed up forced above, whom we cannot so much as guess the identity of, were not done playing with its newfound toy. At that very moment, the infamous necromantic trees around him were ripped up in a swirling suction. They were quickly sucked up by a familiar figure; the pink hero whom had rescued him yesterda- 100 days and 100 nights ago. Only that crazy look had transferred to his blue eyes, and as his mouth opened wide more, the dee knew this was the end of his ever-so mysterious and intriguing life. Sure enough the dee was captured in a vortex of air, and was unmercifully swallowed by the puffball.

Everything dramatically went dark.

Thus began the dee's new life...