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Chapter 1: The Ring

Finn Hudson didn't always have it easy. He liked to think of himself as a survivor of life. Of course, when people actually heard his story, they would say some people had it harder, which in reality is completely true. Finn was the son of a single mother who was now happily remarried to the owner of a mechanic shop. He never really knew his father and had a sub-par relationship with a woman he almost married. Those were the parts he thought he didn't have it easy. Once his engagement failed, Finn took control of his life and finally became what he wanted to be. Not only did he have the most successful video game company in the last 5 years, but he single handedly changed the face of shooter style games with Dark Rummage, it made his first millions for him.

Finn liked to think that his failed engagement to a one Miss Brittany S. Pierce was the best thing for him. He was a afraid to step outside of the box and was a square. He was on the fast track to become an accountant in the small little town of Lima outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. When he found out the Brittany was messing around with her father's business intern Artie, he called off the wedding two hours before walking down the aisle and saying I do. He later preceded to get really wasted and drunk dial every girl he had somewhat of a relationship with, regretting it the next morning. He changed his major in college, threw away all morals about women and love, and tried to live his life. Brittany did try and contact him once when she found out he was a millionaire, he respectfully declined her calls and emails.

"Finn?" From the back of Finn's head he could hear someone saying his name but blocked it out until he was punched in the shoulder. He turned his head seeing his long term gaming buddy Noah Puckerman holding a 'Bud Light' in one hand and a shot of Tequila in the other.

"Sorry man, I was mesmerized by blonde over there." Finn said staring before taking his beer and gulping it down.

"Nice ass." Puck said fist bumping Finn's fist. The two usually spent Thursday nights scoping the scene at plenty of local bars in the LA area.

"It's so nice to get out of the office and just relax." Finn said seeing two more girls walk by him.

"Screw relaxing I need to find a little hottie to take home." Puck bit his lip before looking at Finn. "You didn't forget mine this week again did you?"

"Nope." Finn pulled out a gold band from his pocket and handed it over to Puck. Finn's left ring finger was already occupied by a platinum band that he and Brittany had picked out before the failed walk down the aisle. He never really took it off, but why would he, he got as much ass as he could wearing that thing. Believe or not, women love married men. He saw Puck slide it down his finger before the two split up and scoped out the girls in the bar. Within minutes, Puck had some girl melting in his hands, laughing, smiling, and even crying. The man was one big piece of work, which is saying a lot about Puckerman. Finn turned his head and saw the blonde who he was staring at before set her purse down and take a seat in the stool.

"Cosmo please." She said going through her purse for something. For a moment, Finn sat staring down at his beer bottle before it was empty. He held it up there after and the bartender nodded before putting the blonde's Cosmo on the counter.

"That's gonna be 7 dollars love." He said in a low voice. She dug through her purse looking for a 10 dollar bill, even her Visa card but did not see it.

"My money isn't here, my girlfriend must have it, she isn't here yet." She said a little upset.

"Here, charge it to my card with the beer." Finn slid it over the counter and smiled before turning away with fake depression.

"Thank you." She said before sipping her drink. Finn nodded and took a sip of his beer.

"You're welcome." Finn's hand reached over to sign the bill as she looked down at his wedding ring.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were married, I will make sure I give you the money back when my friend gets here in a few minutes. I don't want your wife freaking out." She said in a panic, she must have had bad experiences with married men.

"Oh, no worries there. My wife is probably of drinking with another one of her boy toys." Finn said in a low sad voice. "She usually uses my money to get the hotel rooms but she doesn't think I check my statements, or my travel program with all my points." She leaned in and put her hand on his back.

"You poor thing, what a horrible person." She felt his body start to shake in sadness.

"I work my ass off 24 hours a day for her and the kids. I never get to do what I want because I love my children and want to provide a good life for them yet she's out there hooking around." Finn said with a little anger in his voice.

"You deserve something way better, as do those kids." She leaned in to hug him. This is what all of the women he picked up did, and he rather enjoyed it. His night was already set in place and he had already reeled her in. He wouldn't be alone tonight, and he accomplished his goal.


Rachel was on time, like she always was. She got to her desk about 9:45am, after dropping off the kids with her two dad's like she always did, she settled in checking her and Finn's before scheduling for the day. Being the assistant of the President and CEO of Jock-Jack Gaming Corporation was hard work to say the least. She didn't intend to be an assistant for as long as she was, she just could never get her singing career of the ground. When she got pregnant two months after she married her ex, she had to get a steady job to support not only herself and the baby, but her dumb ass of a husband who thought he could live off of meager commercial shoots and research studies to bide his time.

After she gave birth, her marriage got a little better. Her husband put an effort into getting a job and actually held one for three sturdy years before finding out Rachel was pregnant again. It sent his dreams, which really were dreams, in a spiral and he slowly started getting depressed and after two months into Rachel's second pregnancy, he up and left, only passing by to see the kids every now and then. Rachel was happy that after he left, she could put a somewhat normalcy in her children's lives. She enjoyed her life, even the job that was just to get her by for a few months, turned into years. She made great friends, and even great money.

"Hey Berry, is Finn in yet?" Rachel turned around in her chair and saw Noah Puckerman staring down at her. He was obviously looking down her pink cardigan sweater that matched her skirt and shoes.

"First off, my eyes are up here, and second, no Finn usually isn't in until 10:10ish." Rachel pulled out her wireless keyboard from under her desk and typed her password into the computer.

"Probably gonna be later today then, he dragged this blonde out of the bar last night with the hottest ass I have see in a long time." Puck smiled before leaning on her desk.

"Which story did he use last night? Cancer survivor with the cruel woman who left him for more money?" Rachel knew all about Finn's nightly escapades. After working with him for more then 5 years, she knew all about his ex's and his hate for falling in love.

"Not sure. I was out the door with another chick before he wrapped it up." Puck said playing with the flowers on her desk.

"Could the girl you picked up tell that you had the penis enlargement surgery?" Rachel said laughing through her smile.

"That mother fuc..." Puck was interrupted by Finn who was walking down the hallway with his blue-tooth to his ear. Two seconds later, he was off the phone and Rachel grabbed his briefcase for him. "Your a asshole Finn, you told her about my surgery?" Puck said upset.

"I tell her everything, she's the closest person I have to someone to talk to that I don't have to love." Finn said smiling over at Rachel who just rolled her eyes.

"How sweet." Rachel said before handing him his appointments and reminding him about his meetings. Puck followed him into his office as the two discussed the new game that was launching in two months.

"I got MTV to do a spot with Justin Timberlake at the VidCon event next week. We just need and additional network to pick up the spot with the actually video game spot. I don't have any narrowed down yet, but I know we have a few." Puck said showing him the message from Justin.

"I spoke with Will Schuester with GTV who has a proposal that he wants to show us. He is having a mixer at his house tonight and wants us to come. Then Saturday we have the marketing meeting with Tomco." Finn said sitting down and unloosening his tie. He didn't know why he wore it, but he did. He ended taking it off the first hour in the office.

"I heard of this guy, but never went to any of the parties he throws." Puck said sitting down and pulling out the Xbox controller from the coffee table and turning on the game.

"He is a okay guy, very interesting person." Finn turned on his computer and then called for Rachel.

"Yes?" She said in a sarcastic tone.

"Take this name and this address and send a dozen Tulips and in the note say 'I had fun, hope to run into you again sometime.'" Finn said handing her a address of this girl named Tonya, and a address of South Hollywood.

"How kind of you?" Rachel laughed before nodding and heading out towards her small office.

"So, be ready by 7, we will just go for a few drinks, listen to what he has to say and spend the night at the RH bar." Finn said checking his email. Puck just nodded and continued into his game.


Finn pulled up in his car to the posh neighborhood of the President of GTV, Will Schuester. Puck was already on a buzz but was straight enough to go through mixer almost all there. Will waited at the door to greet them with a huge smile and two drinks in his hands.

"Boys, I'm glad your here. We have food in the kitchen, DJ by the dance floor, and hot girls all over." Will laughed before leading them to the party zone. Finn and Will discussed some of the marketing aspects of the new game to make Jock-Jack a major household name. Puck barely listened, even though his is vice president of the company. Finn sometimes wondered why he gave him a job, he was such a dumb ass.

"So, that is my main focus, if we can get it marketed on GTV's primary show, Portal, then I think we have a good shot at selling a record number of games. I sent up a interview next week, so be there." Will smiled before turning to his wife, Emma.

"This is Emma, my wonderful wife, and this is Quinn, our son's third grade teacher, and Emma's good friend." Will said. Finn looked at Quinn and was struck with an instant pleasure. She was beautiful, beyond beautiful. His eyes slipped away to her, and brain out of the conversation. What was he going to do? Love was a fickle thing.


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