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Chapter 4: Disney World or Bust

Finn sat in front of the two children hoping and praying that they would help him. Hell, he took them to Pizza Hut for lunch and was about to treat them to a movie but he still hadn't gotten a reply out of them.

"Does our mom know we are here?" Jack asked.

"Don't worry, your mom knows your safe and sound." Finn said.

"Are you sure? Stranger danger, is the guy from Dateline NBC gonna walk in?" Jack asked.

"Listen guys come on, your nanny is here." Finn was losing his patience seeing their nanny on her cellphone.

"You want us to do what?" Kristen asked holding a slice of pizza in her hand. Finn thought he made this as clear as possible.

"Act like my children for an afternoon." Finn felt like he was sinking to the lowest low he had ever been but he didn't know what else to do.

"Does our Mom know that you are doing this?" Jack asked.

"Don't worry about your Mom, I'll handle that."

"What's in it for us?" Kristen said turning into a master negotiator.

"What do you want?" Finn asked.

"A billion dollars!" Jack smiled throwing his hands in the air.

"Sorry, even Donald Trump wouldn't give you that much money." Finn pointed out.

"I want 300 hundred dollars for the new DS system that is coming out." Kristen smiled knowing she was about to get what she wanted.

"And I want to go to Disney world." Jack said going back to the same damn story from before.

"Kristen that is a deal, and no Jack I won't take you to Disney world." Finn said. "Think differently."

"I want a flying Unicorn." Jack said happily.

"I want a flying Unicorn to but they don't exist anything else?" Finn laughed.

"I want a real horse and I want to name him Peanut." Jack was really loving this.

"Sorry no living things." Finn added.

"Fine, I want the same DS system that Kristen is getting, plus two new games. I also want dinner at Funtime Playhouse with unlimited tokens." Jack turned into a negotiator.

"Wow, you guys are gold diggers, I like it, deal and deal." Finn said shaking both of their hands. "Now, finish your food, I have to get you back to the office so your mom can pick you up."

"Mr. Hudson, can I ask you a question?" Jack spoke silently.

"Sure." Finn said biting into the pizza.

"What is your Dad like?" Jack said. Kristen looked over at him and shook her head.

"Jack, seriously, don't worry. We don't need him." Kristen said.

"I barely know my Dad and I just wanted to know what its like to have one."

"Well Jack, I have a step dad which is almost like a Dad. My real father died when I was young so

I grew up without a father to." Finn said understanding his pain. Unfortunately, Jack did have a dad, he just didn't care enough to be around. One of these days he would find out more information on him.

"So your just like me?" Jack smiled.

"Yes buddy, I'm just like you."


Rachel was absolutely amazed by Finn's request. Her children were not actors you could rent out for per hour scripts. They were humans. Yet, knowing her kids, found a way to extort Finn for money.

"I can't believe this Finn. You take my kids to lunch, pay them to be your kids and you expect me to be happy." Rachel was fuming.

"Hey you started this. If you hadn't answered your phone until after you got into the car then I wouldn't have to do this. When I told Jack that we would take him to Funtime Playhouse the kid smiled the biggest smile I have seen any kid have. And Kristen, she forgot about video games for an hour." Finn said sitting at his desk typing at his keys.

"Listen Hudson, I have a responsibility and that means taking care of my children. If I need to handle something I do it." Rachel said.

"It's one afternoon, you're coming to, Quinn wants to see you again for some odd reason." Finn said.

"Because I am beautiful and people just love me." Rachel said smiling.

"You wish. So we have a lunch date tomorrow afternoon at Funtime Playhouse, thank your son for the location." Finn handed her a piece of paper which held today's account brief she had to send down to accounting.

"I suppose I have to do this, but this is it Finn, no more of this stuff." Rachel stomped out of his office and almost ran in to Puck on the way out.

"Hey my Jewish princess, what's wrong?" Puck always tried to get into Rachel's pants.

"I'm sure Finn already told you his little problem and now my kids are involved." Rachel sat at her desk as Finn come out of his office and rejoin the conversation to Rachel's much hatred.

"Dude, seriously, your still chasing Quinn? Why, is she that good in bed?" Puck asked. Finn punched him in the shoulder.

"I'm not getting into this. Rachel is as much to blame as anyone. She told me to create a fake ex-wife. I did, Quinn wanted to meet her, she did." pointing to Rachel. "She is the one who answered the phone."

"Puck, I wish you could understand what this feels like." Rachel buried her head in her arms on her desk.

"Yeah right, he would probably try and end up banging Quinn." Finn laughed. Rachel looked up.

"Didn't you say you caught me sleeping with someone named David Beckham, who is not the soccer player?" Rachel's face got bright and a smile showed.

"Yeah and?" Finn said.

"Puckerman, would you sleep with me?" Rachel said standing.

"Hell yeah." Puck said trying to lean and smooch her. Finn got between the two.

"What the hell are you talking about Rach?" Finn said.

"Why are you the only one who gets to bring a date to this lunch tomorrow?" Rachel asked upset.

"First off, we were never married in real life, so why the hell would you let Puckerman in your bed." Finn asked heated.

"I'm not actually going to sleep with him." She said. As soon as she said that Puck let out a groan.

"Don't fucking tease me like that Berry." Puck said upset.

"Hear me out. Does Quinn really think that I cheated on you? Why not bring Mr. Beckham along?" Rachel said pointing to Puck.

"Wait a second? I am not getting into this." Puck said throwing his hands in the air.

"She does have a point. You being there would bring a sense of safeness to my lie." Finn agree with Rachel. "Your coming. You owe me a favor since I bought you that penis enhancement surgery."

"Come on Puck, it can't be that bad to be my boyfriend." Rachel batted her eyelashes. Finn was, for some reason getting annoyed and partially jealous. He looked at the two of them as they talked.

"Fine, this one time." Puck said trying to lean in and kiss Rachel, just as she pulled away.

"Puck, listen to me. You may be Rachel's fake boyfriend, but if you sleep with her, I will kick your Jewish ass. I don't need to lose my best Secretary." He smiled over to Rachel who was surprised. Her heart was pounding deep in her chest. She honestly always thought Finn was dreamy, but she felt like she never had the time of day. Now that Quinn was in the picture, she knew she never would, but she knew Finn was her best friend and he would never let anything happen to her or her children.

"Hey that's up to here if she wants to get into Puckzilla's pants." Puck smiled leaning on Rachel's desk.

"In your dreams Puckzilla. I prefer a man who is o' natural." Rachel said smiling before she sat down and got to work.

"Well, you are meeting us for the lunch date. Dress in something that she will never see you in again." and with that Finn went back to work leaving Puck to wonder what kind of gimmick he would need.


Finn pulled up to Rachel's small three bedroom house in his range rover. He honked his horn and first saw the kids rush out the door and climb into his backseat. Rachel followed wearing a tight black form fitting dress that made her look like Victoria Beckham. She wore her hair down in curls and held a black clutch with her Prada glasses. She walked slowly over to the car being careful not to trip and fall in her high heel shoes.

"What is this?" Finn said as she sat down and closed the door. She buckled up and looked over at him.

"What?" She said annoyed.

"Did the Spice Girls have a garage sale?" Finn asked looking her up and down.

"Finny, you bought this for me. You want me to be a hot wife, well here I am." Rachel said as Finn pressed the gas and headed to the restaurant annoyed. Puck followed behind him on his Harley, but he passed them about five times before he got annoyed and headed to Funtime.

"God he is so annoying." Finn said stopping at a stop light.

"Leave my David alone he is just special." Rachel smiled as the kids dug into the new systems Finn got them.

"Yeah special ed." Finn was quiet the rest of the way and when pulled up to the restaurant he saw Puck leaning against his bike and Quinn talking to him. Finn parked his car and got out.

"Hey Quinn." He said coming over and kissing her on the cheek and grabbing her hand.

"Quinn was telling me about her class. Very interesting." Puck said getting up and standing by Rachel.

"David is very nice, you seem to always find the most wonderful men Rachel." Quinn said coming in to hugging her. Rachel was taken back but them hugged her as well. The kids crawled out of the car and staggered over to their mom and her fake boyfriend Puck.

"Oh Quinn, these are my two children, Kristen and Jack. Say hi to Quinn guys." Finn said as the two shook her hand.

"You look just like your mother." Quinn smiled.

"That's because our mom is beautiful and are dad is not so beautiful." Jack said being mean to Finn. Finn frowned and held Quinn's hand again as the two started to walk towards the entrance. The kids ran ahead of everyone and Quinn ran in after them as Finn, Rachel, and Puck took their time. Finn turn around to thank Rachel again and saw Puck behind her, without her really seeing, as was joking around pretending to dry hump her in the air. Finn came over and slapped Puck on the back of the head.

"What they fuck are you doing?" Finn said as Rachel turned around. She wondered if Puck was really serious or if Finn had feelings for her. Probably neither. She hadn't been with anyone since Jesse left. After the long afternoon of pizza, playgrounds, and video games Finn was pooped. The adults actually had a good time with each other company and the kids were gone playing games most of the day. Unlimited tokens really does have his benefits. Quinn finally got some time to sit down and talk to the kids while Finn was getting more drinks.

"So, do you guys spend a lot of time with your dad?" Quinn asked as she took a bite of pizza.

"Daddy works a lot." Jack said with a frown on his face.

"Yeah we barely see him." Kristen added.

"He told me last month after school ended that he would take me to Disney world. He cancelled on us and we haven't reschedule it." Jack said with a poor me face.

"Oh I'm sorry." Quinn said leaning in to hug him. Finn came back with Rachel and saw Jack crying. Kristen took the drink from his hand and smiled.

"What is he doing?" Finn asked.

"Improv, just go with it." Kristen said smiling before sitting down.

"Finn Hudson what do you have to say for yourself?" Quinn said angry.


"Why would you ever reschedule on this little boy and little girl. I say you take them to Disney world tomorrow. We should all go." Quinn said with a smile. Jack also smiled up at Finn knowing that he tricked him. Damn it, another week of a fake life.