Author: Scribe

Title: HMS

AN:  Another tidbit for all you HMS shippers out there!  Enjoy!

Rating: PG-13 (One line is adult-ish…. The whole thing is a little dirty if you think about it…)

Harm froze.  A dim light flickered in the corner of the room.  Forgetting what his original intent was, he moved slowly towards the glow.  Cautiously the Navy commander reached his hand out, grasping a metal door knob.  The mysterious light resonated from within the room.  Turning the knob, he pushed forward.  The scene before him brought forth a small smile.

Mac lay with her head on her arms, slumbering quietly away over a pile of paperwork.  Stepping fully into her office, he moved towards her.  Within a few feet from her he stopped.  She looked so peaceful.  Mac's seemingly flawless face was lit softly by the lamp on her desk.  Sitting down in one of the two chairs in front of her oak desk, he gazed at her a moment longer before reaching out to tap her on the should lightly.  She didn't move.  He rubbed her arm softly again.  Hesitantly her eyelids opened, revealing a pair of chocolate hued eyes peering back at him.

"Hey there Marine," he said in a low tone.  "I'm sorry if I woke you up from your sleep but don't you think you should head home now?"

Pushing her head up, Mac deftly put the papers on her desk into a drawer.  If only he knew I was an insomniac, she thought sullenly.  "Yeah.  I guess I should.  It can't be that late though, it's only-"

"Twenty one thirty," they said in unison.  Mac looked up at her partner, smirking.

"You didn't think I wouldn't know the time did you Rabb?"  Grinning back, he began to help her pack up her briefcase.

"Of course not.  It's not like you to conk out like that though.  You alright?"  He asked, letting more concern leak into his voice than he had intended.  The colonel almost halted putting her materials away as she answered. 

"I haven't been getting much sleep lately.  My heaters broken and its absolutely freezing in my apartment.  I just guess I slipped off there."  Not that I get that much shut eye anyway, she mused.  Now was the interesting part for her.  What would Harm's reply to her statement be?  She found out quickly enough.  If Harm's furrowed brow and frown didn't explain his position on the issue, his exclamation that followed did:

"How long has it been out?  Do you need help fixing it?"  The little girl side of Mac screamed: "YES!  *major giggles* He cares about me!  Of course I knew that but…"  She mentally crossed her fingers before making the next comment.

"I'll survive I guess.  Marines can live though most anything."  Standing up, she closed her briefcase.  Harm rose as well. 

"You want to spend the nigh at my place?  As far as I know my heater's still functional."  Ah. The opportunity she'd be wishing for.  She loved being around Harm. 

"Are you sure?  I don't want to impose myself upon you.  I don't have any pj's either."  Smiling, he opened the door allowing her to exit into the bullpen first.

"Impose?  Common Mac, you know you're not.  And you know I can scrounge up something for you to wear."  Although nothing wouldn't be all that bad, Harm thought intently. " I can't think of many times I haven't wanted you around."  Turning her head Mac raised an eyebrow.  I just said that out loud didn't I, remarked another little voice in the back of Harm's mind. 

"Really?"  A silly look was plastered on Mac's face.  It made Harm flash his breathtaking Flyboy smile.

"Of course.  So are you spending the night?"

This should explain enough.  Mac's response: 

*huge grin of a woman in love*