Notes: Just a little piece that I thought of to go along with a prompt that my sister gave me. Hope you enjoy!

Standard Disclaimer, and all that.

She didn't mean to. Honestly, she didn't. But when waves of fear and doubt are rolling off of someone, is it really your fault if you pick up on it?

Regardless, she knew something was bothering Wally, and as his teammate and friend, it was her duty to see if she could help in any way, shape, or form.

Wally was sitting on the bar-stool next to the kitchen island, a plate of brownies untouched before him. Megan dried her hands on a dish towel before walking around the island and taking the stool next to the normally chipper speedster.

"Is everything alright, Wally?" Megan asked.

"So you noticed, huh?" Wally turned in the rotating seat to face her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude."

"What did you see?"

"I only saw an image of a woman before I locked myself out," Megan stared down at her hands, not wanting to see if she had made Wally mad.

"It's okay. That'd be my mom."

Hesitantly, Megan looked up to meet Wally's eyes, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Wally sighed, "I suppose I should. I feel like I'm being over-dramatic about this. She doesn't even know for sure if she's…" he trailed off.

"She's what?" Megan prompted.

"If she's…pregnant. She's supposed to go to the doctor today to find out for sure."

Megan blinked, "Isn't pregnancy something that's usually happy?"

"Well, yeah, but…I…don't know how to be an older brother," Wally said sheepishly.

Megan grinned. This she could help with.

"But of course you do!"


"You and Robin are just like brothers!"

"How so? I mean, we're friends, but I don't know if I'd call us bros…"

"You're just not seeing it," Megan brought up a hand and held it hesitantly a few inches from Wally's temple, "If you don't mind?"

Wally gave a small nod, and green fingertips gently brushed against his temple. Instantly, images flooded his brain. One moment, Wally is giving Robin a noogie, in another, the two are playing video games. In the next, Wally is tackling a guy who was about to attack Robin. The last has Wally giving Robin a hand up after sparring, a gentle smile on his face.

The connection ended, Wally's brain processing the shift from images back to reality. Warm red-brown eyes gazed into his, a smile illuminating Megan's face, "You see? You're already a great big brother."

"Thanks, M'gann."

"No problem."

Wally's phone vibrated with a text message. He took it out, and quickly read it.

"It's from mom. She's not pregnant." A flash of disappointment passed over his face, but was gone as soon as it came.

He let out a guffaw, "Well, that's a relief! Now I won't have to worry about a sharing a room with a screaming baby."

Wally jumped off of the stool, and stretched out his arms, "Thanks for the chat, Megalicious, but I'm going to go for a run—I'm feeling really stiff. See you later!"

Just as he was about to race off, Megan placed her hand on his arm.

"Are you—

"I'll be fine, Meg. Really. After all, I've already got a little bro to look after, don't I?" He winked, and was gone in a blur of red.

Megan gently smiled. Wally could be…complicated, at times. She was just glad that she was able to help him out.

The smoke detector went off.

"Oh, my brownies!"